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Sandle - CSI

Ever since Greg was just a lab tech, he had an obvious love for this brunette CSI. Her name is Sara Sidle. While most people think Sara thought of Greg as an immature co-worker, now that he's a CSI, she thinks of him a bit differently. They have both asked each other out, and if you watch all of their scenes throughout the years, you'll notice there is something between them. From almost kissing each other, to showering together, to hand holding, Sandle is The Ship.

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Best Moments

Sandle - CSI

Sandle - CSI
Sandle - CSI

Sandle - CSI
Sandle - CSISandle - CSI

1x08 - SARA: "He's toying with us."

1x15 - GREG: "You want a Valium for her?" SARA: "I heard that."

1x20 - Greg needs to see Grissom and waves to Sara.

1x22 - SARA: "You're nuts. You know that."

2x04 - GREG: "A real man wouldn't mind."

2x10 - GREG: "Just because you got passed over, don't take it out on me."

2x11 - GREG: (to Catherine.) "Do you think Sara would ever go out with me?"

2x11 - GREG: "So I was thinking. Maybe we could take our break at the same time. Later this shift. Together."

2x11 - GREG: "Sara and I were just going out for dinner."

2x11 - SARA: "I could really, really just kiss you right now."

2x13 - GREG: "When you say 'jump', I say 'how high?'"

2x16 - GREG: "Sex is physical. Is that sport?" SARA: "Not to me."

2x18 - SARA: "You're really good at what you do."
2x18 - Sara defends Greg.

2x21 - GRISSOM: "You already shared this information with Sara?"

2x21 - GRISSOM: "You and Greg are out ahead of me."

3x01 - GREG: "What's he got that I don't got?"

3x01 - GREG: "You'll get your answer when I get mine."

3x03 - GREG: "Well, it's raw... and it's definitely skin."

3x05 - GREG: "Swami is here to reveal all your DNA secrets."

3x17 - GREG: "I have some information that could bring us even closer."

4x05 - GREG: *gestures to Sara to call him.*

4x10 - Greg's perfect teeth.

4x15 - GREG: "You're my witness."

4x20 - The after-marathon hug.

4x21 - Greg carries Sara's field kit in addition to his own.

5x02 - SARA: "I heard you finally lost your virginity."

5x04 - SARA: "Greg, you still have the solo to complete, and, technically, you're still a trainee, but you're doing a great job."
GREG: "Thanks."

5x05 - MIA: "Sara said you didn't lose your virginity until you were 22."

5x11 - GREG: "Are you checking up on me?"

5x11 - SARA: "Feel like celebrating after shift? I'm buying."

5x11 - Sara is the first one Greg hugs when he passes his proficiency test.

5x13 - SARA: "Mr. Straightedge."

5x13 - Greg asks Catherine how they can help Sara.

5x14 - GREG: "I'm a good listener."

5x16 - GREG: "This is just like a dream I had once."

5x19 - SARA: "Really? Gosh, I saw everything."

5x21 - Greg pretends to smother Sara with a pillow.

5x23 - Trophy condoms. xD

5x23 - The Infamous Explodapotty.

6x01 - SARA: "Technically, that makes you a cannibal."

6x01 - GREG: "And the student becomes the master."

6x05 - Gold Stars.

6x13 - Greg's sandwich.

6x22 - SARA: "Greg, don't you have a birthday coming up?"

7x04 - GREG: "I know that Sidle scent."

7x04 - SARA: "I came here for you, Greg."

7x06 - SARA: "I'm the one who turned the music on."

7x06 - GREG: "Lucky for us."

8x03 -
Sara: Did you miss me?, Greg: More every day