Sara and Sofia

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Sara and Sofia - Hidden Love

Sara and Sofia - CSI
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Ever since Sofia Curtis came onto the scene, there has been an unmistakable 'spark' between the CSI and Detective. Is it simply rivalry? Or does this tension hide something more?

From flirty exchanges, to flirty looks, to even moments of anger shared between the two, Sara and Sofia certainly make a formidable pair.

"You're a detective, go detect" is one of more flirty lines, finished off with typical seductive Sara Sidle smile.

Sofia's quirky style of work (talking to herself to allow herself to take in information easier) and Sara's quiet determination, may seem like an odd pairing, but when you take into account just how many 'moments' pass between the two, it no longer looks so odd.

One moment especially, from season 6, episode 11 'werewolves' occurs when Sofia has been waiting for Sara to turn up to process a telephone booth. Sofia's upset at Sara turning up so late is like that of a jilted lover.

(Sofia leans against the outside phone booth. Sara walks toward her carrying her kit.)
SOFIA CURTIS: I've been waiting for you.
SARA: Sorry. I headed out as soon as I got your page.
SOFIA CURTIS: Really? 'Cause, uh ... I left a voice mail several hours ago.
SARA: What's up?
SOFIA CURTIS: The anonymous call was traced to this phone booth, so I figured you'd want to process.
(Sara looks at the phone.)
SARA: There is fingerprint powder on the phone.
SOFIA CURTIS: Yeah, I got bored waiting. I thought you might need some help.

Sofia upset after Sara took so long

In numerous other episodes, they have shared 'moments'.

Sara even has checked out Sofia, on a number of occasions.

Sara and Sofia - CSISara and Sofia - CSI

Sara and Sofia - CSISara and Sofia - CSI

Sharing a 'look' in Built To Kill

Built to Kill

An 'uncomfortable' moment in Unusual Suspects

Unusual Suspects

Sara and Sofia - CSI

During season 5, there seemed to be a large amount of tension between the two, but Sofia still found herself able to confide in Sara.

No Humans Involved - 510.

"I miss my colleagues, my friends... I miss being trusted"

"It'll take you forever to get through these alone"
"I'll get it done"

Many of the moments as shown above do beg the question - is there tension because of a jealousy on Sara's part with regards to Grissom? Or perhaps, as many 'sassy' fans like to believe, it's due to her feelings towards the detective. Of course, with the canon relationship of Sara and Grissom now out there, we may never know.


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