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Victim is dancing at the club PinkCola.

He then grabs a stripper called "Babi Platypus" and starts to form a conga line.

And then...

A feminine scream drowns out the loud music as the club began to fill with smoke.

CUT TO: Seeing victim's body turned by David in the middle of dance floor.

SuperDave: No signs of sexual trauma.

Grissom walks up to David & Greg, intrigued by the body.

Grissom: Err Greg, is he wearing high heels?

Greg: Sparkly pink ones, ya, I hear those things are horrible for your posture.

Grissom: and they're murder on your feet.

CUT TO: Theme Song & Commercial.

Brass walks up to group of strippers

Brass asks first stripper if she knows the dead guy.

STRIPPER #1: mm-hmm, I've seen him a few times around here; it's hard not to notice a man with sparkly, pink heels on.

Brass: Did any of ladies "work hard for him tonight"?

Stripper 2: Hmph yeah, I did, Has money for the VIP but is a **** awful tipper.

Brass:: And your name is?

[Stripper #2 ] Smiles, rather evil.. and says.. well Jim Brass, you don't remember much do you?

Brass:: Apparently not, care to refresh my memory??

[Stripper #2] (talks seductively) you don't even remember me a little bit.. not even a tiny bit??
Brass:No, I don't

[stripper #2] "Then let my remind you, Captain Brass."
Stripper #2 suddenly straitens up, and sings, with a sudden Jersey accent, "Stars shining bright above you..."

BRASS: Oh ...It's You.....Umm Soo........How's Business??

Stripper #2 well finally ... its good not as good as the one where we met...

Brass: "Yeah, so anyway, when did you see the victim last?"

Stripper#2: "I saw him once he started the conga line, kinda lost track of where he was though.
Brass: "Do you know his name?"

Stripper#2: " Yeah right...... all I can tell you is he was a terrible dancer wearing cheap cologne"

Stripper#3 interrupts "It's Candy Cool, real name Randy W Malone, and his cologne was all testosterone baby"

Brass: "Well, did he always come alone here?"

Stripper 3: "Usually, but sometimes this short guy came with him, Billy or something like that."

Brass: ''OK, so do any of you lovely ladies have and address for Randy W Malone?''

Stripper #3: "You know everything costs money in here, don't you?"

Brass: "Yeah,but did you know that withholding information can get you jail time?"

Stripper2: "Ooh, frisky!"

Stripper3: '" oh honey - you maybe ! "

Cut to: Doc Robbins examining the body.

[Grissom and Greg enter the morgue]

Grissom: "So what did him in doc?"

Doc Robbins: "A puncture wound in the back; looks like from a small, double-sided knife."

Greg: I'm almost afraid to wonder where a stripper keeps a knife

Grissom: You know someone is going to have to find it. *Looks at Greg.*

Doc Robins: "Uhhh...hey, guys, you might want to check this out. He appears to have a g-string stuffed down his throat..."

Greg: "Ooo, yellow and black, doesn't really match thee shoes."

Grissom: "Any dollar bills down there, Doc?"
Doc Robbins: "Well Grissom it looks like our stripper guy had not only a puncture wound to the neck but he also had a gun shot wound in the right thigh that lodged in a major artery" " 9 millimeter i looks like"
Greg: "The guy sure had a heck of a night!"

CUT TO: Catherine and Nick in the break room.

Catherine: "Want a cuppa?"

Nick: " Hum... "
Catherine looks at Nick expectantly

Catherine: "Well anyway...the vic was wearing pink high heels, and had a g-string shoved down his throat. Any ideas"

Nick: "Wait. I thought the vic was male?"

Catherine; "Yes and your point is Nick?", pause "Come on Nicky, this is Vegas were talking about"

Nick: "But still, even in Vegas...What was he? The sugar plum fairy?"

Catherine:" Nick I think you've lived in Vegas long enough to realize everything, even that, is "normal" here. Let me guide you through this one.

Nick:"Oh but even that way was he a..." Catherine interrupts "take a look at this.."

Nick; "You gotta be kidding me Catherine! You mean to say he was a hermaphrodite?"

