Nick Hairstyles

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A perfect page for collecting photos of all the different hairstyles Nick's gone through over the years at CSI. Let's see the gib, the bangs, the gel...

If you can identify the season and episode, include that, as well(please). Organize the page by season...

To add a photo, place your cursor in one of the empty cells:

Nick Hairstyles - CSI
Tough guy look

Nick Hairstyles - CSI
I'm gonna thump you
Nick Hairstyles - CSI
Biker look
Nick Hairstyles - CSI
Mini Mop Top
Season 6 Pr0nstache
Taking care of business look
Season 6 Sleek
Round bangs look
Just plain hot look 1
George Eads Cool Cut!
Just plain hot look 2
George new hair style for 2007..
Fancy guy look
I love George Eads!
Scruffy but handsome look
Nick Hairstyles - CSI
His head might have been gettin cold?

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