What Would You Like See?

Well I have been watching this show since day one and man am I addicted. if I can't watch it I PVR it. I have all the seaons on DVD. Here is what I would like to see. Well for one I have always wanted Warrick to get catherine but now that isn't going to happen. Damn you it was a good one to go with. as for GSR well I can learn to like it. I just wish it didn't take so long. Ok for Nick he needs to find a wholesome girl who will not whip his ass so DO Not give him to Lady Heather. She is grissoms lady. I would like to see more of Lady Heather I really like her. Literally more of her LOL. Now Greg I so liked him when he was funny but I can understand why he changed but I liked it when he was wearing the showgirls head dress and he was talking to catherine about her days as a dancer. Greg should go after Mandi in the lab she is hot. Now for hodges and ecklie I am not really sure whay to do about them. I think ecklie needs to get Laid often and get some social skills going. Hodges needs not to be that Ass kisser we all grew to love. But for a good job i am glad you got Larry Fishbourne to join the cast what a power house he is. I have seen his career grow as welll. He made agood orderly in Nightmare on Elm street.#3.

Thanks for listening this 42DD signing off. January 15,2009. I will be watching tonight and will have a box of KLEENEX beside me just incase.
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What do you want to see?
July 23 2009
Over almost 10 years of CSI we've fallen in love with the Grave shift and meet part of swing, but since we are going on a decade of th best show ever, I would like to meet the Day shift. Maybe there like the Grave shifts twins or something.
I would like to see Catherine and Warrick 2gether or somethin' but Warrick died so...there's no that's happenin'!
But I would also like to see less Langston because it isn't as funny anymore. :( -Marg_Helgenberger_ (25 Sept, 2009)

October 2, 2008

I just want to see the whole cast together. CSI was really good the way it used to be! Now that Sara is finally returning after 10 months (which feels like a life time), I want to see a lot of GSR happening because that is my ALL TIME favorite ship! I dont want Lawrence Fishborn to replace Grissom!!! I mean it! I'm really afraid that they are going to replace all of the cast and it is going to be an eniterly different show. and us fans are going to sit there and think "Wow, I really did like CSI when it had the origonal cast."

twixrtreats :-)
October 2,2008

I Would Love To See Everyone Together And Happy A Breakfeast Where EveryOne Gets What They Want Grissom And Sara Get To Sit Next To Each Other, Warrick Gets To Go Home A Free Man, Nick Goes Home With Me(LOL I WISH!!) And Catherine Gets To Go Home To Her Mom And Daughter.......I Just Want It To Be Normal Again.

March 9, 2008

Well tine is getting close for a REAL new opening season, so tired of reruns. WE all dream of having the writers fill out dreams, mine is still to see Ecklie get cut down a step along with the sheriff and another when the staffers do s show on their own, and more multiple episoders as well. Like to see the writers loosen up the dark pasts of the characters, give they some breaks in their lives finally. Man @

  • 3 Words-
march 18th, 2008

i would really like to see Warrick and Catherine hook up I am a big GSR fan but would also like to see a bit of YOBLING for a change I think Catherine should go and help Warrick out with all the problems he's having I thought they were friends and she hasn't tried helping him?.
also I would like to see less episodes which circle around one character such as "cockroaches" I hate that. has the writers ran out of crimes?.
  • I also want to see more YOBLING but they killed Warrick. (Sidle-Idol)(12-08-2008)
march 18th, 2008

I want to see a wonderful GSR reunion with a wedding and I want a geekbaby.

I have to agree with Piper that I too would like news of Ms. Sidle having a baby Grissom. There's just something sweet and sort of comical in that. -YoshimiE (April 8th 2008)
  • I disagree they have no chemistry whatsoever so yeah, no they really should move on and get some grillows and snickers!
    Beingmizzundastood (JUne 6th 2008)
  • I agree with PiperGrissom. Give us a Geekwedding and a geekbaby! (Sidle-Idol)(12-08-2008)
March 18 2008

I wanna see Sara come back and be happy with Grissom. I would also like to see Cath and Warrick hook up...I also wanna c a GeekBaby!! And a happy wedding/GSR kiss. Eckile.....don't me started......I wish Ecklie would be promoted and be

transferred far, far away and Sara moved back to Graveyard Shift.......I just wanna see the entire team all happy


March 24, 2008

Well, now that Sara's out of the picture, it's time that Gil and Catherine had a little chat and did something about the sexual tension that's been fizzling between them since season one.
Oh, and Gil really needs to apologise for not being there for her when Eddie and Sam died.

