Sara and Nick


While GSR trys to work with A 50% mark SNICKERS is 110% mark is working better even that Sandle

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No love connection


1. Sara was heartbroken when Nick was buried alive

2. Nickie would never ever reject her

3. Nick saved Sara when she was almost killed by the Miniature Killer!

4. George & Jorja are my parents !

5. They make each other laugh alot

6. Nick is always concerned about her.

7. They have love in their eyes.

8. They're cute together, funny, have a great time and will hopefully end up together at one point.
9. Nick always listens to Sara when she is upset
10. Nick is very loyal to Sara

So Snickers fans...
Cross your fingers!!!

Romantic moments
8x02 Sara knows the localization of Nick when he was kidnapped and Nick finds her when she was kidnapped.
8x02 Nick remembers when Sara told him that when is your day is your day to died and that day it wasn't his day to die
4x024 Nick and Sara are walking in Las Vegas city.