Who Would You Want?

.Who would YOU want?

If you were ever the victim of a crime, which CSI would you want to investigate your case?
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Who Would You Want? - CSI
1.she is smart and works all the time and is a single mother she is the best

2.She is smart and knows how to handle kids case, and I personally think she would stick to my case until she unwraps it, considering I'm the same age as Lindsey.

3. I would want Catherine investigating because 1) she is a senior csi and one of the smartest most dedicated women ever. Plus, any excuse to be close to her is one I welcome lol.

4. Well, first off, I would never want to have a case anyone would have to investigate. I'd rather be the on investigating someone else's case.

Anyway, Catherine is dedicated, passionate, fiery, can sympathize and smart. She's driven and she doesn't stop until every angle, every possibility, every nook and cranny has been checked and searched. I'd trust her explicitly. She was trained by the best and she is the best. I wouldn't mind her looking at my blood.

5. If the case dealt with a sensitive issue, such as sexual assault, I would want Catherine to investigate. She's intelligent and tenacious, and she knows how to handle cases with sensitivity.

i would want Catherine and Sara to investigate my case Catherine because i am 9 an she likes kids and stuff like that and Sara is so smart they work good together until they fight and Sara gets suspended =(

i would want Catherine and Grissom investigate my case because i like them together soo much [:

I would totally want Catherine to investigate my death! Being just 14, I know she would be completely determined to give me justice since I am about the same age as Lindsey. She would do her absolute best and run herself ragged trying to find the person who could kill an (almost) innocent young child.
Gil Grissom
i want grissom because i luv him i fell in luv with him the first time i saw him on csi ya and i know im alittle to young but i would luv it if i got to see him. i want grissom back on csi NOW lol i cried when he left. grissom is the smartest out of all of them I LUV U GRISSOM !!
1.It's really hard to think about it, I mean it's my life, but I would like Gil to work on my case too.He's thorough and he know a lot about bugs.

2. And he is also the most reliable and would not allow his personal life to interfere. (CaptainSpaz)
3. It's a hands-down decision for me. I mean, he's my favorite character, and he's the CSI supervisor. No matter how clever the culprit thinks they are, Griss will find them. (Viggorrah)
4. I think Grissom cause he's smart for one reason. He also takes his cases very seriously and he cares (Not so much as it would interfere) about each and everyone like they're special.... Griss without a doubt!

5. Grissom checks all aspects of a case, even those that seem obscure. He perseveres until all questions have answers. If there's not enough evidence, he lets the suspect go and keeps on searching. It's Grissom all the way for me ... although having Warrick work with him would be a perfect scenario, too! (WCW1)

6. I would want Grissom because he is very intelligent. He digs for a deeper meaning all of the time. He takes everything seriously and is very thorough. He is always questioning and finding answers, which says a lot about his personality. Grissom does not let anything interfere with his work. He is my favorite character, and one of the smartest. He is a great investigator for my murder! (csi_fan_4_ever)

7. Grissom too because, hell, he is the best after all. He is brilliant and exceptionally smart. Who wouldn't want the best of the best of the best to investigate him/her? Come on.

Well, as long as he doesn't bring Sara. I'd rather have Catherine=)

8. As Long as it's Him and Sara Then I'd Totally want my case to be investigated by them. They Are Both Very dedicated CSI's and wouldn't break protocol for anything. I'd trust them anytime!!! Nicks_Wifey_07

9. i pick him because hes smart and he works hard on every case he has and i know hes only a character on csi but to me he makes me realize that you have to work hard to be were you wont to go. and to me hes my role model. sammiegirl0294

10.I'd pick grissom because first of all he always finds the perpetrator and he's so smart and he's my favorite csi and he's sooo sexy! I'd especially pick grissom if some one had to examine my dead body!!!!and if i wasn't dead I'd still want him to examine me(if he had to of course.)lol

11. I would want him and Cath cuz they r smart and r the best

12. I would want Grissom and Sara on my case, because grissom never forgets any details, and never lets anything go un-noticed. Sara would never give up, and so would keep pushing grissom to find the bad guy.
Who Would You Want? - CSI
1. I'd Pick Warrick, Because Hes Good With The Crime Scenes. "He Cant Get A Print From Air" And hes also dedicated. -Nicks_Wifey_07
Who Would You Want? - CSI 1.I would want Greg to solve my case, he has humor (which is life giving) and he can also be very determined and committed. P.S. I love you Greg! - csisarasidle_gsr
2. Totally Greggo all the way!!! He'd probably help you feel better if you had been still alive but lost a loved one.
3.It's sure I would take Greggy! He's so sexy, he has humor and he's serious when he has to be serious.
4.I would definatly want Greg doing it cause he knows whats what and i love him duh.
he would also make my parents laugh and thats important. i hope im alive to see him though maybe if he holds my hand while i die yep thats the way id want to go out. csisanders32
Who Would You Want? - CSI 1. I would love him to be my case worker!! he's sexy, really strong and really smart he'll definitely catch the bad guy!!
2. Unless the crime was sexual assault, I would want Nick to handle the investigation. He's sensitive and he wouldn't give up until the criminal was behind bars.

I want nick because he wouldn't stop until caught the person. Hes brave and strong and really smart.He is so dedicated. He puts everything he has into solving the crime. Any he is HOT!!!!!

4.I would want nick because hes smart strong and brave and he doesn't give up. plus hes adorable.

5. I would want Mr. Sexy Stokes himself to work my case b/c I know that he wouldn't stop until the case was solved.

Sara Is Sooo Dedicated And Smart! I'd Only Want Her Investigating A Crime I'm Involved in
I would have to have Sara investigate my case b/c she is so dedicated she won't stop unless she gets a killer and is satisfied in her evidence to bring him to justice.

I would want Sara investigating my case. She lives, eats, and breathes crime solving. She would definitely not rest until my case was solved. - CatNip<3

if i died i would totally want Sara to investigate my murder she is so smart and Jorja is my favorite actress ever would give my life to meet her again

I want Sara to investigate my dead because, she is smart and very dedicated to her job!
As a couple I would say Sara and Grissom. They work perfectly together! Sidle-Idol

I would want Sara to take my case because I know that she wouldn't rest until it was solved and my murder was caught and put in jail.
Mrs. Stokes 33

Sara, because I think that we are alike, and she'd have a great point of view when investigating my case. She's smart and extremely dedicated, so I know that my case would be solved. <3 GSRftw

If I was a crime victim I would want Sara to work and solve the case because she don't rest before she has the one who did it to me. I know she will get him and puts him in jail... csicatgirl

I would TOTALLY want Sara to investagate my case if I died because she's the greatest person on the show. But if I killed someone, I'd probably want anyone but her to investagate me because she wouldn't stop until she found out that I did it. I'd probably want Ronnie to investigate or Culpepper, because I'd have the greatest chance of not being caught! ~LoveTruelyGSR

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