YES! Go girl! now that is exactly what I want
x Beingmizzundastood (June 6th 2008)
March 24, 2008

I want to see Sara come back, or Grissom go to Sara and see them both leave happily together, cos let's face it, the rumours must have some truth to them.
  • I thinks Grissom should have gone after Sara. (Sidle-Idol)(12-08-2008)
March 31, 2008
One of my friends suggested that we have a scene with a gay guy.
Gay guy in interview room: "Can't I have my interview conducted buy that hot guy?"
Catherine and Sara immediately think of Nick and send him in. Nick totally deflates as he sees the guy, not a female.
Gay guy: "Sorry mister, you seem nice and all, but i wanted the hot guy." The guy raises his hands up to his head and says, "Y'know, pshoo, pshoo!" This symbolizes Greg's spiky hair. Nick sends in Greg. He tells him that the guy specified him w/ his hair. But Greg doesn't know it's a guy. He walks in. You can tell by the look on his face that he is suddenly depressed.
The gay guy brightens up. "Oh, hello!!!"
Greg: "Oh...hey."
To read the full scene that my friend wrote, go to www.secretfuntime.com, click "Groups", click on the ESFC group, and you will find it with a bit of searching at that group.
  • WHAAAA! great job on the scene! you should send it to cbs!

x Beingmizzundastood (JUne 6th 2008)
Actually, I've just remembered something that I wanted to note on here. Okay so I love the GSR thing. I've been pulling for that one forever! But someone that I think needs somebody is Brass. I mean bless his heart. His daughter hates him, and his past with his ex-wife- yikes! Poor Brass. I cried when he got shot in season 6 and...he just needs some love.
-YoshimiE April 8th 2008

  • OMG yes i think Brass should have a love interest. I cried too when he got shot, I thought nooo he cant die.. Luckily he didn't and every thing was alright in the CSI world again. Give the poor man a break.. Let him find lurve..
  • Fluffybex1
  • Jim deserves some loving to (Sidle-Idol)(12-08-2008)
I want to see a new member of the team find out about Sara and try to convince Gil to go and get Sara. I also want a geek baby and maybe a little loving for poor Nick. Maybe the new member of the team that found out about Sara can fall in love with Nick while trying to convince Griss to go and get Sara.

I want to see Catherine and Gil as Best Friends again.
Writers just ruined their relationship and I just don't know why.Although I am Grillows fan,I don't care if they keep GSR thing going on, but if they make Cath and Gil B.F. again.

May,2nd 2008
I would like to see an episode, in which Ecklie falls in love with a woman, who shows him that life is a lot more than work. Maybe a mexican masseuse : ) or an expert in forensics from another lab? Or what if an eyewitness has to fled from a crime scene and hide herself, because the murderer tries to kill her too and there is only one way to get away from the scene, by creeping into the car of one of the CSI´s? ...!
That may be great!
Schneckchen : )

May 2nd 2008
What i really wanna see if that there is still a little chance that Catherine and Grissom get together!
If that doesn't work I want Sara to come back so Grissom is happy again!


May 8th 2008
I would love to see a CSI movie in the theaters one day where everything is revealed from the beginning (GSR) that would be awesome!
  • I want that CSI movie this year! (Sidle-Idol)(12-08-2008)
June 6th 2008
Okay you guys be prepared cuz here comes my Christmas list.
I want Grissom to see the light and finally find out that sara is not his thing, than to turn around and figure, hey, oh my god, why have I waited so long?! I want Catherine!
Or Sara to come back and ditch Gil (nicely) for nick or Greg. But Sara must come back.
Warrick to live through, which he most probably will. Warrick to get it back on with Tina so I will no longer have to suffer those outrageously weird Yo!Bling scenes, they are just over the top.
Cath and Gil should be friends again, Greg should get a nice girlfriend. And while I am being weird, why not bring in some cara? or at least Cathy/Sara friendship.
Above all Ecklie should be demoted and fired, the team must pull a stunt to make ecklie cry, I want more humour, I want Eddie to still be alive so that griss can come to the rescue and save his princess, AND I want Lindsey and cath to have nice bonding scenes, because they all make her sound like uberbitch, and the worst mom, and I don't think they should. Plus some drama on the team would be nice, kidnap Cath or gil or something, like I don't know, use some fan fictions as inspiration, I would seriously LMAO if they did that,. That was my very short list. the longer version was a bit to much ;) *kidding*

June 8th 2008
I don't know if this could happen but I would like to see Warrick survive being shot and doesn't die in any future episodes.DexterMorganFan

June 12th 2008

I would to see one of the team to get kidnapped by a Irish serial killer. The killer brings the kidnapped person to Ireland some where around Clonmel, Tipperary and the whole team then comes to try and find them.
Us Irish are the best!!!!

