Nick and Mandy

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I love the idea of Nick and Mandy together. He's adorable, she's quick witted, and their conversations are always fun. Anyone else out there liking these two?
Nandy Dandy!!!

I'm liking that thought - Nicks_Wifey_07

Alternate Nicky/Mandy Ship Name:
My Candy.

Why? Follow the steps:

1.) Mandy, Nicky

2.) Mandy, Nicky

3.) Mandy, Nicky
My C

4.) Mandy, Nicky
My Ca

5.) Mandy, Nicky
My Can

6.) Mandy, Nicky
My Cand

7.) Mandy, Nicky
My Candy

Created by MrsGilGrissom in 2007

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