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GSR Photos After years of either ignoring, denying, or misunderstanding their feelings for each other, Grissom and Sara were finally revealed to have been romantically involved for some time in the Season 6 finale, "Way to Go" (Episode 6X24).

Thanks to Petersen's and Fox's palpable on-screen chemistry, the sexual tension between Grissom and Sara has been oozing out of our TV screens since their first appearances together in Season 1. However, while their feelings for each other were blatant to fans, they remained unacknowledged (to each other) for years. Clues that their relationship had changed surfaced early in Season 6 and fans began to wonder if they were already a couple and keeping it a secret from the audience as well as their colleagues. As it turned out, they were.

While their romantic relationship is no longer hidden from fans, they continue to keep it a secret from their colleagues. But are these investigators really in the dark? Lurking beneath the surface of their professional relationship there was always a deeper connection and hints of romantic feelings between them. In "Butterflied" (Episode 4x12) Grissom finally revealed his conflicted feelings for Sara to the audience, a suspect, Brass, and finally, unknowingly, to Sara. Having picked up on the clues for years, discerning fans were not surprised by Grissom's admission.

Most of the GSR (past and present) happens behind the scenes. Fans don't expect the Grissom/Sara romance to dominate CSI, however writers and producers seem to be overly cautious in how they portray the relationship as evidenced by the fact that Grissom and Sara have yet to touch on screen. GSR fans are patiently (or impatiently) anticipating the physical manifestation of their relationship. Will Sara Sidle become Sara Grissom?

All through the seventh Season, GSR fans got to see Grissom and Sara flirt with each other off and on throughout the episodes. In the episode "Happenstance", we learned that the two colleagues were now living together. After numerous GSR-filled scenes through the rest of the season, the season finale finally came. "Living Doll" ended with Sara being kidnapped by Natalie (the MCSK) and placed under a car in the middle of the desert. Since only Natalie knows where she is, Grissom and the rest of the team are at a loss. The only thing GSR fans can do is wait until Episode 8x01 "Dead Doll" aires on September 27th.

Grissom Sara Romance | CSI

A sizzling moment between Grissom and Sara
--Season 4,
"Invisible Evidence"

Grissom's Love Letter To Sara

Episode 7x14: "Meet Market"


Our parting was awkward. I don't know why I find it so difficult to express my feelings to you. Even though we're far apart, I can see you as clearly as if you were here with me... I said I'll miss you, and I do.

...Shakespeare can express (my feelings?)... better than I...

As Shakespeare more aptly wrote my sentiment in sonnet 47...
Betwixt mine eye and heart a league is took, And each doth good turns now unto the other: When that mine eye is famish'd for a look, Or heart in love with sighs himself doth smother, With my love's picture then my eye doth feast And to the painted banquet bids my heart; Another time mine eye is my heart's guest And in his thoughts of love doth share a part: So, either by thy picture or my love, Thyself away art resent still with me; For thou not farther than my thoughts canst move, And I am still with them and they with thee; Or, if they sleep, thy picture in my sight Awakes my heart to heart's and eye's delight.

Shaving Scene, Episode 7x17
"Do you trust me?"

Marriage Proposal, Episode 8x04

"Y'know, maybe we should get married.."
- Season 8, "Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp"

Sara's Farewell Letter to Grissom


You know I love you. I feel I've loved you forever.
The Long Awaited GSR Kiss

-Episode 8x07: "Goodbye and Good Luck"

Lately I haven't been feeling very well. Truth be told, I'm tired.

Out in the desert, under that car that night, I realised something and I haven't been able to shake it.

Since my father died, I spent almost my entire life with ghosts. We've been like close friends and out there in the desert, it occured to me, that it was time for me to bury them. I can't do that here.

I'm so sorry.

No matter how hard I try to fight it off, I'm left with a feeling that, I have to go. I have no idea where I'm going, b
ut I know I have to do this. If I don't, I'm afraid I'll self-destruct, and worse, you'll be there to see it happen.
Be safe.

Know that I tried very hard to stay. Know that you are my one and only. I will miss you with every beat of my heart. Our life together was the only home I've ever really had. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I love you...I always will.


Following The Evidence Through the Seasons: It Doesn't Lie

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Season 1

1x02: "I don't even have to turn around. Sara Sidle"
1x03: "Would you come tape me up?"
1x03: "I love my job."
1x03: "You okay?" (Grissom's hand in Sara's hair)
1x07: "One of us needs to be with her at all times."
1x09: Mile high club (Grissom and Sara discuss sex)
1x10: "You wanna sleep with me?"
1x10: Grissom and Sara spend the night watching the dead pig
1x10: Less Latin
1x16: Sara cries in front of Griss
1x17: He helps Sara with chess.
1x19: They exchange a flirty smile when Sara matches the paper to the printer
1x23: "Sometimes the harder thing to do is to do nothing."

