Veronica "Ronnie" Lake

first promo still of 8x03 go to hell, new character veronica lake
Played by: Jessica Lucas

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and has been acting since she was only seven years old. She began her professional training with Children's Theatre Arts from 1992 through 1994

Personal Demons:

Defining Cases (or Episodes):

  • 8x03 Go To Hell - Ronnie makes her debut appearance
  • 8x05- The Chick Chop Flick Shop- this was like her episode because she had the most screentime in this and she wasn't as in the background as she usually is
  • 8x07- Goodbye and Good Luck- This was her last appearance, which is also the episode when Sara leaves. Sara removed her name from her vest and replaced it with a piece of tape saying "Good Luck" which was supposedly going to be Ronnie's vest

Deep Dark Secret:

Trivia/Random Facts:
- At one point, Sara told her to find another job, not as a CSI
- In Goodbye and Good Luck, Sara told Ronnie that there was nothing they could do except for return for the body or bodies of a domestic abuser, after Ronnie tries to do help the victim. Sara tells her not to get caught up in anything.

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