The Miniature Killer

Natalie Davis aka The Miniature Killer
( Current Status:
Jail...she was transferred from a mental health facility to jail after a hearing.)
played by
Jessica Collins

Character Biography

Character Stats
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Personality type:
Signature look: shy, nice, innocent
Virtue(s): feels guilty for murdering
Endearing trait(s):
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Attention to detail
Annoying trait(s):
Recites "Little Bisque Doll"
Hums "I've got pain in my saw dust"
Character Connections
Family members: Ernie Dell (deseased)
numerous foster siblings
Friends: None
Enemies: Gil Grissom
  • Chloe Davis
  • Izzy Delancey
  • Penny Garden
  • Raymundo Suarez
  • Officer Kamen
  • Sara Sidle (survived)
  • (Herself??? REMAINS UNKNOWN!)

Other character info:

Backstory: When Natalie as a child, she pushed her younger sister Chloe out of a tree causing her to fall to her death. From the top of the tree,her dead sister looked like a bloody doll. this doll is the one in the pictures found inside the miniture crime scenes
Personal Demons:

Deep Dark Secret:

Gutsiest move:
Becoming a janitor at CSI and showing up at one of Grissom's crime scenes; she was hired sometime just after the Happy Morales case.
Going into Grissom's office to place the miniature of Sara on his desk.
Credit - CaptainSpaz
This is pulled directly from Wikipedia, and it shows a rather disturbing occurrence:

"In her most recent appearance, she made a miniature of herself being hung. If she does commit suicide this way, all her murders spell the word BLEACH: Blunt force trauma, liquid nicotine, electrocution, asphyxiation, crushing, and hanging. It should be noted, that in Lab rats, Hodges discovers a Reference to, or physical specimen of bleach (In plant water, a receipt, actual bottles of Bleach)."

Chloe Davis
(COD- Blunt Force Trauma)
Izzy Delancy
(COD- Blunt Force Trauma)
Penny Garden
(COD- Liquid nicotine poisoning)
Credit - CaptainSpaz The Miniature Killer - CSI
The Miniature Killer - CSI
Raymundo Suarez
(COD- Electricution)
Officer Kamen
(COD- Asphyxiation)
Sara Sidle
(Survived- would have been Crushing)
Credit - CaptainSpaz The Miniature Killer - CSI Credit - CaptainSpaz
??? possible murder/suicide (COD- would be Hanging)

Credit - CaptainSpaz

The Miniature Killer - CSIEpisodes she was involved in:

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