Make your own story

This is an experimental game conceived of by me...the purpose is to respond to a question about a picture and then elaborate until the story develops.
After a time, I will add another image and you will respond to that one while remaining true to the previous one, eventually a long story will develop.

Previous imagescurrent image
Credit - CaptainSpazCredit - CaptainSpazCredit - CaptainSpaz
This game was created and is maintained by CaptainSpaz.
The screencaps are all taken by me as well.

Rules and guidelines:
  • I created this game so people could have the combined fun of the Caption game and such, please post relevant comments which help add to the story.
  • This game is meant to be fun, please don't spoil it for people by adding profanity, racial slurs or any derogatory terms.
  • When I think the story has progressed to a certain point, I will update the image and allow you to respond to that one...after a time, I will end the game and post a new one.

Be aware! Game#1 contains adult content.

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