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Hello! This story is basically along the lines of what every other "Wedges" shipper is doing right now... a post-ep from "Field Mice" 10x18. Basically, David is awestruck by the kiss, and cannot seem to stop replaying it in his head. He goes to Wendy's apartment, and you have to read to find out what happens! Trust me, if you love this relationship, you will love this story!
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Fantasy to Reality
Genre: --- Romance ---
Rating: -K+ (right now)-
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Characters: --- Wendy Simms, David Hodges---
Pairing: -WEDGES--
Spoilers: -Some of "A Space Oddity" and the ending of 'Field Mice'-
Warnings: -Full of cuteness!-
# of Chapters: ---

Disclaimer (if needed): -I don't own these characters-
Completed: No
Last Updated: April 30th, 2010.
Word Count: ---

Suspended, alone and confused were the exact words to describe David Hodges' state of mind as he drove home in silence to his relatively new apartment. It had been a long day at the lab, as usual, but looking after and 'crime solving' with the Crime Cadets seemed to have made the day seem even longer. David Hodges made a solemn oath to himself never to have children after only a single day with the two teenagers. He had to hand it to them though, they were intelligent and did have what it took to be CSIs in Las Vegas.

David tapped his fingers against the steering wheel gently to a song that was only in his head, trying to get his mind off of the days events. He only wanted to go home, have a strong drink, go to bed and dream about the kiss that still lingered on his lips and in his mind. He could almost still taste her mouth on his lips, and feel her cold, stained hands around his neck, running through his short, grey hair. Damn, David Hodges had it bad for his fellow lab tech, Wendy SImms.

He knew that her actions were more than likely spur of the moment, but he couldn't help but feel deep down inside that their first kiss meant as much to her as it did him. Wendy was everything a man could ever want... smart, funny, witty anddrop dead gorgeous. The way her chocolate brown eyes lit up when she smiled could turn any man's heart for a whirl. And, so they did, from the very first time Dave laid eyes on her.

From their very first conversation, he knew. He didn't know exactly what, but he just knew. He knew he wanted to take her into his arms, right there in the middle of the lab and place the most passionate kiss she would ever receive on her plump, slightly glossed lips. He knew he wanted to be there for every laugh, every tear and every special moment in her life from then on. To make sweet, passionate love to her, like she had never felt before, every night for the rest of their lives, and hold her tightly as she dreamed.

Being the middle aged, grey haired geek he was however, he knew that his fantasies would never become reality, and she deserved a man far more handsome, athletic and loving than he. He wanted to give her everything she desired and deserved, but he knew he couldn't, which is why he stood back, and watched the love of his life from a distance for five long, heart-breaking years.

About a year ago, things did start to look brighter for their relationship however. David knew that their relationship was merely that of friends and co-workers, but when he met her at the What-if-Icon, he couldn't help but tell her how he felt for her.... in his own creative way. He told her that 'they were made for each other', but, if only she understood the words he spoke, as he confessed his admiration in Velucon, the language spoken on their favourite childhood show, Astro-Quest. God, did she look beautiful. He seldom saw her outside of work, and when he did, he rarely saw her hair out of a pony tail in long, beautiful waves. He reluctantly fought his strong manly urges to take her right there infront of 95% of Vegas' nerd population, who had more than likely never got any action or let alone had a date in their lives. Instead he kept himself under control and treated her with the respect a beautiful woman would deserve. They made small talk, realizing that they had more in common than they had originally suspected, and bonded like twelve year olds would after seeing a great movie. Then, of course, duty called, and they had to go back to their jobs of fighting crime in a laboratory.

Back at the lab, the whole day, David could not stop seeing her in his mind. Her beautiful, long hair.... he costume, oh god, her costume. The way it hugged her body in all of the perfect places, and stopped at her mid thigh. He could barely concentrate all day, and the rest of the lab noticed this, including Wendy. Before the end of shift, one of the most amazing things happened to him: Wendy invited him to her apartment to watch the Time Travel Trilogy from season 4 of Astro-Quest, but like usual, he made a fool of himself in his attempt to hide the fact that he fantasized seeing her sexy dancing in a skimpy bikini. The date was off.

Wendy and David danced around their relationship for a while after this event. They spoke, but not much.. only when completely necessary in attempt to avoid embarrassment and the risk of admitting each other's feelings to one another. Until today.

David, like usual, decided to use his power of deception to make young CSIs in training believe him and Wendy to be more than they were. Wendy put on a sour face, but David knew deep down that she really was enjoying being seen as a CSI and looked up to by teenagers. It was really the first time they had engaged in a lengthy conversation since the day at the Astro-Quest convention.... and he couldn't help but smile when he saw her milking her supposed role as a CSI in front of a couple of young adults all day. They really did have more in common than they had ever imagined, and he loved that. Little did he know, Wendy loved the feeling of being so close to him all day as well.

