Wallace Langham

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Wallace Langham
as David Hodges

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March 11, 1965

Fort Worth, Texas

Wherehe grew up:
Los Angeles

Wherehe lives now:
Los Angeles


Family:Children: Alex (born 1989) & Chloe (born 1991), Spouse: Karey Richard (2002 - present)



Wallace Langham bio:


Non-acting careers:
Wallace Langham's movies: The Invisible Kid. (as Wally Ward) Daddy Day Care, Little Miss Sunshine, Connie and Carla (Only available on the DVD)

TV shows:
Veronica's Closet, The Larry Sanders Show, Mission Hill, Combat Academy, What About Joan, Sex and the City (One episode) , ER (One episode) (Which makes him another member of CSI to be on ER),Medium(2 episodes:the other side of the track and suspicions and certainties)


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Upcoming projects:

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Memorable quotes (on/off the set)
"Thank you Hodges for performing that incredibly elaborate test requiring copious concentration and an advanced degree." - Hodges
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When he's not acting

Fascinating Facts
  • Wally is part of the pre-show for the ride Dinosaur! in Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando.
  • He met his wife Laura on the set of Weird Science (1985). They were married a year and a half later.
  • He was accused of beating a stringer for the Star tabloid during an altercation on September 7, 1999. He was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of committing a hate crime. He agreed to a six-figure settlement with the reporter who accused him of an anti-gay hate crime on January 26th 2000. The altercation between the two men stemmed from remarks that the reporter allegedly made about Langham's girlfriend.

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