Catherine: "Seems that way.. she or rather he..used his feminine side. It's all an illusion anyway."

Nick: "This makes me wonder why I ever came to Vegas in the first place."

Catherine: " Aw come on you know you love the surprises the job just wouldn't be the same with out them."

Warrick: Hi Cath, can you help me with the vic? Oh hi Nicky how are you?
Nick; Thoroughly traumatised for life, You?

Warrick: "Um, I'm good. May I ask why you are traumatised?" Catherine: "Here Warrick, I'll show you!" Nick: "You'll be sorry." (Catherine shows warrick) Warrick: "OH I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT!!!"

Cut to: Grissom"hi Catherine, so what did you find in the crime scene?" Catherine "well you'll surprise yourself"
Grissom: "Surprise me? I think I am beyond surprises, but by all means, prove me wrong"

Catherine : Points to vic. Grissom blinks. Grissom : Eh. I've seen worse.

Catherine: Well We Do Live In Vegas....

Warrick : But still . . . man!

Catherine:"Want to make a wager, boys? I'm game if you are."
Warrick : This should be good . . .

Grissom: Make wagers later; now, back to the case...besides him being a hermaphrodite and being dressed in woman's clothing, what else is unusual about him?

Catherine: Look at his feet, see the blisters, he isn't used to wearing heels like that or his feet would be calloused.

Nick: Maybe they were just new shoes? I mean, I know I get those when I get new shoes.

Catherine : Maybe he just was breaking his feminine side in.

Warrick: Either that or he was just plain nuts!

Nick : So . . . which one was it?

Grissom: Hey this is Vegas right, Nuts doesn't come into it here. Maybe the vic just has some kind of strange hobby or pastime that involves his feet getting blistered. Have you thought about that guys?
CUT TO : Hodges and Greg in the lab

Hodges: so your He-She vic sounds like a nice bed time story for your kids!
Greg: Me kids oh no way buddy but you look like the type who would settle down, me I'm the playya type play the field!

Hodges: (slight pause) Ooooook and now back to your vic

Greg: I found some neon green stuff on his shoulder, and it's kinda sparkly

Hodges"neon huh ???? " Greg "yeap the green one maybe the one who killed him just had it in his clothes and it stick to him"

Awkward silence

Hodges: Sooo any idea what this "neon green stuff" is?
Greg: Do I have to do all the work around here?
Hodges: Pretty much

Hodges (scraping the green goo into a cap-tube): Hmm. Look at the mottling under this...'looks like your goo might be a form of silly-string, but cut with a caustic, liquid substance. Lets send it to trace...
(We see Catherine walking down the corridor and Warrick jogging to catch up with her)
"Hey! Cath!" Warrick exclaimed, as he followed the strawberry-blonde.

Catherine "hey" Warrick "what do we know about our afrodite guy??? huh? and before you answer what do you think about having dinner .. tonight????"

Catherine: Uh, sure! [awkward silence] Anyway, we discovered that before she/he became a fairy princess, he was the asst. CEO of the Globex company. Huge legal company. They deal with the high rollers of Vegas.

Warrick: So you're thinking money problems?

Catherine: Well, I just happen to know that Globex's higher ups sometimes treat new clients or business partners to a night out.

Warrick: Maybe our vic was caught red handed.

Catherine: Or pink shoed. So, whens dinner? [cut to commercial]

Grissom is sitting in his office

He suddenly hears a quiet know at the door. He knows that knock... Sara.
Sara: Hey Gil
Gil: Hey Sar, how's it goin'?
Sara: Good, good, I missed you last night she smiled seductively
Gil: Conference went a little late?
Sara: Uhh, yeah. she rolled her eyes. what are you up to?
Gil: paper work.. since i got back I have had LOADS to catch up on..
Sara: Ooh, that's too bad. I came here to ask if you were ready to.. ehmm, go home. she raised an eyebrow
Gil: Oooh. Well, uh..... i suppose the paperwork can wait.. he laughed as he got up and looked around to
make sure no one was around. then he kissed her nose gently
Sara: Mmhm, that's what I thought. she giggled as her lips met his. common' i got you a present. its waiting in the car.... she smiled as she walked away

Back at their house.......
[Your Name]
Grissom: Oh, Sara. It's beautiful. [Looking at hatched chrysilis and new butterfly.]
Cut to Jim Brass walking into the pink flamingo

The cleaning guy is having snap in a bar chair brass"good morning hard worker"cleaning guy "huh??... hum sorry ...who the hell are you?"
Brass: "I'm Detective Jim Brass of the LVPD. And your name is?"

