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| 11.01 | Shock Waves
Credit - CaptainSpazLangston fights for his life after being stabbed by psychopath Nate Haskell, while the other CSIs attend a funeral that turns deadly.
| 11.02 | Pool Shark
Credit - CaptainSpazHysteria ensues when a shark attacks a woman in the pool at a Las Vegas casino "day club," and the CSIs must determine if the killer is human or shark.
| 11.03 | Blood Moon
Season 11 - CSIA vampire and werewolf convention is at the heart of a murder investigation in Las Vegas.
| 11.04 | Sqweegel
Season 11 - CSISqweegel, a serial killer who is punishing local heroes that harbor hidden secrets, is on the hunt in Las Vegas.
| 11.05 | House of Hoarders
Season 11 - CSIA woman who suffers from a condition called "hoarding" becomes a murder suspect when a dead body is found buried under piles of trash and debris inside her home.
| 11.06 | Cold-Blooded
Season 11 - CSIWhen a college student ends up dead after a "Walking with Dinosaurs" show, the CSIs must determine if his death was murder or accidental.
| 11.07 | Bump & Grind
11.07 | Bump & GrindWhen the CSI team discovers the shredded remains of a man, they find themselves with multiple suspects who may be responsible for his death.
| 11.08 | Fracked
11.08 | FrackedTwo men are murdered right before exposing a natural gas company for poisoning residents in a farming town, and the CSIs must discover who is responsible for their deaths.
| 11.09 | Wild Life
11.09 | Wild LifeA man's fatal fall from a hotel balcony launches the CSIs into an investigation to determine if his death was suicide or the result of foul play.
| 11.10 | 418/427
11.10 | 418/427The CSIs set out to track down a pedo-phile suspected of murdering an FBI agent's wife and kidnapping his children.
| 11.11 | Man Up
11.11 | Man UpThe CSIs question the validity of an online picture depicting a murdered call girl until they find the same woman strangled to death in the dumpster that appears in the photo.
| 11.12 | A Kiss Before Frying
11.12 | A Kiss Before FryingThe CSIs link a body with severe burn marks to possible execution by electric chair – and to a legendary Vegas murder. Meanwhile, Greg asks out Ellen, a pretty schoolteacher and forensics enthusiast who has been touring the crime lab.
| 11.13 | The Two Mrs. Grissoms
11.13 | The Two Mrs. GrissomsA night full of celebration ends with a bang when the director of a scholarship foundation for the deaf is killed by a deadly car bomb, prompting Sara to interrogate the students and faculty of the college where her mother-in-law works.
| 11.14 | All That Cremains
11.14 | All That CremainsA thrift store donation turns gruesome when a dead body is found in a box; meanwhile, Langston's wife pays a surprise visit to the crime lab.
| 11.15 | Targets of Obsession
11.15 | Targets of ObsessionLangston testifies against the notorious "Dick & Jane" killer, Nate Haskell. Meanwhile, Nick receives a call from troubled teen, Jason McCann to warn him of impending danger.
| 11.16 | Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
11.16 | Turn On, Tune In, Drop DeadThe CSIs are on zombie alert when two men initially pronounced dead mysteriously come back to life
| 11.17 | The List
11.17 | The ListWhile investigating the murder of a convicted ex-cop, the CSIs stumble upon a list in his prison cell with names of several individuals he believed might have been his wife's true killer.
| 11.18 | Hitting For The Cycle
11.18 | Hitting For The CycleA string of deaths, including a gamer found dead on his couch and a newly divorced man at the bottom of a pool, instigate a bet among the CSIs as to whether they've "hit for the cycle" – a homicide, a suicide, an accidental and a natural death all in one night.
| 11.19 | Unleashed
11.19 | UnleashedLangston and Sara turn to Lady Heather for help in tracking down the culprit responsible for injuring a woman before she was seemingly mauled to death by a mountain lion. Meanwhile, Nick and Dr. Robbins manage to rescue the unborn baby of a teenage girl who appears to have committed suicide.
| 11.20 | Father of the Bride
11.20 | Father of the BrideFollowing his escape, Nate Haskell, the notorious "Dick & Jane" killer, resurfaces when he emails a disturbing video to the father of one of his brides, threatening to take her life.
| 11.21 | Cello and Goodbye
11.21 | Cello and Goodbye[Langston becomes more determined than ever to track down Nate Haskell, the notorious "Dick & Jane" killer, after discovering that he's kidnapped his ex-wife, Gloria.
| 11.22 | In A Dark, Dark House
11.22 | In A Dark, Dark HouseAfter years of pursuit and a countless number of murders, Langston comes face-to-face with serial killer Nate Haskell inside the house where his killing spree began.

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