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Brass and Catherine

This is called BrassCat; I think that this would be cute. They have been pretty much been saying they love each other for two seasons.
Here is a list of all the relationship nicknames:

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Because of the use of incorrect nicknames and little knowledge of them, here's a list:
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If you personally know of some used widely, please add them to the list...

Grissom & Sara - GSR/Geeklove/Grass

Grissom & Catherine -Grillows/PureJoy/GCR

Grissom & Lady Heather-T-4-2/Kessom/The Whip Ship

Grissom & Sofia -Gofia/Sporksom

Catherine & Warrick -Yo!Bling/WCR/WarCat

Catherine & Nick- Hillbilly Love/CatNip/Stillows/Cowpokes/Sienna (C/N-er)

Catherine & Hodges –Hoth

Catherine and Horatio - DobleRed

Catherine & Greg -CathGreg/Tag/Canders

Catherine & Vartann -Vartillows/CarVan

Catherine & Adam -NoWill/AdCat

Nick & Sara -Snickers

Nick & Sofia -SoNic/Snuggles

Nick & Mandy -Nandy Dandy/My Candy

Nick & Wendy -HandyDandy

Sara & Greg -Sandle/Sandles/Siders

Sara & Warrick -Swarrick/GheckMate/Bridle

Sara & Hodges –Saved/Sodges

Sara & Vartann –Sartann

Sara & Ecklie -Sacklie/Sacked

Sara & Super Dave- C4cute

Warrick & Lady Heather – CoolWhip, Weather

Warrick & Tina - Warrina

Warrick & Mia- Wia

Warrick & Sofia-WhoaFia

Brass & Catherine – BrassCat/BrillowPad/Wass

Brass & Sara –Sass, Billy Bass Brass

Brass & Sofia– Cuff’Em/SoBra

Brass & Annie - Brannie

Brass & Capt - Mom

Brass & Griss - Grass

Greg & Riley - Griley

Greg & Sofia – CSX/Grosfia

Greg & Wendy - Simmers

Greg & Lady Heather

Sam & Lily - Sily

Sofia & Archie - KO

Sofia & Ecklie - Secks

Lady Heather & Vartann

Hodges & Wendy - Wedges/Hondy/Dandy

Henry & Mandy - Handy

Greg & Ronnie (Veronica) - Ronders/Sandy Lake/Landers


Nick/Greg - The Love/Stokers/Standers

Nick/Warrick – Texas Hold’em

Nick/Hodges - Hokes

Catherine/Sara – CSI:Thongs/CSR/Cara

Catherine/Sofia – Crimson Gold

Catherine/Wendy – Candy

Catherine/Lady Heather- Strawberry Tea/Lady Catherine

Catherine/Calleigh - Strong blondes

Sara/Sofia – SalSa (aka SaSsy)

Sara/Wendy – Frisco Love

Sara/Lady Heather - sHackleS

Sara/Mandy - Sandy

Greg/Hodges – The Experience

Greg/Warrick - Big Brother

Grissom/Nick - Teacher's Pet

Grissom/Greg- Daddy's Boy

Grissom/Warrick-Soul Brothers

Grissom/Brass- Best friends

Grissom/Doc Robbins - DillyBob

Grissom/Ecklie- Polar Opposites


Grissom/Sara/Nick – GeNiuS

Grissom/Sara/Greg – g3 (aka SuGGar)

Grissom/Catherine/Lady Heather - PureWhipperJoy

Grissom/Sara/Hodges – Gray Hair

Grissom/Catherine/Warrick - Competition

Warrick/Catherine/Nick – Swingers

Warrick/Sara/Nick - Boys on the Sidle

Catherine/Grissom/Sara – Bugman & his Butterflies

Catherine/Sara/Sofia - GirlsWithGuns



Nick/Sara/Greg – Triple S

Sofia/Greg/Sara - Gregs Dream

Grissom/Sara/Lady Heather- Death Wish,



Grissom/Catherine/Sofia/Lady Heather - Operation Overload

Grissom/Catherine/Lady Heather/Sara-The Love And Hate Relationship

List of Relationships - CSI

Brass and Sofia

Are they more than just partners?? Only time will tell.

List of Relationships - CSI

Catherine and Greg

Older woman, younger

List of Relationships - CSI

Catherine and Keppler

The (sexual) tension was definitely there.

List of Relationships - CSI

Catherine and Horatio

Hey You Never Know Anything Can Happen!!!
" I'll Have My People Call Your People."

List of Relationships - CSI

Catherine and Lady Heather

Was it attraction? Or just a conversation between two very different women?