CUT TO WARRICK AND CATH: Warrick: so Cath Chinese, Japanese or Italian?
Cath: surprise me baby!
Warrick: will do! keep this our little secret! kk SHHHH

Catherine thought it was so cute the way he would do things for her, so she laughed her sweet and quiet laugh as she let him cater to her willingly.

CUT TO: Brass "hey Cath, i just talked with the cleaning guy, he looks suspicious to me" Catherine "huh?!, are you sure he was the cleaning guy the owner told us he fired him 2 weeks ago and that now he was the cleaning guy" Brass "oh man!!!"
Cut To: Commercial

(Commercial ends)
Suddenly a bang sounded from outside."****!"said Brass rushing outside.He saw a CSI Intern down bleeding,in the meanwhile the cleaning guy was running away.Warrick called an ambulance,while Brass got into his car and opened the sirens

The cleaning guy is running away but Brass is following him with high speed.Suddenly, the cleaning guy stops and turns towards Brass's car starting shooting at him.Brass pushes the brake but it is too late.The cleaning guy collides with Brass's car.Brass gets out of his car full with blood from the collision.What he sees is not one body,but too.The one is the cleaning guy's and the other one is wearing pink high heels.Similar with those found on the vic

[Your Name]
CUT TO:David observing the corpse
No sign of...Hey!We got sings of sexual trauma!

Warrick (with look of disgust on face): How did that happen?!

"I can not say " David said."What I can tell for sure is that he was shot on the head and he died a lot before Brass collided with him

Warrick " well that's good news for Brass. What about the other guy?"
The mad cleaning guy that started to shoot Brass ?Well we have bad injuries on the knees of the victim,suggesting that he died from the car crash.However, the Captain couldn't have stopped the car.It was already too late

"A jury is not gonna see it that way," Warrick replied, "all they are gonna see is an intentional act of murder."

"Not exactly" a voice sounded from the other end of the road.It was too dark to see anyone."Who's there ?"asked Warrick and pulled out his gun.The dark figure just moved forward so that she could be seen.Warrick almost fainted:"Holly?Holly Gribbs?Is that you ?"
CUT TO:Commercial

"You're supposed to be dead!" Warrick said. "Long Story." she said."But I might be able to help clear the Captains name" she continued.
Warrick: girl ya know what ya make go thru????? huh man I'm gonna kill ya Holly : well technically ya did it once so.....
[Sara enters room]
Sara: Who the hell are you?

"I could ask you the same thing" Holly said.
" Sara Sidle."
"Holly Gribbs." Sara jumps back.
"You're supposed to be dead. I investigated your murder.Oh my god.GRISSOM"
"Sara what's wrong? Are you ok?" He asked. Sara pointed at Holly.
"What the hell!" Grissom said.

[Your Name]
(Brass and Nick enter the room without seeing Holly)
Brass:"Man I am telling you.I haven't slept since Gribbs got shot.I feel responsible for her death"
Holly:"No need to Captain..."
Brass:"Who's there ? ****! Gribbs ? You here ? Alive ?
(Ecklie enters the room with some policemen behind him)
"Captain Brass,I highly insist you follow us" says Ecklie with a horrible smile on his face

holly:"hey why are you freaking surprised i thought you would be happy" sarah:"well you've been death for at least 8 years"

-ecklie forgets brass and he observes holly-
Holly:Well it is not my fault.I was kidnapped by a miniature lunatic.She hasn't appeared for some months so i grabbed the opportunity and escaped

Cut to Gris and Sara in Gil office --Sarah: i found some dog hair in the first victim --Grissom: that's funny ya know because when i was talking with holly she told me she had been in a place with dogs --Sara : my my she appears the same day that this guy appears death with dog hair

Gil:Ok give them to Greg to analyse them under the microscope

sara: and while gregs analysing what can we do?
grissom: depends what you have in mind.
(they give each other that familar look)

*before cutting the scene a blink would be funny if it sounded*
CUT TO:Warrick passes the trace lab when Greg says we got twins!
Warrick:What the ...
Greg:I analysed the hair Sara gave me.And looking at the database it is an exact match with the sample.
Warrick:An exact match ?How is this possible ?
Greg: Man!I didn't even think about it!I will call these FBI guys that made the datbase to find the dog

Warrick: Okay, call me when you got somethin'.