I really want Sara to come back, and bring Griss's smile back. I also want Warrick to live through the gunshoot. I also want a geekbaby really bad. I also want Grissom to get kidnapped (not that i don't love Grissom). that is what i want to see!

June 17th, 2008
Id Like for Sara To Come Back, and For The Team To Realize (After Studying The Crime Scene) That The Sheriff Is A Cold Blooded Person (Hey I Have Hope That Warrick is Alive!!!) And When Warrick get's better, for Catherine to FINALLY Just kiss him!! And I want for EVERYONE including Sara to go out too celebrate Warrick's survival together, and for everything to be good and fun and happy and restored to CSI normal
Ps- I'm A BIG dreamer lol!! :)

June 18

Okay, I want Sara to come back and get together with Nick (Snickers fan). They would be sooooooooooooo cute together. Maybe Grissom should hook up with the anthropologist from former seasons ( had dinner with her in a season, blonde, skinned gorilla). Oh, and maybe have some a snickers kiss....... :)


Okay, get ready to read a book. First off, I would like the writers to realize that they don't have to kill off every minor character (Eddie and Sam), but they are dead so I'll move on. I would like the CSIs to get there love lives in order with everyone getting a piece of the action, except for Greg who I will take care of (I know, I know, big fantasy). I would like more scenes of the CSIs personal life so we know what they are like after work. I would like an episode or two devoted to them BEFORE the show, like of how Grissom and Catherine have been friends for so long (I would prefer it to be that they were dating and she left him for Eddie) and I would like more Lindsey scenes. Also I would love for Warrick to NOT DIE!!!! Give the CSIs some love people!!!


I want to know more about Sara's background story!

Sidle-Idol (august 11, 2008)

I would like to see somebody being murdered in the middle of a housing estate and a resident of the estate complaining that he/she can't move their car because it is being blocked by the crime tape,because let's face it it's realistic.

I really want to see gregs apartment cause im sick off fantasing about my imaginary apartment. We have all heard about it now i want to see it we have seen all the other csi's apartments or houses now i want to see Gregs and it would be halarious if he had a periodic table of the elements hanging somewhere like i do!
csisanders32 (27 August 2009)

Okay, getting ready for full on RANT mode. Breathe in, breathe out...

1-Obviously, LAB RATS! In particular Mandy, Bobby and Archie, who've been on the show as long as the original CSI's, and I like Henry, so more of him. It's great that Hodges and Wendy are main characters, but they haven't been there as long as the others (also YAY for Superdave!) Apart from trivia we know next to nothing about them.
2- GREGGO. Not the boring man who often blends in with the furniture, the cheery, slightly eccentric and goofy guy that we all love. I mean sure, the explosion and Demetrius James would have sobered him up, but let's face it, Nick had a gun pointed to his face twice, stalked, thrown out a window, buried and nearly eaten alive, yet how much has he changed? And the HAIR, where'd it go???????
3-GRISSOM, I want him back, he's one of the few people on TV I genuinely respect, as he's both aloof but sometimes eccentric, and it's no longer a family without Papa Bear :P
4-A new CSI that EVERYBODY LIKES. They had Riley but nobody liked her so she was kicked off, and Ray is just hogging the limelight and acting like the boss, which is unfair completely.
5-An EXPLANATION, for Sofia and Ronnie's sudden disappearance. Did they quit, were they fired/transferred, did they die? Nobody knows, but I want to find out.
6- More main GIRLS. Catherine, Wendy and Mandy (and Sara's temporary stay) the show needs more feminism, as the ratio's completely unbalanced.
7 (far too long I know)- a PERMANENT position in the DNA lab. First there's Greg, then Chandra for one day, then Mia for a season, and now Wendy, who is talking about going out into the field. Can't someone STAY there for more than four seasons?!
I also want Warrick back but that isn't happening (sob sob). Oh, and a lot more SUSPENSE, like kidnappings (they've only had three in ten years so far...) and bombs, cause I like bombs, especially to a certain ex-lab rat. Anyway, rant over, that's my Christmas and Birthday lists all rolled together
-Archiegirl 16th November 2009

