Saving Sara Sidle: Going Green

Ok.. this is a little weird, and I don't know how many of you are interested, but I've got a way for us to get Sara noticed more, and to save her in a way thats better for the economy.

I have the opportunity to have my site placed on a car driving in the Volkswagon TDI cup. It's the first green race to take place. The site will be on the car for the whole season. I know I'll probably get chastized by a few of you out there, but I don't care! It's for TWO good causes. I know some of you are saying that ESPN and the SPEED channels are for men, but come on! I know there are more women out there watching than we think! And the others who don't like Sara... you don't have to pass this up just because you don't like her!

The driver of my/our car will be 23 year old James Kirkham.
Here's the car:
Saving Sara Sidle: Going Green - CSI

The Goal: To raise money and support projects that promote positive change.
The idea is simple: Make a donation to one of's sponsor sites (in this case: Saving Sara Sidle).
For instance, our first project is for KRTgreen. This race team is vying for a spot on the Volkswagen TDI Cup Series, which is a carbon-free race series dedicated to revolutionizing motorsports, and they need your help. You can sponsor KRTgreen and they will put your sponsors name/site on the uniform and website as a token of their appreciation. Once their goal is achieved, KRTgreen will "pay it forward" and donate money to help fight climate change directly.

It's perpetual goodness made possible by you. So what you can do is donate here. By the end of next week (May 17th), all the money donated will be donated with my $60.00 (I know its not much, but give me a break, I'm a college kid!) will be donated to my/our driver, James Kirkham, and his team. The donation will still be open afterwards, so lets take action!

Get inspired! Get green!

To donate, go to and visit the "SSS Goes Green!" page.

Saving Sara Sidle: Going Green - CSI
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