CUT TO: Catherine and Warrick having lunch in an Italian Restaurant.
Warrick: I'm glad you decided to have lunch with me. There is something I wanted to tell you.
Catherine: "Oh yeah , and what's that?"
*Warrick clears throat .*
[Your Name]
Warrick: it turns out your daughter is connected to the Burrows case from last month, Hodges didnt analyse the finger prints properly.
Catherine: and your telling me this now why?

Warrick Brown
Warrick:Because Catherine you are the only person that should know that...
Catherine:Why is that ?
Warrick:...because Catherine *clears throat* I...
*a driver starts shooting them from his truck and both get down*

warrick:cath you ok.
catherine: yes but get off of me.
warrick:ok sorry.
catherine:it is ok.
Warrick:"Can you see the shooter?"
Catherine:No from my viewpoint I see just a pair of jeans and a dog !!! He is the one that kept Holly !!!
Warrick: Wait you tell me that the man because of which I dreamed horrible stuff is opposite of us and I can not shoot him ?
Catherine: I am afraid so Warrick
Warrick:False answer.One of the two statements on this sentence is wrong
Catherine:Which one ?
Warrick:Wait and see
*Warrick gets out of the table and shoots Holly's abducter*

*Holly's abducter staggers back and puts 2 bullets in Warrick's chest*
Catherine:Warrick! Are you okay???

Warrick:behind you...
*the abducter lifts his gun but Warrick is quicker*
The abducter falls dead
catherine rushes to warricks side
Catherine:Are you ok?
Warrick:I think so....uhmmm
warrick lifts his shirt and pulls the two bullets out of the bullet proof vest.
Warrick:Yeah i'll be fine
Catherine:How did you know?
Warrick:Well you can never be too carefull
Catherine:**** right
Warrick:And there is something i have always wanted to do before i died anyway
Catherine:Like what?
Warrick grabs catherine and pulls her to him and kisses her.They break apart minutes later gasping
Warrick:Like that.
Grissom:Hmm...nice shot...
Warrick:What you were following us or something hope you didn't take pics cause u can threaten us
Cut to Warrick sitting in the back of an ambulance, Catherine next to him.
Warrick: So..?
Catherine: So what?

Warrick gives Catherine a 'don't play dumb with me' look
Warrick: What do you think?

Catherine: It was... unexpected.
Warrick: That's it?
Catherine: That's it.
Catherine smiles, turns, and begins to walk away
Catherine: Don't get any ideas, Green Eyes.

(cut to commercial break)

CUT TO THE HOSTPITLE: Warrick: Catherine i have to say what i feel and that is that I Love you with all my heart
Catherine: Um...I love you too but i dont know if it would work out
Warrick: Can we try please
Catherine: OK we will try baby man that feels werid saying that
scene cuts
gil & sara in his office

Sara: I heard Warrick got shot at, is he okay, what happened??

*Grissom puts his coat on*:He has been stabilized.Catherine's there.I am heading there.You coming ?

Sara: i'll come later i've got to pick up hank from doggy daycare.
Grissom: i totally forgot thanks but now i have to go a whole 20 minutes with Greg in the car!
Sara: suffer thats payback for not coming home the other night *kisses Griss on the cheek*

CUT TO HOSPITAL. Catherine: Stupid soda machine!(kicks soda machine) Warrick wants a Coke, so gimme a Coke!(punches soda machine)
Nick: Hi. Two Questions, how's Warrick and what did that poor soda machine do to you?
Catherine: I'm trying to get Warrick a coke, but this crappy thing won't spit it out! (kicks soda machine) Oh, forget it! (walks off)
(soda comes out)
Nick: Um, Catherine, here's the soda...

