Sofia Curtis

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Sofia Curtis
played by Louise Lombard

sofia curtis
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Character Biography

Character Stats

Reason for becoming a CSI: Her boss "volunteered" her
Forensic Specialty: unknown
CSI Level: unknown
Personality type: cute,and friendly, strong, independent, tough
Signature look: blonde hair,t shirt casual but professional look
Endearing trait(s):
Annoying trait(s):talks to herself a lot

Character Connections

Family members: Mother is a Captain in the LVPD
Romance(s): In the Season 5 episode Unbearable, She has dinner with Grissom, however nothing seems to come of it.
Friends: Brass, Grissom
Enemies: Not quite enemies, however in A Bullet Runs Through It (Season 6) She and Sara do have a fight, though in later episodes they seem friendly


Sofia Curtis started as a detective following her mother's footsteps.A bit before getting her badge,her boss volunteered her at the Crime Scene Unit.In the end,she managed to return back at the homicide division

Personal demons:

Defining Cases (or Episodes):
  • Formalities- First Appearance
  • A Bullet Runs Through It:Sofia believes she may be responsible for the friendly fire that killed Officer Bell. When she goes to Grissom for comfort and guidance, Sara reminds her that she's breaking procedure by being in the building. Sophia goes on to give Sara the cold shoulder in the episode Werewolves when she dusts the telephone booth without authorization.
  • Monster (in a Box):Sophia unknowingly watches a fellow police officer die through carbon monoxide poisoning while they are attempting to lure the Miniature Killer. Again she goes to Grissom to talk about it.

Deep Dark Secret:
  • Secretly has a crush on Grissom.
  • Her mom was always disappointed that she became a CSI and wanted her to remain a police officer instead.


  • Has been the longest Detective on the show, besides Jim Brass and O'Reilly.
  • [No one knows much about Sofia...]
  • Showed a protective nature for Grissom to protect the breaking up of his CSI team. Could be she does harbor a secret love for Grissom.
  • YESSSS!!! shes secretly attracted to him