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I'll Still Love You No Matter What
Genre: --- || ---
Rating: --- M for Mature (sexual content and language)
Characters: --- || --- any of original characters
Pairing: --- Nick Stokes and Angel Carter
Spoilers: ---
Warnings: --- sexual content (possibly, nothing too detailed)
# of Chapters: --- 10 (possibly
Series: No

Disclaimer (if needed): --- I do not own CSI or any of the characers, just the ideas of this story
Completed: No
Last Updated: Date
Word Count: ---
I'll Still Love You No Matter What

Chapter 1 ~We Were Definitely Drunk~

Angel Carter woke up with a splitting headache. She couldn't even open her eyes because it hurt too much. Slowly she tried to open her eyes and look around. Everything was blurry for a minute but then after a while her eyes had adjusted and she looked around the room she was in. Nothing looked familiar. She tried to sit up but couldn't. She realized that someone's arm was around her waist. She turned and stared at a sleeping Nick Stokes. Angel was tempted to yell out, but clapped a hand over her mouth as she dried to calm herself down.

Angel's POV
Oh no!!!! What have we done? What have I done? This can't be happening. Damn! I can't remember a thing about last night. What the hell happened? I remember going out to eat with the team. That's it. Great. Way to go Carter. Damn!!!
end of POV

As if right on cue, Nick started to wake up. Angel pretended that she was just waking up as well.

"Oh man." Nick mumbled, his head was pounding. "What happened?" He opened his eyes and seen that he was holding someone close to him. "Angel?" It took him a minute to process what was going on. "Uh oh...did we---?"

"I think we did." Angel said just looking everywhere else but at him for the moment. "I feel like crap." She said.

"You and me both." Nick said rolling over on to his back. "I'm callin' in sick today."

"Me too. Shall I call or do you wanna do it?" Angel asked. "No way am I going into work hung over."

"I'll call." Nick said as his cell phone went off. "Or maybe not." He answered the phone. "Stokes."

"Nicky, it's Catherine. Where are you?" Catherine said into the phone.

"I'm at home. I just woke up. I feel like crap Catherine." Nick said.

"I would say so. You and Angel went a little hard on the bottle the other night." Catherine said.

"That's what happened? I don't remember anything." Nick said.

"That's fine take the day. But I want you in here tomorrow." Catherine said.

"No problem." Nick said.

"Have you talked to Angel? I can't reach her cell." Catherine said.

"Uh well yeah....she's uh....never mind. It's complicated." Nick said.

"What's complicated?" Catherine said.

"Well...uh...she ended up over here with me....and...." Nick started to say.

"Oh....well should take care of that. Tell her to take the day off too. But other of you are to be here tomorrow." Catherine said.

''Right." Nick said hanging up.

"Are we in trouble?" Angel asked.

"Not right now, no." Nick said.

"Do you have some aspirin?" Angel asked.

"Yeah in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom." He said.

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