  • Nick and Greg MUST get together, I'm sorry, but I'm such a die hard The Love fangirl. I can't help it! They're just so adorable! I know there's not a very good chance of it happening but a girl can dream can't she?
  • I want the strike over and JORJA FOX BACK ON CSI WHERE SHE BELONGS! I want a GSR wedding or at least a peek at one. I want a love life for Nick and more fun with Greg. Most of all....I WANT A GSR REUNION ASAP!!!
  • I want Sara to come waltzing back in the lab looking for her husband, Gil. I want Warrick to get over whatever he is going through and Nick to get a girlfriend. I wan to see more of "fun Greg" and more of Hodges. I don't like the idea of Wendy "taking Sara's place", but it could work, if Sara comes back and just stays in the lab. BRING BACK SARA SIDLE.
  • Missing Sofia and Sara. WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM BACK! Get into the Sofia character a bit more. See Greg's side of how Sara's departure is affecting him.
  • I There are many things that all the fans of the show want to see. Some of them are dreams (it doesn't mean that they can't become true), on the other hand, sometimes they're right. So, what do you think? What do you wanna see in the next episodes?
  • I want someone to put the idea in Grissom's head that Sara shouldn't go through all of this stuff alone-no matter what she says! I want him to go to her and let her know that he is there for her. She needs to come back to the show, even if it's part time! I want more GSR--lots of it! I would love for Nick to get a girlfriend. Maybe Mandy? I would also like to see more Greg. I loved the silly and funny Greg, maybe he could help Sara, too?????
  • I have a fantastic idea involving the eldest daughter and her husband dying. They have left behind a 21 year daughter or there about depending on the maths. Nick's niece then comes to stay. She is totally Greg's type. Into Rock metal Kind of Geeky and loves science. She has even taken a Grissom seminar on-line about bugs. Her name is Katy Stokes-Graham. Throughout the series you see Katy and Greg getting closer finally falling in love. Nick is extremely close to his family and DOES NOT like that Greg is hitting on his younger cousin. Fisticuffs and tension. Nearing the end of the series, there is a serial killer duo kind off like the Ken and Barbie Killers in Canada. Katy is taken in the finale whilst she is at a rock concert with Greg. Will she survive? Greg is completely blamed for this, can Nick forgive him? What is Nick supposed to tell his father? Thought of by SJ Whitson on the 22nd Oct 2007 Tell me what you think folks is it plausible?
  • I want to see Gil and Cath together. In all the ways. Working and dating. It would be a great change in the story. And of course a Grillows kiss.
  • ECKLEY: I would love to see him accused of murder and have Grissom be his only way out.
  • I would love to see either Catherine & Nick or Catherine & Grissom. Sara should go with Greg. Warrick's married. I think Cath should be with Grissom because she can get him out of his shell. Catherine is a "people person" and Sara is not. Plus Lindsay (Catherine's daughter) needs a father like figure to look up to. So she won't repeat her mother's stripper footsteps.
  • I would love to be able to see that Sara is ok and that she will stay on for the next season and hopefully we can see some sparks between her and Grissom and they kiss go out it would be great for them to really show there emotions on the show and I think that everyone would want to see that.
  • More about Catherine and Nick
  • We need to see more of Archie, the A/V guy. How did he get where he is, what's his story? Same thing for Bobby in ballistics.
  • I want Sara to be alive, or alive for next season!
  • MORE GREG!- Ever since Greg was upgraded to a CSI, his role has faded into the woodwork. I miss the old Greg, the Greg we could count on for a laugh and to ruffle everyone's feathers. I thought that Greg would get more screen time now that he is a CSI but it seems like his screen time has gotten less and less. Besides the Fannysmackin storyline (which only lasted three episodes), Greg has not had a good, long lasting storyline since he was promoted to be a CSI. Give Greg (and Eric Szmanada) the spot light he deserves!
  • A fight for Grissom between Cath, Sara, and Lady Heather!!!
  • Give Nicky some love!- Nick hasn't had a love interest since the FIRST SEASON with Kristy Hopkins (the prostitute he kept getting out of trouble). After she was murdered, he has never had another flame! Catherine's has had multiple love interests, Warrick has (had?) a wife, Grissom's got Sara so, where does that leave Nick? A very lonely CSI.
  • I want Catherine and Warrick together
  • Ecklie anyone?- He's the guy everyone loves to hate and strangely enough, I miss him. I miss the bad blood between Grissom and Ecklie and I wouldn't mind seeing them at each other's throats again. no one misses him. he's a fat ass.
  • I want to see when Sara and Grissom really got together!
  • Teamwork- More episodes where the entire team works together. I'm tired of only seeing half the cast every week. If they aren't ALL going to work together, then at least give us two crime scenes so we can enjoy all of them on screen together in the same episode.
