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Episode 4.06 Jackpot - Home to the GSR
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Warrick is dead,Grissom and Sara are leaving,H stays alive...AM I CRAZY ??? *apologises to therapist for Caps*
Yep you surely are one crazy person, but hey don't worry you are in excellent company right here on this wiki that is really an asylum disguised as a CSI fan website! God those writers for CSI are really putting us through the mill right now are they not, Warrick so dramatically killed off, yanking at all our heartstrings for 9.01, then they just had to go and do it didn't they? they split our loved up couple apart after 8 years of tormennting us, well thank you very much CBS, just expect us all sueing you for major therapy sessions!!!!!!!
My therapy advice to you is to re-watch all episodes of CSI back to back, up until 8.04 but no further! then hopefully the pain you are feeling may subside once more- have fun be happy!
um...yes thanks for the advice doc I will think you are suffering from cbswritersmaniophobia...perhaps you would like me to arrange a therapy schedule for you too ?
Dear Doctor.... how can you help me stop thinking about Grissom in that lovely black t-shirt 24/7? Any advice is appreciated. Why the hell do you really want to stop thinking about it? are you seriously crazy or something! Damned! My advice to you my dear is to have the picture put on your cell screen, PC screen, one handy in your pocket, the fridge, every cupboard door you can think of just about everywhere! Sod trying to stop!!!!
Thank you Doctor... I will take your advice & cover my house from top to bottom in t-shirt Griss pics... I won't fight it any longer!!
GSR-4EVER What do I have to do to stop thinking about episode 9x02, Sara's leaving, Grissom's words to her, the relation to the episode Butterflied, LH's comeback and the MK'S comeback? Stop watching CSI all together! Nah, only kidding! My best advice to you is to go and watch the CBS GSR retrospective video repeatedly and ask yourself would they add 'to be continued' at the end of it, if they were going to split them up permanently in the way they did? hope my advice is of some help to you.

grillowsfan Don't tell anyone, but I have a problem too! heh
Well... I was wondering if you could help me... You see I have this problem that my fingers wanna type even if I'm sleeping! The first thing I do in the morning is turn on my computer, and chat with my CSI buddies! I love that... but I'm kinda loosing it... I don't know where I am anymore!!! Help doc... help!!!

Hello dear, you first instinctual morning reaction is quite natural and nothing to worry about what so ever, all or probably most of us on here are exactly the same, wanting to chat with other CSI obsessed fans of the show.. But the typing thing while your sleeping does worry me some. Perhaps the only advice i can give to you is to think about maybe purchasing yourself a straight jacket and asking someone to fasten and secure it firmly for you so that given time you may grow out of the habit. Failing that i suggest going to your physician to seek out a medicated solution.
I Hope i have been able to ease your worrying and offered you helpful advice.
God, you are good!
Better than those 100$ an hour therapists! Although, your straight jacket idea is a little bit frustrating...

And where do I get it?... hm...
I'll figure something out!
lovegil well i dont know what to do , i hear that my man is leavin the show and i want to cry cause i want to married gil grission what should i do plz help me doc i will go nuts if he leaves. I feel for you i really do and i'm gonna be in major therapy that week too, god help who win's that week, cos they are gonna be reeeeealllllly busy!
He may be leaving as a regular but keep the hope alive that he will guest appear in future episodes. My advice make sure you have access to all the many pic's music, interviews and episode clip video's to help soften the blow!
We will all grieve together! gsrbritfan!
i want to thank u for the great advice and i will hold out hope that grissom will not b out off my living room forever and iknow i there's alot of fans that r going to feel my pain so tks for the support we will get pased this with lots of help .
cathrinefan Gil is leaving what the heck Warrick is dead.Sara left and i think Catherine is next.All the original cast is leaving.Thats not kool.If Catherine laves i dont think i will be able 2 watch any more and its going 2 drive e insane.What do i do=(? I'm sorry to have to tell you this dea,r but change comes to us all in our lifetimes (usually around 50yrs old for women i've been told!!!) I know it is sooooooooo not cool that all our stars of the show are being bumped off, or are leaving or left, but we will always have 8 season's of CSI on dvd to look back on and watch back to back for many years to come! What do you do, come back to this page for your major therapy group sessions the week of the episode 9.10 One to go airs!!!!! I will be here too to get my therapy too! thank you
gsrbritfan Dear? what do i actually call you? Doctor? Doc? Therapist? Wise one? well anyway, i got this real serious problem i can't get enough of CSI and especially GSR, but Sara's gone, left poor Grissom to grieve alone, and Grissom is gonna soooooo burn out of have a breakdown, please see if you can pursued CBS to bring Sara back? and to keep Grissom permanently. Please help i'm desperate! Oh crap! i'm supposed to be the therapist for this week! My advice to me is, cry your eyes out, scream & shout, & throw a hissy fit outside the CBS offices!
lovegil i was wondering how i can stop dreaming about Grissom , well i dont really want to stop dreaming off him but i dont want to wake up just stayin in dreamland 24/7. plz help Why would you want to but if you want to stop then just think of someone else. You could stop watching CSI J/K
ericloveerr Dear...., I need some serious help! well i am inlove with eric szmanda, greg, but he doesnt know i exist! So i cant stop thinking about him 24/7 and always talking about him and googleing him for more pics! AHHH!! plz help me!!!!! i am in serious need of some!!!!! Well you can meet him or you could google someone else or listen to music that doesnt remind you of him. You could find a someone that you like and think about them.
stewie4worldleader Do you think the current economic instability means a global stock market crash is imminet??.......just kidding!!!.... I just wanna know what shoe size Grissom is? coz it's been 'bugging' me!..... What d'you reckon Doc? Thanks :) I HAVE NO IDEA about that Nevermind Doc, I'll have to keep on hunting around to find my answer!, someone must know.... i'm guessing their larger rather than smaller size! ;)
gsrbritfan Dear therapist or Dr or whatever, please could you tell me where i could purchase a sturdy punch/kickboxing bag that will with stand a great deal of punishment. I need it urgently before next Thursday, because if that woman LH (Choke!) puts her paws on Grissom i will kick ten colors of S**T out of the bag to vent!!! Please i'm desperate, cos if i don't get one i will be on the LVPD & CSI's next wanted list!!! well i know u can get them from sport stores. the store can be Sports Athority i know they have them for sure but any other sport store should have them
grillowsfan me,again... how can you help me about this new CSI episode? I hate that Grissom is going to LH, however, I still don't know if anything will happen... I'm so confused... Help! well i would go 2 google and look up watch CSI online and it should come up with websites but thats what i would do but i live in the U.S so i wait till thurs.
leeyann Help! I'm being consumed by my fear that Grissom will believe that Sara is happy without him (big fat lie) and will move on to sleazy Heather. Can't sleep, can't get my work done, YIKES! Please say the only true love on TV isn't over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well just dont think about it if it akes you feel better its not over ok im not a fan of GSR but its better then grissom and lh
Carusoluv52 HELLlllllp! Im obscessed with the bubble wrap. I cant...stop...popping the bubbles... y would u want 2 stop its so enternaning but if u want then just go by things like that really fast

