Together forever


Genre: --- fluff/romance ---
Rating: --- k+
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Characters: --- Gil and Sara ---
Pairing: --GSR-
Spoilers: --- none.
Warnings: --- cuteness
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As he walked through the Costa Rican rainforest, Gil noticed that there was so much beauty he has missed out on, all of those years back in Vegas. The innocence he found here was awe inspiring compared to the dozen or so homiceides they recieved each week. Now he was free from that. He had left his job for many reasons, but the reason that counted most stood right infront of him as he cleared away a bush, revealing a tall, slender brunette woman photographing a small monkey in a tree. How he loved her. He had been such an idiot to not realize until it was nearly too late. That afternoon, Sunday March 20th, when she told him about her past, he couldn't hold it in anymore. He had to tell her.

As he sighed in relief as he looked her over he must've stepped on a small twig because she turned around and met eyes with him. At first, Sara didn't know what to think of the situation, but it didn't matter right now. He was here. With her. She felt her eyes fog up as a small tear ran down her sweaty face. She beamed Grissom her famous Sidle smile and took a step towards him. All she wanted was to feel him close to her again. To feel the warmth of his skin against hers.

Gilbert cought on to her hints and quickly through his bag to the ground and spread out his arms towards her. As he caught her in his arms, he couldn't help but kiss her. He kissed her with so much passion and warmth, it was a wonder she didn't faint. Instead, Sara retuned the kiss, and deepend it by tilting her head to the side. He was here. It wasn't her imagination. He was here.

After a few long moments of passionate kisses, Sara let off for air. She placed her head on his sweaty shoulder and started to weap.

"It's really you ..." she muttered through tears
"I'm so sorry Sara" He whispered as he kissed her ear, "I was an idiot to let you go the first time, but the second time... I'm sorry."
"You are here now." she replied as she looked up into his foggy blue eyes.
"Yes I am." He smiled in return. "Forever."

- XoXoCSI_freakXoXo

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LOVED this pairing. Made up for when she left without giving away what Gil meant to her.

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