Grissom and Lady Heather

The Whip Ship
"They had chemistry... and he's a scientist."

Pirates of the Third Reich

Sure, she should technically be in jail for attempted murder...but this is CSI. Anything can happen!


The mystique started with the introduction of the enigmatic character: Lady Heather. Circa 2003 "Slaves of Las Vegas" made its small screen debut, heralding the arrival of Las Vegas' seedier sexual under belly. At its head sat Lady Heather (played by Melinda Clarke).

A highly intellectual and empowered woman. A self styled professional Dominatrix. From their first meeting the intrigue was set. Intellectual rapport grew between the pair; their chemistry was undeniable and continued through other episodes. The most recent: "Pirates of the Third Reich" showcased the mutual respect and understanding still resident between the two.

This episode reunites the pair under painful circumstances. The murder of Lady Heather's daughter. To show how much Grissom understands and cares for Lady Heather, watch the episode and make note of the impassioned plea made by Grissom to bring Heather back from the brink of her revenge flogging of the murderer.

Lady Heather's Box

Key Episodes:

2x08 "Slaves Of Las Vegas" Grissom and Lady Heather make a connection, and have afternoon tea together.

3x15 "Lady Heather's Box" Did Grissom spend the night with Lady Heather?

6x15 "Pirates Of The Third Reich" An emotional hug between Grissom and Lady Heather

7x23 "The Good, The Bad, And The Dominatrix" Grissom admits they spent the night together

Memorable Quotes:
Slaves Of Las Vegas

Lady Heather: Does all this fascinate you?
Grissom: Yes. I find all deviant behavior fascinating in that to understand our human nature we have to understand our aberrations.

Lady Heather: It's people who don't come to places like this that I worry about. The ones who don't have an outlet. Say ... someone like yourself.
Grissom: Oh, I have outlets. I read. I study bugs. I sometimes even ride roller coasters.
Lady Heather: And your sex life?
Grissom: It doesn't involve going to the theater.
Lady Heather: In my experience, Mr. Grissom, some men go to the theater, some men are the theater.

Grissom: 'No man is a complete mystery except to himself.' Marcel Proust.
Lady Heather: I bet he'd have enjoyed himself here.

Grissom: Afternoon tea. How nice.
Lady Heather: I like a bit of civility before dark ... when all the needy little boys show up.
Grissom: Well, I'm a little needy myself today.

Grissom: You're very good. You could work for me.
Lady Heather: You want to be my boss?"
Grissom: You never know. We both might learn something.
Lady Heather: Oh, I'm sure of that.

Lady Heather: The most telling thing about anyone is what scares them. And I know what you fear more than anything, Mr. Grissom.
Grissom: Which is?
Lady Heather: Being known. You can't accept that I might know what you really desire, because that would mean that I know you. Something, for whatever reason, you spend your entire life making sure no one else does.
Grissom: Lady Heather, you're an anthropologist.

I like a bit of civility before dark...

Lady Heather's Box

Lady Heather: Unfortunately the language we speak in here doesn't necessarily translate to the world out there.
Grissom: No, in here, the submissive has the power... all he has to do is say the safety work and everything stops.
Lady Heather: Very good, Mr. Grissom.
Grissom: I'm just repeating what I've heard.
Lady Heather: You're a good listener.
Grissom: Part of the job.
Lady Heather: So, this is work?
Grissom: Yes, but I value your insight.
Lady Heather: I'm flattered...but you already seem to know the answers to your questions. You keep me in proximity when I walk away (She moves closer to him) when I'm close you watch my lips. Are you losing your hearing?
Grissom: I'm losing my balance.
Lady Heather: Your sense of self?
Grissom: No, I know who I am.
Lady Heather: Do you?
Grissom: Yes... I do. (He touches one side of her cheek with one hand then the other with his other hand) You can always say "stop".
Lady Heather: So can you.
(Screen fades, then the next scene of them is in the morning at Lady Heather's house, having tea)

(After Grissom and Lady Heather have tea in her house, he finds out she's a diabetic and calls for a warrant)
Lady Heather: I think I heard you just say "stop".

(During the interrogation Lady Heather gets up and walks over to the mirror she knows Grissom is behind)
Brass: Is it something I said?
Lady Heather (Staring at Grissom directly through the mirror): I'm disappointed in you, but not surprised. You fear me because I've committed the one unforgivable act.
Brass: No, it's more like two acts... of murder.
Lady Heather (Still staring at Grissom): I know you. And I know that in your heart I know you don't believe I did this.
Brass: Lady Heather this has nothing to do with the heart, it's all about the evidence.
(Lady Heather turns to look at Brass then back to Grissom. Grissom later proves she was innocent)

Heather seems to know Grissom is watching

Pirates Of The Third Reich

Brass: There's something you should know. The mother's a friend of yours.
Grissom: Who's that?
Brass: Lady Heather.
(Grissom looks up at him)

Grissom: What are you doing here?
Lady Heather: I think I might be able to help you.
Grissom: I'm listening.
Lady Heather: You would have liked Zoe. She's a lot like you. Thoughtful, pragmatic, patient.

Grissom: You have to stay away from him.
Lady Heather: You forfeited the right to give me advice some time ago. But thank you.

Grissom: Heather, I'm saying stop.

Heather, I'm saying stop.

The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix

Catherine: The only woman I've ever seen rattle Grissom...but Heather, uninhibited and can beat him at mental chess? They had chemistry... and he's a scientist. I have no proof and I know he'd never tell me, but I'm certain they spent the night together...I mean, more power to him, really, to find someone outside of work.

Lady Heather: Are you here in a professional capacity?
Grissom: Does it make a difference?
Lady Heather: Maybe not to you. I feel exposed.

Lady Heather: Captain Brass would like to know where I was last night.
Grissom: She was here. With me.

Grissom shows up at Lady Heather's door.
Lady Heather: Leave me alone. I didn't ask you to save me.
Grissom: I know. What am I supposed to do? I'm your friend.

Grissom and Lady Heather - CSI

In The Media:

(About "The Good, The Bad, And The Dominatrix")
Lady Heather is back! The professional dominatrix who gets CSI's Gil Grissom all hot under the collar returns to the CBS series May 10.

"He's [Grissom] a fascinating character to go after," Clarke teases. "And who doesn't love a good triangle?"
- TV Guide March '07

(TV Guide Interview with William Petersen and Jorja Fox)
“Every now and then a guy needs a good spanking. Lady Heather could teach this country a lot. How to dress.” - William Petersen.
- TV Guide September '06

(About "Pirates Of The Third Reich")
"It's an intense situation," William Petersen (Gil Grissom) said, adding that the episode may make Grissom realize that he, "wants to be a part of [Lady Heather's] life. When you find someone who may share your soul, it has an impact."
... Petersen admits these two characters are more alike than they seem. "I think they have a very interesting intellectual flirtation," he said. "She respects him, but she's so involved in what she does that she's a scientist in her own right."
- TV Guide Feb '06


Lady Heather's Dominion

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Grissom and Lady Heather - CSI

Grissom and Lady Heather - CSI