What kind of fan are you?

What kind of fan are you?

  • Are you a culty fan? Do you obsess over a character or a ship? Is watching 10 episodes of CSI a night your idea of a good time? Maybe you frequent this website or others like it. You could read and write fanfiction or make music videos, or anything else artsy. You may own all of the seasons, books, or board games. Bottom line, CSI = Your Life.

  • Is CSI your favorite show? You may have a favorite character or a ship, but maybe you keep any opinions to yourself. Do you own all of the seasons? Maybe you'll watch them when they air on SPIKE. Though, sometimes you find yourself spending an afternoon with your favorite Crime Scene Investigators.

  • Do you watch it for the science? Maybe you'll have a favorite character or two, but you don't necessarily love them. Your true love is the science. You may own all of the seasons, but you watch out for epithelials and cotton fibers. Could you see yourself going to college and becoming a CSI yourself? Maybe you should brush up on your skills and play a board game.

  • Are you a weekly watcher? You don't really obsess over the show in any way, but your still tuned to CBS every Thursday at 9pm. Maybe you'll get bored and check SPIKE TV every once in a while. You may even check out some spoilers here and there, but the latest Grissom/Sara storyline doesn't really have you jumping out of your seat.

  • Are you a casual fan? Do you catch an episode here and there? Maybe you favor one character over another but don't really remember their names. Sure, you don't visit sites or chat about the show, it's still fun to watch sometimes right? One question though...what are you doing here?

Did any of these paragraphs describe you?
If not; then what are you doing here?

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