Lindsey Willows

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Lindsey Willows - CSI
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Madison McReynolds as Lindsey Willows
Played by: Madison McReynolds (Seasons 1-6); Kay Panabaker (Seasons 7- Present)

Backstory: She is the teenage daughter of CSI Catherine Willows and her deceased ex-husband Eddie Willows. Lindsey first appeared in the pilot episode. She is used to highlight the difficulties faced by Catherine Willows in being a single mother while holding down a demanding law-enforcement job and trying to maintain a social life. She was often used as a pawn by Eddie, before his death, and now become a rebellious teenager. One episode featured Lindsey getting caught fighting at school; another after she was detained for hitchhiking. This latter incident prompted a scene where Catherine takes Lindsey to a morgue to show her the corpse of an adult female assault victim, to impress upon her the risks in her behavior. In more recent episodes, Lindsey has been enrolled in a private school, the fictional Butterfield Academy. Lindsey was abducted and briefly held captive by enemies of her maternal grandfather, Sam Braun, in a seventh season episode.

Personal demons:
The death of her father, and shortly afterwards nearly being drowned while still in her father's car
Often gets herself into trouble
Aggressive tendencies
Moody, Dis-respectful

Kay Panabaker as Lindsey WillowsDefining Cases (or Episodes):
Weeping Willows
Lady Heather's Box
Built To Kill Pt. 2
Let it Bleed

Deep Dark Secret:
Expressed Interest in becoming a stripper.
Occasionally snneks into nightclubs with a fake ID

Lindsay is Sam Braun's granddaughter

Catherine/Lindsay mother/daughter video