Then, Henry asked her out. She said yes. He couldn't remember a time he saw such a genuine smile on her face as he did when she was asked out by Henry. This crushed him completely. Maybe she really didn't feel anything for him... maybe they were just friends. Maybe that was the way they would always stay. He would most likely be a best man in her and Henry's wedding, and be a babysitter for their children while she and Henry went out to a movie, or dinner. Ok, so he was over exaggerating, but he couldn't bare the idea of Henry getting to spend the evening with her... even if it would just be one evening. Wendy moved him. She made him want to live and love, and dare he say it, start a family. He had never wanted to be in a committed relationship or have children until he met Wendy Simms.... and he couldn't risk anyone else having that with her. He would die inside if he knew she was in love, or expecting or even sleeping with another man, while he sat back and fell even more in love with her. So, he came up with some plans to try and ruin the date.... until someone else got to Henry before him.

A poked hose and a skinned face later, there she stood, in his lab looking down at her feet as she held up her stained hands weakly.

"I'm not proud of this...." she whispered as she hid her hands once again.
He looked at her with disappointment, but deep down inside was laughing at her intelligence and cynical ways, "Then why'd you do it?"

She went on to explain that at first she really did want to go out with Henry, because he was everything she should be looking for... but then quietly confessed: "But then I realized, what I should want..... isn't what I do want."
With this, she looked up at him slowly, giving him a small smile when she saw the love in his blue eyes.
'She wanted to cancel the date.... because she knew wanted... me?' he thought to himself as he watched her in amazement, when Catherine and Henry walked in.

David confessed to Wendy's actions, saving her from any trouble that may ensue, accepting a weeks suspension and a black mark on his permanent record, all for her. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Wendy looking at him with her mouth slightly agape, stunned because of what he had just done for her. Then, Catherine left the room, leaving a slightly awkward silence between the three lab technicians. Wendy and Henry came to a mutual agreement that the date would be cancelled, and shared an awkward hug, leaving a nauseating feeling in the pit of David's stomach. He had never hugged her before. Then, with the blink of an eye, Henry was gone, leaving David and the love of his life standing in a haunting silence. He didn't know what to say, but knew he had to say something until Wendy spoke the five words that broke his aching heart and would ring in his ears for a long time afterwards.

"It's never going to happen...." she whispered softly, making sure that they met eyes, then walked out of the lab.
Just like that, she gave him the answer to the question they had been dancing around for years with a stab to his heart. Deep down he knew what her answer would be when the day came, but he never knew it would hurt so badly.
Over the years of knowing her, David began to recognize the rhythms in Wendy's foot steps, and match them to her feelings, and as he heard her high heels tap the floor as she walked away, he sensed her anger, frustration and embarrassment, until he heard her footsteps stop suddenly. He quickly shook it off, but regained his interest as he heard the familiar tapping returning to him quickly. Before he had time to think, he was being swung around violently and his wordless mouth was being attacked by hers.

There they were, in the middle of the lab, kissing. David Hodges swore he was fantasizing again due to the pure ecstasy he felt, but quickly realized that it was real when she jolted him closer and brought her hands to his neck softly. He felt her hands run through his short hair, and her body pressed against his perfectly. He felt her breasts rub against his chest, and her soft face against his own. Her lips were softer than he had ever imagined them to be, and tasted of the cherry lollipop she has been eating not too long before. She slowly opened her mouth slightly to allow his bottom lip in between hers, and caressed it with passion and love. Then, before he knew it, Wendy was pulling away gently, and seemingly reluctantly and looking him in the eyes... hands still around his neck. She gave him a slight, barely noticeable smile, and walked away quickly.

Now, even 3 hours after the kiss, David's heart was still beating rapidly and he could still feel her close to him. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't let this go. He had let so many other things go, like their indiscreet conversation in front of Catherine, where Wendy basically admitted that she was attracted to him and that nothing would stand between them, or the time where she almost admitted that she liked him in a fit of anger. But this...... this was different. Obviously, there was physical contact, unlike the other times, but he just had a feeling in his gut that Wendy really did mean it this time.

When the light turned green, David quickly made a decision he wasn't sure he would regret or be proud of. He quickly changed lanes, and turned down to the street Wendy's apartment was on.
It was getting later, and the sun was almost completely set, so from a distance he saw her lights on the 7th floor. He remembered exactly which apartment was hers from a time about 3 years ago when Wendy invited the CSI's and techs over for a bit of a celebration party for solving a complicated case. He remembered seeing her and Mandy waving down to him from her balcony as he pulled up into the parking lot, fashionably late.

