Lady Heather Kessler

Played by: Melinda Clarke
Lady Heather Kessler - CSI
Ran a successful "theatre" for people to play out their fantasies. Daily routine of having tea, perhaps for relaxation, with cream, no sugar (after all she is diabetic)
Has a knack for "reading" people, of either sensing or formulating their hidden desires be it one for wanting submission or domination.
When she had her first run in with the CSIs, she was a professional dominatrix with a daughter at Harvard.

Personal demons:
Her estranged daughter was murdered by a neo-nazi. She was then denied custody of her grand-daughter, leading to something of a breakdown.

Defining Cases (or Episodes):
  • Slaves of Las Vegas (1st appearance)
  • Lady Heather's Box (she was a suspect)
  • Pirates of the Third Reich (her daughter was killed)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix (she hired a man to kill her)
  • Leave Out All the Rest (Grissom came to her when he missed Sara)

"Some men GO to the theatre, some men ARE the theatre." Lady Heather in a conversation with Grissom.
"The rage was more than the repulsion. People have had sex for much less worthy purposes." (On why she had sex with Zoe's killer, whom she thought was Dr. Wolfowitz.

Grissom: "No man is a complete mystery except to himself, Marcel Proost"
Lady Heather: "I'll bet he would have enjoyed himself here."

Lady Heather: "So you do you survive?"
Catherine replying Lady Heather's earlier answer to her questions replying "by knowing myself, and working hard, and by not taking any crap from powerful jerks used to giving it all day long,"

Grissom: HEATHER (shouting)
Lady Heather: "Let me finish this" (torturing the man who killed Zoe)
Grissom: "You can't do this" (grabs Lady Heather's whip)
Lady Heather: "Let me go"
Grissom: "I'm saying stop"

Lady Heather has Type 1 Diabetes (uses a pressure syringe)
Attempted murder-for-hire on herself failed, as she felt she had no reason to live.
Zoe had a baby (Allison) as the result of an affair with her therapist, who was married. Heather officially complained and got his license revoked, Zoe stopped speaking to her mother.
Lady Heather, in order to procure a DNA sample for Grissom, had sexual relations with whom she thought was Dr. Wolfowitz, but instead was his twin, Johann Sneller. Lady Heather tried to gain custody for Allison but was denied by the court. This in spite of selling her Dominion House and attempting to show proof she was a suitable guardian.

Grissom spent the night with her..
Lady Heather HAD a daughter (Zoe) who was enrolled at Harvard University.
Jerome Kessler (Lady Heather's ex) may be allowing visitation with granddaughter Allison, perhaps over guilt of $850,000 trust fund set up by LH and obtained for her murder/suicide). For whatever reason, Lady Heather will survive and grow to be an active part or Allison's life!

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