gsrbritfan Hey doc, Okay serious emergency therapy needed here! She did it she just had to put her mankey paws on him! how dare she touch his chest like she did, and that seductive look on her damned face as she did it! Coffe, touching, showing her legs off to him! I need help before i combust from sheer anger and frustration. Please help me i am desperate! well you can find something to hit just dont hurt yourself or you can just write about it and or draw. Hey i have 1 question 4 u would u rather have Catherine or LH on grissom if you had 2 chose if him and sara broke up. Oh... main advice is just draw or write about your feelings about this or any other problem. Neither, if he and Sara were to split up i think he should become a monk and go celebate!
summer0101 Hey cathrinefan when i was watching CSI online cuz i dont get that channel on my T.V and catherine and gil had something going on and so did LH and gil and i want Cath and Gil 2 gether and when LH put her hands on Gil i was so mad what can i do 2 keep from breaking the computer? PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!! Well u can draw, write or go and hit something soft or get a punching bag
xyz1128csi when i take test at school (im in 7th grade) and the problum is 6x11 i rite down werewolves (the episod #of werwolves is 6x11)and now im getting really bad grades. the other day we were on a rocks and minarol website at school and i clicked on forensic sciensce and there was a link for the cbs website for csi and i started waching it at school and i got 3 detinos well i would say (this isnt what i do but it might help u) study more and only watch CSI after u study and if u hve 2 tell ur teacher that ur a little obssed with CSI and have a problem when u have memorized the #s of the eps. and thats all i can think of cuz i have no problems with that cuz i daydream about it adn i hope this helps u out
from: Stephanie (a.k.a cathrinefan)

Jenna_Isaac Okay Doc,
So I sometimes watch old CSI episodes with my family and I can't help but blurt out the lines they say and well my question is how do I stop blurting out the lines? Thanks,
u can whistper it or if i was ur family i would put duck tape on ur mouth(not really) whistper it or put ur hands on ur mouth
u can have ur family help u 2
from: Stephanie(a.k.a cathrinefan)

gsrloveforever I always watch and talk about CSI, to Everybody. Everybody tells me I'm crazy and obsessed. I found one other person that watches half as much as I do (which is ALOT) and shes the only person that will listen, she barely does though.. I lay in my bed for literally hours at night thinking about GSR and if Grissom is going to leave to go be with Sara.. I freak out when the TV or computer is down. I had to miss "Leave Out All The Rest" to go to a Cleveland Browns game, and I cried, I went into the closest thing to depression when Sara left.. and left again.. I can't focus on detail, which isn't normal for me, and like xyz1128csi, I write episodes on tests (I'm in high school though), it was in geometry and luckly it was the teacher who watches CSI and understood what I was doing.. well u can write down everything u want 2 say and put it on the web and we will read it and u know we will listen or u can send me or other ppl Messages and we will listen and if u cant hold it in u might just have to fined time 2 write it down so u dont have 2 be called crazy
from: Stephanie (a.k.a cathrinefan)

Sidle,Sanders,Stokes. Help Me! I've become so obessed with CSI I find myself syaing up til 4 am watching CSI on DVD! I even startwd paying attention in math just so I could figure out how many seconds until a new episode!!! By the way that's 4,924,962 at the moment!

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