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Challenge #1
The Roller Coaster by Downhomecsifan

“So, you’re asked Nick to ride the roller coaster with you?” Sara asked as she lit the fat red candle on theirdinner table. “Yes, he must really not want to go, because he tried to challenge Warrick to an arm wrestling match to see who had to go.” replied Grissom. Sara smiled to herself, knowing that Nick didn’t want to go because roller coasters made him sick, and that’s why he wanted to arm wrestle Warrick.
The next day Sara went looking for Nick to talk to him. She found him in the ballistics lab, test firingn from a recent robbery. “Hey Nick” “Hey Sara”, “What’s that in your hair?”, “huh, oh that,” he said after she reached up and pulled something out of his hair, “it’s sticky tape. I was helping my niece with a school project and she must have dropped it in my hair as a joke”. “So Grissom told me you’re going roller coaster riding with him tonight.” Nick grimaced at the mention of a roller coaster and said “Yea, I don’t know how he talked me into it, then Warrick wouldn’t arm wrestle me, probably because he knows I can beat him, and then he would have to go.” “I wish there was something I could do for you.” “Hey,” he said, brightening up “you could talk to him for me, I mean he listens to you.” “Sorry, but I can’t, he’s really looking forward to it, and it would mean a lot to him if you go.” “Darn it Sara, now I have to go or I’ll feel bad.” Sara smiled as she said “sorry, but that’s the truth. Have you eaten lunch yet?” “No, why?” “Just some friendly advice, eat some bananas for lunch.” “Why? Will they help with my motion sickness?” he asked hopefully, “No,” she said as she turned to leave, “because they taste the same coming up as they did going down.” As she left the room she heard him groan “oh, man” and smiled a little.

She then went to the break room where everybody was waiting. “So, did you do it?” Catherine asked, “yep, and you were right Warrick, he reacted just like you expected, this was a great idea” “Oh man, I can’t wait to see his face when he realizes that he’s just been punk’d” “yea, it’ll be something”

That evening Grissom asked Nick “Are you ready?” Nick swallowed and said “yea, let’s go” in the most excited voice he could manage when his stomach was turning. “You’re going to love it.” Grissom told him as they walked down the hallway towards the exit, “This coaster is one of the fastest and highest in the world, when the drop comes, your stomach will be turning back flips.” He watched Nick while he was talking and swore he could actually see him turning green. They got outside and headed for Grissom’s car. When they got there, Nick noticed the whole gang standing around it, “What’s going on?” he asked, though he thought he might know, “April Fools” they all yelled in unision. He looked at Grissom, who was smiling and said, “We really had you scared didn’t we?” “Yes, you must know I get motion sickness” Nick said. “Actually, I didn’t, but Warrick did and thought this would be a funny prank.” Grissom replied. Nick looked at Warrick, who was laughing pretty hard, “Man, I am so gonna get you for this” and Warrick replied, “Maybe, but nothing will beat the look on your face when Grissom was telling you about the coaster.” “Yea, well now you can pay for dinner, since all I had for lunch was bananas” he said while glaring at Sara. They all laughed and headed to their favorite diner for dinner.

Challenge #2
By Thermite

Grissom sat on his couch. He was waiting for a phone call.


Grissom answered.

" Hey"

" Hello, how are you?"

Grissom laughed.

" I'm fine, and you?"

" I'm just fine sugar daddy, now tell me...what are you wearing?"

" Uh.....Sara?"

" Who?"

" Who is this?"

" This is someone you've met before."

Grissom sat up wide eyed.

" Who gave you my number?"

" I can't tell you that......but I sent you a picture of me. Check your email."

Grissom hesitated to check his email.....when he finally got up the courage too...what he saw scarred him.

" OMG!"

The person on the other line started laughing.

" Remember me now?"

" Why did you call me?"

" Fat girl, gay guy....not that un-heard of. I'm wearing that purple undergarment you like."

" I'm not gay! Leave me alone!"

Grissom slams the phone down. It rings again. Grissom answers.

" I said leave me alone!"

" Hey, I'm sorry. What crawled up your butt?"

" Sara?......uh, i"m sorry. How are you?"

Grissom took a breath and continued talking to Sara.

Challenge #3
By Thermite

What happens when the team go on vacation?

-Nick goes line dancing....and eats a peanut butter sandwich

-Catherine meets up with Adam Novak and they both get drunk a roll in the hay...woot!

-Hodges realizes that he's not twelve and asks Wendy on a date.

-Wendy realizes that she's not twelve and says no to Hodges' date invite. Later she realizes she made a mistake in not saying yes...and when she goes to Hodges' new apartment she finds him with a hot blonde on his lap and becomes jealous. Jealousy causes Wendy to toss the blonde out the window and she in turn replaces the blonde's position on Hodges' lap......double woot!

-Greg wins a fortune in Black Jack and takes his winnings home. He uses 400 dollars to publish his book on the Vegas 30's and what not. 500 dollars on new clothes. and 200 dollars to roll around in screaming " I'm rich! I'm rich!"

-Sara sits at her temporary apartment in San Francisco watching TV.

-Grissom knocks on Sara's apartment door only to kiss her passionately and they too.....have a roll in the hay....triple woot!

The team does many things while on vacation.....but this is what sticks out.

Challenge #4
By Thermite
Grissom, Sara, Nick and Cathrine sat in the breakroom staring at the walls.

" You know, a deep ruby red would look good in here." Sara said.

" I was thinking about a Sea Foam Green." Said Cathrine.

" I was thinking we should quit talking about designing the new breakroom and get back to our case" Grissom said making a gesture to a case file on the breakroom table.

The four sat down at the table and began to discuss the case.

" Okay, victim is Hung Low Pi " Grissom said.

" Wait...his first name is Hung Low? I wonder if that's a nickname?" Nick said.

Sara laughed and Cathrine hid a smile. Grissom took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

" Hung work in the mechanical field at Lee's Garage and at night would work as a female impersonator. He worked with a group of singers who pretended to be the Supremes." Grissom said.

" Oh, this case just gets better and better. I'm glad I joined in on this case." Nick said.

" Nick, quit it, or I'll tell Cathrine what your nickname was in high school." Grissom said.

" Just Cathrine? Sara is here too....boy way to leave out a co-worker." Nick said.

" Oh, I already know.......Liza." Sara said holding back a smile.

' You told her!" Nick screamed.

" It slipped out." Grissom said lauging.

" Liza? How did that come about?" Cathrine asked.

" When I was 12 I went as Liza Menelli to a costume party and sang Bye Bye Blackbird infront of everyone." Nick said.

" What?!" Cathrine starting busting out laughing.

" Well, I already had her haircut thanks to my mom and.......why am i telling you this? WE should be getting back to Hung Low." Nick said.

" Okay...hold on a second." Sara dug out her cell phone and pushed a couple buttons. Within 3 seconds the song to Bye Bye Blackbird came bursting through the phone." That plays everytime you call me...I set it the moment Gris told me." Sara said.

Nick was silent and his bottom lip jutted outward.

" I'm sorry Nick..I didn't mean to bust your chops....we'll get back to Hung Low.....okay Liza?" Sara said.

" Stop it!" Nick said " Or I'l tell everyone what your nickname was in highschool!"

" Really? Whcih one? I had about 20." Sara said.

" That one your friend gave you at the high school dance." Nick said.

" Bluff...I didn't go to my highschool dance." Sara said.

" Really? Why not? Your a great dancer." Grissom said.

Nick and Cathrine both stared at Grissom.

" I was taller than all the guys in my school, no one wanted to dance with a tall girl.....I went to school with a bunch of asian guys....and believe me....they were hung low."

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