List of Relationships - CSI

Catherine and Nick

It's time for a Hillbilly Moment! This is Hillbilly Love!

*In the opening episode, there was set to be a canon Nick and Catherine relationship, where the two kissed. But they cut it out of the episode; George revealed it on the DVD extras.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Catherine and Sara

All that fighting?? It just might be too much tension for even female rivalry, Or are they trying really hard to keep their fling a secret? And couldn't it be resolved in some more pleasant way?

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Catherine and Sofia

First there was tension, then a friendship. What's next?
List of Relationships - CSI

Catherine and Vartann

the two have something huge! Let's hope it lasts! The two are the perfect couple!

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Catherine and Warrick

Delicious Yo! Bling. He's her fantasy, and now he's divorced! What next? Will they try to play that fantasy out?

Greg and Mandy

Is Greg The One Singing Oh Mandy Now???
Greg and Morgan

Greg and Morgan

Morganders, where do we begin! There is hugs everywhere, tears and love in the air!
Some say Love is for Children, I say Love is Morganders!
The Best is Yet to Come!

List of Relationships - CSI

Greg and Sara

Sandle... "Greg... I came here for you". These 5 words would change a lot of things.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Greg and Sofia

Between her and Sara, Greg could end up with either one, but here we ship Greg/Sofia awesomeness where the little desires of yours can be filled!

List of Relationships - CSI

Grissom and Catherine

Ah the PureJoy! Both supervisors. Mutual respect. Easy friendship. They were colleagues from work, then they become very good friends. What's next? (This relationship is also known as Grillows)

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Grissom and Doc Robbins

Gilly Boy and D-Rob. "If you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his beard..."

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Grissom and Hodges

"Spanky" says it all.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Grissom and Nick

Grissom and Nick have always been close, and they became even closer after Grissom saved Nick in "Grave Danger."

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Grissom and Lady Heather

The Whip Ship! These two are insanely into each other every time they meet up, and in one episode, she and Grissom are having tea together, the morning after. She's in different clothes, and he's in the SAME ONES (hmmm curious)

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Grissom and Sara

The only canon ship (meaning the relationship is established on screen in the show) in all of CSI. This is a relationship where the love between these two is so real and so pure you can't mistake it for anything else. He'll miss you, Sara.


Gil Grissom is the smart, clear headed one, Nick Stokes is the strong yet emotional one, and Greg Sanders is the one to add humor and youthfulness to the loving trio. All together, they are so perfect.

List of Relationships - CSI


It's so wrong, but so right. After a hard day at work, they find comfort in each other.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Grissom and Sofia

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Grissom and Teri

Grissom may have trusted Sara intimately with his life, but would he ever trust her with his tarantula? I think not. This couple: True Geek/Bug Love.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Really, helping him keep his job and the cute nick names? And Grissom is Warrick's mentor. So cute. Who knows what happens in the world of CSI?

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Henry and Mandy

"I will marry you!"

Credit - CaptainSpaz

They are called Wedges...they each compete to be at the top of the Lab Rats.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Nick and Greg

You never know what can happen on CSI, and after all, subtext is everything. Follow the evidence, and you find The Love.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Nick and Mandy

"Oh Mandy..." (He sings with a smile!)

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Nick and Sara

Could Grissom's reticence push Sara to Nick's arms? Crazier things have happened at the Crime Lab. Have some Snickers!

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Nick and Sofia

Cruise the SoNic!

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Maybe we like best friends hooking up or maybe there's something more

List of Relationships - CSI

Sara and Sofia

Ever since Sofia came on to the scene, from flirty exchanges to moments of anger, there has been a certain chemistry between these two.

Sofia and Calleigh

Let's jump ship, and fly the butterfly to the princess.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Temper and humor.
Could go well together.

Credit - CaptainSpaz

Warrick and Mandy

The lab tech that doesn't mind listening to him when he's stuck on a case.

List of Relationships - CSI

Maybe they're the couple with more chemistry, but they've never tried anything--could there be something between them?

Warrick and Sofia

Blue eyes/green eyes. Could be interesting.

List of Relationships - CSI

Wendy and Catherine

No one else has made the witty lab tech lose her composure. Of course, Catherine tends to have that sort of effect--on most people.

Do you see another interesting pairing?

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Catherine and Adam Novak: Hey, Never Say Never...... Catherine and Hodges: He Always Was Staring...
Credit - CaptainSpaz Catherine and Doc Robbins
Greg and Riley
Hair Pulling. Their favourite past-time.

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