The Love (Greg/Nick)

This page was created for those who love the Nick & Greg slash relationship, so if you have a problem
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Nick and Greg are "The Love"
Nick/Greg - The Love
To talk about Nick and Greg, go to the forum page and leave a comment's slash, but you never know what will happen on CSI. We're just following the evidence!

Nick and Greg had each other at anal swab! Since then, their mutual attraction has been undeniable. Whether it be small glances, sensual touching, or subtext beyond belief. Nick and Greg have always flirted and "The Love" between them has been loud, clear, and hot!

For the past ten years Nick and Greg have become close friends. And now with the loss of Nick's best friend, Warrick, perhaps they will grow even closer. Will season ten be the one where slash becomes canon?

Come join one of the most passionate and loving relationships that CSI has to offer. Week after week, these two have graced our screens and developed the best fans in television! We don't know what will happen next, but we sure know what we want!
Nick and Greg

Nick and Greg

The Love (Greg/Nick) - CSI
The Love (Greg/Nick) - CSIThe Love (Greg/Nick) - CSI

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The Love (Greg/Nick) - CSI

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The Love (Greg/Nick) - CSI
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The Love (Greg/Nick) - CSIThe Love (Greg/Nick) - CSI

"You had me at anal swab." - Alex Morgan "Moment of Truth"
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