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A Culty Fan

Forensic Scientist

CSI Favorites!
Grissom baby!

csinut A culty fan Forensic Scientist My fave ship is GSR
My fave characters are Grissom & Sara
Weekly Watcher
Forensic Scientist
Langston's First Day
love_gsr A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist Greg Sanders & Grissom

GSR - I like lots of other ships too! I understand Grillows, see profile for info.
CSINerd4Life A Culty Fan
GSR (fav ship)
Grissom,Sara (fav characters)
stewie4worldleader I'm bordering between Cult & Fav Show Fan!
Griss.... sorry to the other folks on the show, but they all come 2nd!!
fluffybex1 A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist Captain Brass (All time fav character)
CSIObsessed126 A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist GSR
Sara and Greg
grillowsfan A culty Fan Forensic Scientist Catherine!!! Love her!I am a Grillows shipper but I don't mind other shipps! However I support THEM!
What I love even more are CSI FANS!No fans no CSI!
phaedon A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist Everyone !!!
csicatgirl A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist I'm a big GSR Fan and I like Brass since he has my and fluffybex1 's birthday tatoot on his body.
Weekly Watcher

Forensic Scientist

I looooooove Warrick [and his green eyes] and miss him sooo much now that he's gone...R.I.P


GrungexXxManiac A Culty Fan

Nickystokesfan319 A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist I Love nick stokes and greg sanders there so awesome.
Gils_butterfly I'm a culty fan since the Pilot! I'm also a Forensic Scientist :)..... i wish.... My beloved one''s are GSR and Nicky!
Csi<3 Culty Fann Forensic Scientist I Mostly Like All Of Themm except Hodges and a little bit of Sofia And My Favorite Ships Are Stillows and GSR
WarKitty Culty Fan Forensic Scientist I love YoBling and Greg Sanders. I also think Brass is pretty awesome.
Sidle-Idol Culty Fan Forensic Scientist GSR
Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom
CSIgal333 A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist I'm deffo a Sandle Shipper an i luv sara, greg an nick
SunFlowerBaby A Culty Fan Forensic Scientist GSR, YoBling
Fav Character is definately Grissom, however Greg cracks me up.
nicklove5 Fav Show Forensic Scientist I'm such a shiper of GSR, and Stillows. And i love NIcky and Gris.
CSIDunne Culty Fan Forensic Scientist The Brilliant storylines and Wedges
Johnsbabe07 Favorite show Detective My favs are Sara, Griss, Nick, Greg, well eveyone on the show just about and the show its self.
emalien culty!!!

GS6988AMY Culty Fan Detective GSR of course! Grissom is the most interesting character but I love Warrick and Nick as well.
501trooper Favorite Show Forensic Scientist GSR baby! WOOT!! I love Grissom! He is soooo sexy!!
carusoluv52 Favorite Show Forensic Scientist GRISSOM BABY!
kookie955 Favorite Show
Everyone, especially
Warrick,Kathryn,Gill, & Sara

the biggest fan
Forensic Scientist

Delly1 fan since the first episode Forensic Sciencist All but especially Gil, Greg, Nick, and Cat
Number 1 Fan
Forensic Scientist
GSR AND YO!BLING FOREVER greg and nick and warrick <- sexy


Cult fan

GREG! obviously! *eyeroll*


Culty Fan

Forensic Scientist

(one of) favorite show

chatacter: Sara Sidle, ship: Sara and Grissom
A cult fan

Gil Grissom


A Cult Fan

Forensic Scientist

Gil (brains) and Catherine (babe)


Culty Fan. (=

Forensic Scientist forever. =D

I love them all but Griss is top guy and Sara top chick.
Nick's gorgeous though. ^^
Forensic Psychologist (I want to be one when I'm older. ;] I've always wantd to be one actually)
GSR, most definitely. I love Sara!! I adore Catherine and I ship YoBling. Nick is one of my favorites too.


culty fan=)


Ship: Grillows


Fave Show/Cult Fan


I Love Catharine!
Grissom and Sara are My Favorite Couple


Fave show/obsessed

Lab rat then forensic scientist

GRISSOM all the way! love him to bits GSR


erm... Fav show/super fan?

Forensic scientist

Ship GSR
Totally faithful and so obsessed that my life long dream is to be a CSI.
Forensic Scientist
Greg Sanders. He's my future husband in another dimension.


Fave show, I have see every episode and I have most of the DVDs

DNA specalist (I am actually studying genetics in real life.)

Greg Sanders is my favourite. I do like GSR.
ForWarrick Totally a fanatic..Been a fan since day one of Season 1 and Warrick stole my heart the first episode that I saw his beautiful smile and those dreamy green eyes...A forever FAN... Forensic Scientist (in my dreams)...but I've learned enough in the past 8 years watching this CSI team that I think I could pass the CSI Exam... :) (Warrick Brown..Favorite Character- please visit my profile 4 more info
and Memorial Video I did.
Grissom & Sara...Favorite Couplee

A culty fan
Forensic scientist
GSR and Greg


A kind of mix between fave show and Culty.
Detective Sara's my fave character and GSR my fave ship

my fave show .

gil is my favcharacter , l love GSR
Number 1 (Culty Fan)
Forensic Scientist
Obviously Gil and Nick. Best among the rest. I also am a fan of GSR. Duh.


Culty Fan

Forensic Scientist

My favourite characters are Sara, Gil, an Catherine. I also love GSR!!!! Yea!!!
WolvGambit Favorite Show
My favorite character is Grissom.

Forensic Scientist Fave character has to be Brass.
CrystallineSolid Culty Fan Forensic Scientist Greg Sanders and Riley Adams
SaraFan101 Favourite Show

csiroxoutloud916 Culty Fan Forensic Scientist;) and I love every thing about the show!
Dantana Obsessed Culty Fan Forensic scienist GSR forever!!! =D
anninja TotallyObsessed Culty Fan Forensic Scientist *Catherine, Warrick, Nick. Grissom. Greg. Everybody
*CSI Fans
*CSI reruns - could watch every episode for hundreds of times
Minroe23 I watch it every time it comes on. CSI DET. :) GSR FOREVA ;)
CSI-Richter I watch the repeats, own all the DVD Seasons, have CSI plates on my car, will buy a black Denali if I win the lottery. Hope to go to school for forensics soon! Detective Catherine, Sara, Nick, Greg. GSR!!!!!
Mrs.Stokes33 culty fan. Obsessed beyond return. going to school to become a CSI and forensic psychologist. CSI is Awesome CSI/ forensic psychologist Nicky (of course), Sara -n- Grissom, Greg, Brass
StéphanieBertin a culty fan
Grissom and Sara relationship ( i'm also a culty fan )
Raine13 In between A Culty Fan and Favorite Show with a hint of Love the Science!
Fav. Characters: Greg!!! Nick, Grissom, Hodges,

OTP: The Love
LoveTruelyGSR Culty Fan Forensic Scientist The rats and CSIs

Stillowsshipper24obsessed fanCSI/ Forensic scientistCatherine and Nicky Greg Morgan, all characters. OTP is Catnip! I ship Morganders!

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