Season 2

2x02: Huge invasion of personal space
2x03: Pickle scene
2x05: The Chalk Scene (Sara touches Grissom's cheek)
2x05: "According to Mr. Bugman.."
2x11: Jealous! Grissom (Greggo)
2x11: "You found it, you run with it."
2x12: "It's easy to wear your heart on your sleeve when you're not looking in his eyes."
2x15: The Plant (girls like vegetation! and notice all the butterflies on his wall!!)
2x16: "Since when are you interested in beauty?" "Since I met you."
2x21: "Well, you do know how to light up a room."
2x23: Background song ("Unbound"): "Drawn to her/ Like a moth to a flame"
2x23: "I've got a gal named Sara."
2x23: Sara: "I've got crabs." Grissom: "Excuse me?" Sara: "I've got crabs, take a look."

Season 3

3x01: Jealous!Grissom (Hank: "Tell her I said hi") Grissom glances back at Hank as Warrick answers.
3x01: Gris listens to "Ridi, Pagliacci" (tragic aria about lost love) Sara comes in & turns the music off
3x01: Sara to Greg: "The woman is twice your age, she may be three times your age!"
3x02: The Chalk Scene, mentioned in court, to Sara's horror
3x02: Relationship? (Grissom shocked and disappointed upon hearing about Sara and Hank)
3x02: "You look nice."
3x03: Sara: "You told me to get a life, remember?" Grissom: "Did I?"
3x03: "You expect me to be there at a moments notice. It's confusing."
3x04: "Does he ever talk?"
3x09: "I have you." "I need you."
3x14: One Hit Wonder "Know Somebody"
3x14: "Best Intentions"
3x22: "Honey, this doesn't look good..." (Grissom to Sara)
3x22: "I don't know what to do about ...'this'." "I do."

Season 4

4x03: G&S share an all-knowing look at the crime scene
4x07: "Pin me down."
4x10: "I thought you might say that."
4x10: "She does all my running."
4x10: Jealous!Grissom (Greg looks at Sara and grins: "Ah, five years of misery, but worth every penny, don't you think?")
4x11: "It was an outside job."
4x12: *Butterflied* (Episode about Grissom's feelings for Sara)
4x16: "You see me everyday."
4x16: "A Woman."
4x17: The Entomology textbook and "half a heart"
4x19: Sara spells out vixens. (Haha 419 as in code)
4x21: Looking for a screw.
4x21: "We'd like to be alone."
4x22: "I thought you didn't have a problem with me." Note the enclosed space they find themselves in when this is said
4x23: "Come on, I'll drive you home." (Grissom holds her hand)

Season 5

5x01: "Can we talk?"
5x02: Grissom says he's concerned about Sara. (To her face while they're alone)
5x03: "Pretty smart for a 7th grader."
5x05: Fantasizing about a girl at work.
5x05: Grissom brings Sara a cup of tea, conversation about happy marriage
5x12: Post-PEAP Session
5x13: Apartment Scene (Grissom holds Sara's hand again)
5x13: "She's a great criminalist Conrad and I need her."
5x14: "Are you doing okay?"
5x14: Jealous!Sara
5x17: "Geeks should be revered."
5x18: "I hear it's a good make out spot."
5x19: Jealous!Grissom ("I saw everything")
5x21: Jealous!Grissom (Pillow scene)
5x21: Butterfly picture in the window
5x21: The *scene*
5x23: Iced- Romeo and Juliet
5x24: Grave Danger w/ Trigger the Horse

Season 6

6x03: (-GSR) Suffocation comment
6x03: Lovers and Co-workers..... that never works
6x08: "Well this is per me" and they exchange smiles.
6x12: "Maybe some people just aren't meant to be together." (followed by Bewildered!Grissom)
6x13: Grey hair can be very attractive!
6x17: Our geeks exchange flirty smiles
6x20: "Yeah...I'm pretty good at mouth to mouth."
6x21:"Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?"
6x22: Several Fantasies
6x22: "A pretty cool gift from a very generous boss."
6x22: "Some guys are intimidated by beauty."
6x22: "And may all your dreams come true."
6x24: Camera Duel
6x24: "Go in for sex and get stung; that's pretty much every man's fear."
6x24: BEDROOM SCENE! "I'm not ready to say goodbye."

