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Under The Skin: CSI Autopsy Room - CSI Under The Skin: CSI Autopsy Room - CSI

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Episode: Double-Cross
Where the body was found: Church
to a cross in the catholic church

Sara finds a thorn from a bougainvillea shrub in the woman's foot.

Grissom notices a strange pattern around her neck that caused the strangulation, it is later to be identified as rosary beads.


Season's Most Interesting Corpses:

Episode: Happenstance
Victim: Jill

Details: Twins, one a mother with a husband and child, the other a single woman with sophisticated style, share the same fate on the same night: murder. One is shot while out on an errand while the other is hanged in her elegant Vegas home. Is there a connection? How could there not be?
COD: Jill's murder is planned to look like suicide although strangulation is the COD (cause of death)
Episode: Happenstance
Amanda is murdered by getting shot while picking up her laundry.
COD: Gunshot to the heart

Episode: Toe Tags
Details: Donna, Rebecca, Jack, Ray, and Lou are all awake to tell their stories!
Victim: Donna
COD: Donna drowned and put up a fight! Someone held her down in her bath tub! (a rose petal is found on Donna's body)

Under The Skin: CSI Autopsy Room - CSI

Episode: Toe Tags
Victim: Rebecca
Rebecca's body is found at the base of a cliff. She fell while her husband was taking a picture of her on the cliff!
Rebecca's brain stayed intact a few yards away


Under The Skin: CSI Autopsy Room - CSI

Episode: Toe Tags
Victim: Jack
Jack was getting gas with his family in the car, and the violent attack was totally unprovoked. He didn't know Russell, and even tried to hand over his wallet. After serving two tours in Iraq, Jack had just met his new baby daughter.

Under The Skin: CSI Autopsy Room - CSI
Episode: Toe Tags
Victim: Ray and Lou
COD: Lou is carved right across the torso, but the way the chainsaw teeth bit into the flesh tells Grissom that Lou might not have been facing his attacker when he was killed. Ray's arm is cut off.
ray and lou

Under The Skin: CSI Autopsy Room - CSI

CSI's Most Interesting Autopsies Ever

Episode: Ending Happy
Victim: Happy Morales
Details: He was an ex-boxer who was found dead at Sugar Cane Ranch.
COD: There were very many thoughts on his cause of death, and Doc Robbins always seemed to know when someone was going to confess because he'd call Brass and change the COD right in the middle of a confession. We had blunt force trauma from a crowbar, an arrow through the throat, an allergic reaction to shellfish, and finally falling out of a chair and into the pool.

Episode: Committed
Victim: Robbie Garson
Details: Robbie was housed at a mental institution and found dead in his room during a routine bed check.
COD: Robbie was strangled to death and then his head was repeatedly bashed against the floor post mortem. When Doc Robbins performed the autopsy he found things like hair and a picture in his stomach contents. The picture lead them to Nurse McKay who was the mother of another inmate, Adam Trent, who was jealous over her son's homosexual affair with Robbie. She suffered from a "Jocasta Complex" (similar to Oedipus but with love being transferred from mother to son). McKay had strangled Robbie and then made Adam go in and bash his head on the floor to cover it up for her.