Holly Gribbs

Played by: Chandra West

Killed by: Jerrod Cooper

Backstory: It is Holly's first day on the job and it has not been a good one. She gets locked in a room in the morgue with dead bodies and is held up at gunpoint by a store owner whose store she was trying to print. Catherine takes her to a diner to talk and calm her down and Holly admits that it was her mother who wanted her to become a CSI. Catherine convinces her to stay with the job until after her first case. Warrick gets in trouble with Brass for getting a warrant without Brass' permission and so had to shadow Holly. Warrick takes Holly to a house where there was a robbery. Warrick asks Holly if she would be alright alone because he needed to go do something [which turns out to be betting on a game for a Judge]. Holly says she will be fine and that there is a cop at the scene. Warrick leaves and with Holly knowing, so does the cop that was at the scene. Holly is printing the room when Jerrod Cooper (the suspect of the robbery) returns to the scene and shoots Holly. Holly dies on the operating table.

Defining Cases:
Pilot (shot)
Cool Change (died on operating table)

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