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Title: True or False?

Description: A statement is given, it might of happen on the show or not. The next responder must respond to the statement saying if its True or False. Then they will post a new True or False statement for the next person to answer.

Title: This or That?

Description: You give two options (this or that) that are CSI related. The next member to reply must choose one of the options. Then give two of their own options for the next person to reply.

Title: The Never Ending Thread

Description: The last person to post on the thread is the winner until someone else comes around & posts.. To be the winner, you must be the very last person to post on the thread!

Title: Name the Episode!

Description: You will be given 3 clues for an episode. If you know the episode reply back with your answer, and 3 new clues for a different episode!

Title: Who Said It?

Description: A quote is given, if you know, reply back with the answer & the episode it was said in. Then post a new quote for someone to reply to.

Title: Who is it?

Description: You are given 3 clues of a character, past or present, you must guess who it is. When you reply back with your guess, post 3 new clues of a different character for the next person guess!

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