Season 7

7x01: Where's the Love?!? (we know where it is)
7x01: "According to my supervisor..."
7x02: "I agree with Grissom." "Of course you do." Awkward!
7x02: "I'll handle this." (Note the Butterflies in Grissom's office)
7x03: First Blush
7x03: CHAINSAW!!!
7x04: "Pick on someone your own size..." "Are you volunteering?"
7x05: "Did you anticipate that question?"
7x05: "Something I said?" "No dear."
7x06: "I turned the music on." (we know what else she turned on...)
7x08: "I wont wait up." (THEY'RE LIVING TOGETHER!)
7x10: "Now you know how it feels."
7x11: "I'll miss you." Grissom leaves on his sabbatical
7x13: The Gift...A cocoon
7x14: The Letter... "Dear Sara..."
7x15: Grissom returns from his sabbatical
7x16: Grissom and Sara at the end watching the video
7x17: Shaving scene!
7x18: Sara cries and Grissom wipes away her tear
7x19: Grissom and Sara investigate the limo
7x20: "Hey, Sara? Is it true that the miniature cases keep Grissom up at night?" "How would I know?"
7x21: "You make me happy."
7x22: Grissom and Sara in his bedroom
7x22: Sara reads Grissom's letter to her
7x23: "Sara.." "It's fine; do what you need to do."
7x23: "This girl blames me for the death of Ernie Dell. I took away the only person she ever loved...and now she's going to do the same thing to me."
7x23: GSR is revealed to the team

Season 8

8x01: Sara and GSR live!!
8x02: "How long have you been intimate?" "Two years." "Nine years."
8x03: Bee talk
8x04: "I love it when you dress up."
8x04: "Y'know, maybe we should get married.."
8x04: "Yes! Let's do it!"
8x06: "Hank's my dog. She walks him for me sometimes." "Yeah, that's how it starts.."
8x06: Case starts getting to Sara; she walks outside, Grissom follows
8x07: GSR Kiss!
8x07: Sara leaves Vegas and Grissom (For now)
8x12: Catherine finds photo of Grissom and Sara in Grissom's apartment taken in San Francisco.
8x12: Grissom receives a phone call and we assume its Sara.

Season 9

9x01: Sara returns after hearing of Warrick's murder. They embrace in Grissom's office.
9x02: Grissom and Sara cuddling in bed. She asks him to take a trip with her. He asks her to stay
9x02: Grissom indirectly tells Sara to leave him, which she does.
9x10: Grissom leaves Vegas to go to Costa Rica to find Sara
9X10: Grissom finds Sara and they kiss.

Season 10

10.01: Sara returns to Vegas to work. We find out her and Grissom are married.

GSR From the Perspective of Other Characters

1x20 Sounds of Silence
Warrick: "You just don't like any other women in his life."

4X17: XX
Sara: "Entomology textbook...Grissom gave it to me last Christmas, when I can't sleep I read."
Nick: "Funny, I didn't get a Christmas gift from Grissom...(to Hodges) Did you?"
Hodges: "No."

5x13 Nesting Dolls
Ecklie: "I've been there. We get attached to people, we try to fix their problems. It doesn't work."
Grissom: "She's a great criminalist, Conrad, and I need her."
Ecklie: "I'm sure you do."

7x02 Built to Kill, Pt 2
Sara: "I agree with Grissom."
Ecklie: "Of course you do."

GSR: What the Actors, Producers, and Media Say

"For years CSI fans have been wondering if there was more going on between Grissom and Sara than meets the eye. Well, last night we found out that the answer is DEFINITELY YES."

- Julie Chen from The Early Show, May 19, 2006

“And I think that’s what’s interesting to me, and always has been, which is why I never wanted the relationship to go away. I wanted the, I think Jorja and I both wanted this thing, we know we have chemistry and we know we can play off it and we enjoy it. It’s just like in any relationship, if you run into somebody where that feels right for, you don’t want to give it up, so you do things to protect it."

“But they obviously always have been interested in each other. And there’s an intimacy there. We just thought it was time for the audience to see that there is an intimacy there."

“I think that we didn’t show too much at the end of last season. And what did we show? Did we show anything? No. We know that they’re intimate. But they may be intimate in the way that a married couple is intimate. That they’ve already done all that other stuff and now they just hang out and talk about what they did today."

“And that’s what he loves about her. She’s a bulldog. And he always saw that in her. And he always knew that subconsciously the only person the only person who’d be able to give him a second look is someone who’s not willing to take the first look for granted.”

- William Petersen, Chicago Tribune, September 20, 2006

"We're not turning into a soap opera but we're going to see their anger with the world, and them reaching out to each other."

- Naren Shankar in an interview with TV Guide, September 2006

"Sure, Sara loves Grissom in the buff. But I don't think that's what the scene was about. One of my favorite things was Grissom talking about the nearness of death for these characters. And maybe they go home after the thing's they've seen and have some tenderness of their own."

- Jorja Fox in TV Guide

"Grissom has a greater understanding of his feelings for Sara [Jorja Fox] when he returns. He's so excited to see her but she's less excited to see part because she spent the day in a landfill. But later we are going to see them in Grissom's apartment."

- Carol Mendelsohn in an interview with TV Guide, February 2007

GSR: What the Fans Say

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