Oh, god, what was he doing? He concluded that he was high on adrenaline, giving him an excuse for his arrival at Wendy's apartment. After he was parked, he got out of his car and walked up to the main door and sighed as he looked at the list of tenants, seeing her name and apartment number. He took the elevator up to the seventh floor, and took a deep shaky breath as he stepped out. He slowly walked down the hallway, 707, 708, 709...... and finally coming face to face with her door... 710.
It was now or never for David Hodges. This decision could be the one to change his life, and he was sweating and hyperventilating like a pre-school child watching their mum drive away on the first day of school. He took a step closer to the door, took a deep breath in and nocked three times.

After a moment, he heard a voice from inside yelling "One minute!" and he decided he could quickly run away, and she would never know it was him at her door. About to follow through with his plan, the door opened fully to reveal a freshly showered Wendy Simms in a short light blue house coat with long wet, curly hair framing her face and falling on her shoulders.

"David?" she whispered as she blushed.
"Wendy." he spoke softly as he took a step closer and cupped her smooth face with his left hand and put his right arm around her waist. He smiled softly as he brought his forehead to hers and watched her close her eyes. "I love you."

With his whispered words, she opened her eyes in shock, and he brought his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss.


"Wait, no, David!" she backed off suddenly after a long kiss, "We can't do this, you know we can't.."
"Wendy," he sighed as he watched her turn and walk into her small kitchen. He took a step inside her apartment and closed the door all of the way. David then followed her to the kitchen and saw that she was sipping a cup of tea, holding back her tears.

"I'm sorry.. Wendy." he whispered as he walked up beside her and looked to his feet. He was such an idiot. Why the hell would he come here in the first place, let alone attack her mouth in her door way, for the whole complex to witness.

"Did you mean it? What you said..." she whispered as she set down her tea on the counter top and turned to face him.
"That I am sorry? Yes.." he deadpanned
"No, what you said before.... just before you... kissed me..." she slowed down towards the end, saying the words with delecacy.
"That I love you?" he smiled to himself and looked up to face her glossy eyes, how could he lie to her? She was so beautiful... "Yes. I meant it."
"How long?" she questioned as she blushed and looked down at her bare, freshly polished feet in shame.
"I have 'liked' you since I met you.... but, I have loved you since... that time we ran into eachother at the Astro-Quest convention.." now it was David's turn to be embarassed.
"Me too." he heard her whisper, bearly loud enough to hear.
He looked up in surprise to find her brown glossey eyes smiling at him. Oh god, here it comes... a speech, he could tell.

"Wendy," he began slowly, trying not to let her know he was nervous, "I am an ass hole.. and I really don't deserve anything better than that. But, whenever I see you, I just can't breathe because you make me so happy. You move me, to be a better person to you, and everyone. You make me want to live. When I am with you, all I can think about it what it would be like to spend the rest of our lives together, and have a family and just be. I love you Wendy, so much, and even if you can't except this right now, I will wait until you are ready. I would wait forever for you. You are the only woman I have ever loved, and I always will, no matter what may happen between us. I have litterally waited my entire life for that special someone to come around, and now that I have you, I will never let you go. I love you, so much, and all I want it to kiss you and hold your hand in public for everyone to see how incredibly lucky I am to have you and how happy you have made me. I want to come home to you everynight, make sweet love to you and fall alseep with you beside me, in my arms for the rest of our lives Wendy. I love you more than anything."

By now, he saw that Wendy had let her tears fall, and he watched lovingly as they streamed down her puffy, red face.
"Please, don't cry..." he whispered as he wiped away a tear and embraced her into a long, comfortable hug. He held her tight as sobs wracked her body in his arms and caressed her now damp hair with his hand. He whispered sweet, comforting words in her ear, assuring her that everything would be alright and that he was there to take care of her.

When she had began to calm down, she chuckled slightly in David's arms. David smiled and looked at her with a puzzled face,
"What's so funny?" he smiled as he tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear gently.
"You know that if the guys at the lab knew you were such a gentleman, they would make your life a living hell, right?" she smiled brightly as he nodded in agreement, "So, if I decide for whatever reason that I don't like you, I could use this as potential black mail material?"
"Indeed you could." he laughed along with her, when he suddenly realized his hand was entertwined with hers. She must've remembered as well, as he caught her looking down at their hands, slightly embarassed.

"I love you David." she whispered softly as she queezed his hand gently and smiled.
Upon hearing her words, David's heart began to race faster than ever before. She said it. She admitted that she loves me.
"You are an ass, and a liar and a self-loving jerk.... but, I no matter how hard I try, I just can't stop. No matter how hard I try, I can't get you out of my mind, and it is distracting, but, deep down I don't really mind. I have tryed so hard to deny my feelings for you, for so long, David. I just can't do it anymore. I love you. I want to be with you, for the rest of my life." she finished in a shaky breath as she kissed him for the second time that day. "Now that you have me, you will never lose me."

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