Riley Adams

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Riley Adams
played by Lauren Lee Smith

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Riley Adams Riley Adams

riley adamsriley adams

Character Biography

Character Stats
Birthday: She's 28
Reason for becoming a CSI: To rebel against her parents who are psychiatrists.
Forensic Specialty: Scavenger Hunt Clue #2 (18)
CSI Level: 2
Personality type: Non-conformist, ‘sarcastic’ and ‘spirited’
Signature look: Long Blonde Hair In a Ponytail and sometimes down
Endearing trait(s):
Annoying trait(s): Resembles CSI supervisor, Catherine Willows.

Character Connections
Family members:
Friends: She has a flirty friendship with CSI Greg Sanders

Interesting interview with Lauren Lee Smith about her joining CSI
and her character.

Lauren Lee Smith joined CSI playing Riley Adams, who was meant to replace the departing character of Sara Sidle in Season 9. Adams was a non-conformist who joined law enforcement to rebel against her father, who is a psychiatrist. Adams transferred to Las Vegas from St. Lois, Missouri.

Personal demons:
Someone close to Riley was a victim of a crime, and she hasn't quite worked through her feelings — except by pouring them into her work.

Defining Cases (or Episodes):
Art imitates Life:
She was first brought in on this episode it aired in October 2008

Deep Dark Secret:



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