Yo!Bling (Willows and Warrick)

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Willows and Warrick - CSI

"You know, the thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility that it might come true..." --Willows

Major Yo!Bling moments:
Down The Drain
Catherine falls into Warrick's arms and they stay that way awkwardly.
Bodies in Motion
Catherine sees a wedding band on Warrick's ring finger and shows signs of jealousy.

Are they both into it?

They are so compatible, they're always doing their best, trying to make EVERYBODY happy, but Catherine has done her share of flirting (mostly with Grissom and Nick), but that doesn't mean that it's going to wreck their future.

The hottest pairing on CSI, Catherine and Warrick have shown a deep connection that makes them more than just eye-candy. Catherine has never turned to anyone the way she has Warrick, and he has never faltered in his dedication to her. More than trust and respect, they have an understanding unlike any other. He loves kids - she has a kid! These two are the very definition of soul mates. Soul mates with chemistry like no other. Who else could make tripping up out of a sewer sexy?

Complicated is the whole point
"For those who hope Catherine Willows isn't perpetually tied to the railroad tracks, there could be some hope. A flirtation with co-worker Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) that went nowhere may flame up again, Shankar hints. But fans shouldn't expect rainbows and lollipops. After all, actors love tragedy..." (Naren Shankar, CSI Executive Producer - Writer, Season 7 interview, New York Post, October 2006)

Cheers to a Bright New Future
Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for: Warrick is Free! In episode 8x02, A La Cart, Warrick told Catherine, as well as Yo!Bling fans, that he got divorced. Stay tuned and get your fingers crossed!! :)

Willows and Warrick - CSI
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CaptainSpaz They do have serious chemistry and the evidence has been made clear
anninja they are made toeach other
SVUCSICSIMWTRluver They totally should be together, and they should NOT take Warrick off, no WAY!!!
melissadagr8 I think it would have been a great relationship, they clearly were attracted to each other.
AnyaSamara93 Catherine and Warrick are meant to be and I am VERY ticked off with TPTB for killing him off!!! Er, God, you got a few spare lightening bolts up there? Well, I have an idea as to what you could do with them...


: Oh, you were the girl I ran away from.
Catherine: Yeah. 'Till you caught me.

Warrick: Well, life is short. Dating's complicated. This makes it much simpler, doesn't it?
Catherine: It's not supposed to be simple. Complicated is the whole point.

Catherine: Warrick... you know the thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility that it might come true. And when you lose that possibility, it just kinda...sucks.