  • I would like to see Doc Robbins' family too
  • GSR- We get it. Grissom and Sara are together. But let's remember, there are still crimes to be solved. Fight crime first, then explore GSR. This isn't Grey's Anatomy last time I checked. Let science come first!
  • Somebody to have a baby. Sara and Grissom, Cath and Warrick, etc.
  • Less episodes where it appears that there are two cases and they end up realizing "We're working the same case!" It's getting very old, not to mention unrealistic.
  • Sara is alive, she is!!! Grissom saves her in the nick of time and lets his emotions go...YAY!!!
  • A couple storylines with Sofia as the main character, maybe the victim?
  • GSR KISS!!! For God's sake, we've been waiting for 8 sodding years now, come on! Not just a peck on the cheek either, I want a proper, toe curling, feel it through the TV smooch!
  • Would it kill Grissom to take his shirt off once in a while? I mean, he was nearly there in Formalities, I kept screaming at the TV "Take it off! Take it off!". Please Lord, show me some Grissom muscle!!!
  • More "A story/B story" episodes
  • Lay off the kidnapping scripts. That's Catherine, Nick and Sara who's been kidnapped now and frankly, it's getting dull and oh so stressing, which leads me neatly onto my last point...
  • More diversity in the pairings on cases
  • Get rid of the good ol GSR. If there is to be a relationship, bring in some interesting character (think: Angelina Jolie, Marlee Maitlin, types etc.) Even Sophia would do,as she has a playful attitude towards Grissom.
  • Nick and Greg to get together! Or, at the very least, more flirting scenes between the two of them
  • More info on the characters. Bring someone in from Grissom's past so viewers can get some insight to the character.
  • Bring a character in to shake things up (like Keppler). Interesting suspects! Don't want to see just a procedural show -like good character development.
  • More Warrick
  • More Catherine and Warrick, isn't he divorced?
  • While I'm a strict GSR shipper, I too would like to see a love interest for Nick. He's too good to be alone. Also, with all the rumors going around saying TPTB are going to end the GSR thread this season, I want it to end well for us shippers. I don't want it to disappear, but just be put on the far back burner.
  • The Love (Nick and Greg) needs to be canon!!!! They've been flirting for seven seasons now, it's time to bump it up at notch at least!
  • If there is to be a new character, she should make things interesting for Nick and Greg and help get them to realize they like each other. But, I'm afraid she might take away the screen time of everyone else, and we already don't get enough of the others, especially Greg/Eric!
  • I'd also love to see more Sofia, she rocks for a tough chick!
  • Grissom without a jacket , lab coat, or vest on. The man never has just has a shirt on...not fair!
  • More of Sara's sense of humor.
  • I want to see Grissom's mom
  • more interesting killers like the mini killer
  • GSR to NOT end and have more quirky scenes between Sara and Grissom
  • more funny moments it is way serious all the time
  • Catherine go out with that lawyer dude from last season
  • I want to see Sara's mom in a case as a victim or killer
  • more lab techs planning to solve or help on cases
  • Grissom to give that cocoon and whatever's inside to Sara come on really!
  • A show that offers more than just crime solving or violence, is one that more people will watch. when you can lose yourself completely in the characters, that you will wait show after show for a romance to happen, or one of the CSI Team to be found, Nick or Sara, when you can relate to certain characters and for an hour become part of their world, then thats' entertainment.
  • When you can do something else while watching a show, and not really miss anything- then thats' a waste of your time.
  • CSI and the relationships that occur have a lot of depth. Don't we feel we know Gil, Sara, Catherine, Nick, Warrick, Greg and even Jim and Doc. Yes some better then others. How could we relate to this show if we could not get to know them!
  • I just want the 27 of Sep. to get here. Cant wait much more. Killing me.
  • I would also like to see Warrick get a divorce from his stupid wife, he needs a bigger role this year.
  • The show should go into the characters lives a bit more i.e Nicky. See what they are like outside the lab.
  • Gil and Catherine together as a (romantic) couple.
  • I would like to see Catherine in a FUNCTIONAL relationship with either Nick or Grissom.
  • I would like Warrick to have an affair with Catherine more then anything though.
  • I would like to see more of EVERYONE'S personal lives.
  • I would like to see Lady Heather become an "unofficial" forensic psychologist, she has a natural gift of reading people under the skin so to speak. And she would be a great background for getting information without a warrant. Or at least the ability to have her become whole again. Currently she is living a life in shambles, and that is no way for a Lady to be left...
  • More Nick.....the mans fine...cant argue it...give the man some love...they have him like a priest on the show.
