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Welcome to the Screencaps Game!

For this game, you will be given a non-specific (no characters) screencap from any of the 183 episodes which have been released on DVD. The screencap may be of a piece of evidence, an odd item the team discovers or anything which is not alive. Your job is to guess the scene and episode that the screencap was taken from.
Note: Some of the items may appear in more than one episode, so look closely.
The correct answer will be added into the box after three users enter and someone gets the right answer.

All screencaps are provided by: CaptainSpaz
Game #1

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Username Episode name Scene
phaedon Felonius Monk CSIs search the only living monk's properties and they find...well this

Correct Answer:Getting Off; the scene where they are searching the dead clown's house and they find that and determine that the guy was definitely straight. (This erotic magazine actually appeared in about 3 episodes)
Game #2


Username Episode name Scene

Correct Answer:

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