Warrick Brown

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Warrick Brown
played by: Gary Dourdan
03. Warrick Brown

03. Warrick Brown 03. Warrick Brown 03. Warrick Brown
03. Warrick Brown 03. Warrick Brown

Character Biography
Character Stats
Birthday: October 10, 1971
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Marital Status: Divorced
Forensic Speciality: Audio/Visual Analysis
CSI Level: 3
Personality Type:cool ,relaxed
Signature Look: Laid back, semi casual
Vice(s): gambling, abusing prescription drugs
Endearing Trait(s): loyal, devoted to his team
Annoying Trait(s): talks back, won't back down when he should.
CUTEness lvl : 88/100percent
Character Connections

Family Members:
Spouse-- Tina (ex-wife)
Mother-- ? (deceased)
Father-- ?
Sibiling(s)-- (none)
Extended Family--
Grandma (?)
Bertha (aunt)
Romance(s): Tina
Friends: Nick Stokes,Catherine Willows,Greg Sanders,Gil Grissom,Sara Sidle,James Brass
Enemies: Lou Gedda, Under Sheriff Jeffery McKeen, The Judge (season 1), Brass (in Season 1)


Warrick Brown is the only member of the CSI team born and raised in Las Vegas. Born on October 10, 1971, to this day, Warrick has never met his father. His mother passed away when he was seven, leaving him in the care of his maternal grandmother and his Aunt Bertha. He grew up in a strict household, and that meant he kept his teenage job as a runner secret from his grandmother and aunt.
Warrick was quite literally born to live in Vegas. He loves the casinos, loves the action, and loves the pulse of the city. He can move just as easily through the Clark County Courthouse as he can through the Sports book at Hard Rock. To let off steam, he DJ’s at clubs run by his friends and writes his own songs. Spending his whole life in Las Vegas means Warrick knows at least one person in every bar, club and hotel in the city. He’s connected, and he uses those connections to move between his worlds. He went through a lot of women in his early twenties, but the first time he fell in love, the woman broke his heart.
Much to Catherine’s chagrin, as a result of Nick being buried alive, Warrick marries his girlfriend Tina, though their marriage is on shaky ground. Warrick and Tina get divorced in the beginning of season eight.
Unfortunately, in the season eight finale Warrick is shot and left for dead in his car. All through the season he was struggling with prescription drugs and the fact that a stripper he was involved with was found dead in his car. He blames a famous Las Vegas gangster, Lou Gedda, but the man is never convicted. After Gedda is found dead, Warrick is the prime suspect, being found at the crime scene covered in blood. Although he was proven innocent a long line of rotten cops leads to his death.
Personal Challenges (past/present):
  • Gambling problem almost cost him his job.
  • Drug addiction almost cost him his life and his job.
  • Divorcing new wife Tina and experiencing depression.
Defining Cases/Episodes:
"Cool Change" (1x02): Warrick feels guilty for leaving Holly Gribbs alone at the crime, where she got shot. Especially since he was out gambling.
"Ellie" (2x10) : Warrick has to deal with the challenges of being supervisor when both Grissom and Catherine are away.
"Random Acts of Violence" (3x13) : Warrick becomes emotionally attached to the family of a victim.
"Cockroaches" (8x09) : Warrick's drug abuse influences his work and leads to the death of a stripper he was involved with.
"Lying Down with Dogs" (8x10) : Warrick is in deep trouble after a dead stripper is found in his car.
"For Gedda" (8x17) : Warrick is accused of killing Lou Gedda, a famous Las Vegas gangster. After being proven innocent Warrick gets shot by under-sheriff McKeen
"For Warrick" (9X1) : After Warrick is shot and killed by Under Sherriff Jeffery McKeen, the CSI team Puts all other cases on hold to solve one more, for Warrick.
Deep Dark Secret:
  • He plays the piano.
  • Bears a Celtic tattoo on right bicep as seen in the episode "Fight Night"
Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan)

Warrick knows how all the games are played in Las Vegas and is aware of the universal truth of the city: the only one who wins consistently is the house, because the odds are stacked. Warrick’s got enough of a rebel in him to challenge those odds, and enough of a realist in him to know the only one watching out for him is him, so he’ll cut his losses to fight again another day if need be. Warrick’s specialty is
Warrick is a top CSI and has only been on his bosses' bad side when his gambling gets out of control.

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