CUT TO WARRICK'S ROOM:Nick:Hey pal,glad to see you are OK
Warrick:Hey man glad those teflon CSI vests are that hard
Cath:What are you talking about Warrick ? CSI vests aren't bulletproof
*Warrick looks stunned*
*Nick breaks the silence*:Umm...hey Warrick here's your coke
Warrick:Thanks man,did you notify Tina ?
Cath:In fa...
*Tina rushes in*:Warrick are you OK ? Thank God ! I was so worried *hugs him*
*Warrick hugs her too*:Its OK baby,now everything's OK*turns to Nick*What happened to the guy that tried to shoot me ?

Nick: Um...He died
Warrick:aw man, I didn't mean to kill him
Nick: you did what you had to do
Warrick:I still feel bad


Nick:Yeah but don't worry we are all with you pal...
Warrick:*sigh*I guess that this means case closed right ?
Sara:You are kidding me right ?
*Everybody on the rooms look at her*
Sara:What ? Would you expect Grissom let a double homicide get closed that way ?
Without a motive ? Without clear evidence to ensure that the guy who tried to shoot Warrick is the killer and not an accompl...
*Nick and Sara's phones ring.They both look concerned while reading the message*
Warrick:Who is it ?
Nick:Grissom...apparently he got into the guy's apartment with Brass and want us to check for evidence of dog presence and motive indications to ensure if that's our killer
Warrick:Can't you sit any longer ?
Sara:'Fraid not Warrick...Grissom is Grissom...gotta go
*Sara leaves the room*
Nick:We will pass later Warrick...take care of yourself
Warrick:I always do
*Nick looks carefully at Tina and whispers at Warrick's ear*
Nick:I am starting to doubt that man...
Warrick: ...and how well my morning laxative works"
*while making a run for the b-room*
*back to sara now with grisson at the lab*
Grissom: you know wat? i never liked the national treasure movies there just full of random unconected events its like "omg 13 men signed the declaration of independence and 13x2 is 26 and 26 was the lakers score in sick b-ball game they won last season against the washington wizards so now we have to go find someone who is related to merlin the wizard and kidnapp him untill we have figured out all the secrets in his magical ways! LETS GO TEAM!" ya know sara? i just never understood...
Sara: wow grissom you are so right! i cant believe i ever had a thing for nickolas cage..
Grissom: wow i hate you.

not telling
Sara: What?
Grissom: Well, the more time we have spent together the more i see that we have NOTHING in common. I'm sorry Sara but I don't want to go through this pretence any longer now.
Sara: What the hell is it with you!? I open up to you, I love you and all you can do is analyse our relationship and never once thought of how this would break MY heart. What about me, Grissom? Don/'t you care about anyone else apart from yourself and those **** dead bodies??
*Sara storms out of his office, slamming the door which causes several techs to look up from what they were doing*

((please lets just not make this a ship episode.Girlsforever93 its obvious that you wrote the 2 last posts so please delete them))

*sara storms back into his office with tears streaming down her face*
Sara: you know i have been through h*** being in love with you and all you do everytime is let me down!
Grissom: sara, sara, honey i was only kidding you know i would never actually mean that, forgive me it was a cruel joke.
Sara: ill see you at home.
*her look implying he was in for it*

Just then Terri Miller ran into the room screaming that she had been attacked by a male stripper in red 5-inch heels!
Grissom; wow wow what ? well where when lets got get his ass
*cuts to warrick and cath walking out the hospital*
Cath; warrick. your married
Warrick; yeh..
Cath so how is this ever going to work if tina ever finds out you realtionship will be ruined when i found eddie was cheating on me i could of killed him
Warrick; But i love YOU Catherine!
* Nick run up to them*
Nick; Hey Warrick mind if i speak to cath a sec?
Warrick Sure
Nick thanks man. Hey cath how are ya?
Catherine' Hey umm yeah what did ya want?
Nick; you wanna grab some dinner with me ?
Catherine; well....
(ps i think there are way to many ad/commercial breaks in this....and its Sara not sarah.)
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