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The CSI Casino! - CSI

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Brain Teasers
Just a few Brain Teasing games!
Have fun!
CSI Caption Game
We give you a CSI picture, you add the caption!
CSI Clue
You receive a clue at a time
to try & identify an episode

CSI Quiz
You may think you are a superfan, but can you prove it?
Distorted Picture Game
We show you a distorted picture, you tell us the scene & episode!
Screencaps Game
We show you a screencap and you guess which episode and scene it is!
Sound Bites Game
Guess the scene & episode
from the sound bite!

The CSI Wiki's Team of CSIs
Be the first member to solve the crime & you may have a chance to join the CSI Team!
Who am I!?
We give you some kind of fact about a person, you tell us who it is!
Who Said It!?
We give you a quote, you tell us who said it!
Inside a grid of letters you can find the answers to the questions given to you.
Write a CSI Episode Together!
One sentence at a time, & we will write a CSI Episode Together!
Make your own story
A mixture of the caption game and roleplay. Respond to a picture and elaborate until a story unfolds.
What does this image make you want to do?
The name of the page says it all....just respond in a thread.
(New image will be added weekly)
CSI Role Play
Enter CSI wiki's world of role playing!
Be a real CSI and solve murders!

Real CSIs!!!
This page is dedicated to you wannabe CSIs.In this page actual crimes the police is investigating at the time will be posted with all the forensic evidence so that you can help crack the case !

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