  • More Lindsey; she always makes things interesting for Catherine. I would like to see a case that involves a Wicca group or ancient Native American beliefs. It would go along with the show's creepy atmosphere.
  • I would like to see the final episode that includes Sara and Grissom to get married. Then the episode ending with Grissom having to leave from their honey moon to go solve a case. That way we get a happy ending. Plus Sara can make a guest appearance every once in a while. Plus Warrick and Catherine are both a little wild, why cant they try to get together?
  • I would like to see the history behind Doc Robbins, and more shows with 2 cases. Also, have Ecklie realize that splitting up the team was the worst mistake he could have made, and reunites them.
  • I think there should be an episode where a crazy fan of a Pro Sports player disguised as a hotel cleaning lady sneaks into his hotel room in the morning and removes a used condom from the trash. She then transfers the "stuff" into a conception cap and gets herself pregnant. Fast forward 9 months she has a genetically matching baby and claims rape, ruining his career and leading someone to kill her.
  • A dancing Cath. She is such an exotic dancer.
  • I would like to see less of their personal lives, less romance and get back to story telling.
  • That stupid little Hannah DIE!!! I HATE HER!
  • I would like to see an episode where something bad happens to Grissom. If you think about it something terrible has happened to just about everyone in CSI and Grissom has always been the father figure and the one who keeps everyone sane and together during those times of crisis. I think it would be interesting to see how everyone would react if Grissom were to go missing or if he were to be captured and they had to find him. Not to mention that would be a good reason for Sara to come back so that she could help find him. I mean if you think about it, Grissom has made many enemies and I'm sure some of them would l go the distance to capture him.
  • Hannah to be murdered and Gil should get to investigate it. In that same epi, Sara should be back and get to see Hannah's lifeless body being cut up by Doc. Robbins. Revenge is sooo sweet!!
  • I would LOVE to see Catherine and Warrick together.....i don't think his marriage is working. The writers sis hint at a flirtation between Cath and Warrick in the earlier seasons. I think they should bring it back and have them go from there.
  • I would like to see a "more pleasant" GSR kiss. Kind of like, "Gilbert, I'm back!" kiss. I loved the kiss but I'd love a happy kiss even more!
  • I would like to see Yo!Bling romantic moment...Well I would like to the kiss but i know that's not going to happen so I'll be happy if they go on some dinner or if they have some very interesting conversation.
  • WHo is YoBling
  • I sound crazy but I want Sara to show up at Grissom's house wasted.
  • I would like to see more serial killers, because they add a certain connection and knowledge of what the victims will look like when found, and it adds a greater sense of relive and happiness when a killer is caught.
  • First I support the writers,for without them, characters don't exist or grow.For my wish, just to see Eckley and the sheriff get taken down once in a while would be great.
  • I want Grissom to look for Sara. He said he wants what's best for her. I just want him to come to the realization that he's what's best for her. Everyone likes a happy ending. Some of us live vicariously through our favorite TV characters like some live through characters in a novel. Sara must return!!! Also, I like the heat that exists between Cath and Warrick. I hope they can work with that more, and hopefully make them a couple. And, I agree, maybe it would be interesting to see family members past and present involved in the story line to explain who and why the characters are the way they are.
  • I want Sara and Grissom to get together, and Warrick an Cath to have a one night stand.And I'd love more episodes involving psychiatric cases.
  • I want for Sara Side/Jorja Fox to come back. I also would like to see Warrick and Catherine hook up. More GSR, wedding, baby (maybe??) I would also like to see some love interest for Nick, but not a hooker. I would also like for Ecklie was transferred away from Las Vegas and was far, very far away. More cases where the entire Graveyard Shift is on the case and a happy GSR KISS!
I would like to see less torture on poor little Nicky. He gets stalked, kicked out of a window, buried alive. And now they have him getting emotionally attached to all of his cases. I love Nicky dearly, but I just want the writers to stop making him seem feminine and crying over every single case. I mean there are ways to show passion for what you do, but crying about it is not the way to go. I also understand the trauma that he went through but don't make him seem like a little b****, please writers.

Also I would like to see more of Catherine spending time with Lindsey. And less tory line with Langston. I think that Samuel L. Jackson should have played Langston instead. THat would have been so funny.
Mrs. Stokes 33

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