Greg and Morgan

One of the latest CSI pairing since Season 12
Some say Love is for Children, I say Love is Morganders!
"The Best is Yet to Come!"
"You're Only Human!"
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Greg and Morgan - CSI
Season 12
In the first episode of Season 12 we see Morgan arriving in the labs at Las Vegas. She meets Nick leaving his office and tells him she is going to start working at Las Vegas. Greg see's her for the first time and shows obvious signs he is interested in her after his awkward few moments talking to her. After their flirty but awkward conversation, Greg is surprised that Morgan is Ecklie's daughter and Nick tells him not to do what he is thinking. Greg also tells Sara that he met Morgan.

In Tell-Tale Heart, Morgan was getting adjusted to Las Vegas life and started on her first case. She was checking the surrounding area at a crime scene and Greg was inside when he gave her the nickname Hollywood.

In the episode Bittersweet, it was the first time Greg and Morgan worked solo together and Morgan told him she wasn't into dating guys on the job but was inquisitive in Nick's love life with Al's niece. Beforehand though Greg had tried to impress her with styling his hair and checking his reflection in the car window reflection to trying and impress her. He also is seen to be quite jealous when Morgan shows an interest in a handsome male model who is advertising chocolate.
CSI Down is a episode where mixed emotions are shown. At the start of the episode, Morgan and Greg were continuously flirting with each other and are arguing about Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She eventually leaves on the helicopter and pointed out the primary crime scene and tells him he can look smart and own her one.Throughout the episode he becomes worried about her and starts blaming himself and saying that it was meant to be him on the helicopter. Greg finds out that the hijackers daughter is t blame and storms into where she is being held and starts yelling about 'If they hurt her I swear to you!' while being held back by two people and forced out but not before kicking over the chair and kneeing the table in anger. At the end of the episode he runs up to her and asks her if she is hurt to which she replies 'You still owe me one' referencing back to the start of the episode.

In Crime After Crime, he arrives back at the labs after finishing up with examining everyone at an party.Russell tells him to go help Morgan at a hotel, he walks away with a smug look on his face. Russell notices and says, 'It's a crime scene, not a date! Ya wacky kid' during which he still walked away smiling.

In Stealing Home, D.B told Morgan to find the murder weapon and she could take 'her boyfriend Greg'. Morgan stands watching him leave, confused.

When an electrical power cut swept throughout Las Vegas in CSI Unplugged, Greg and Morgan literally ran into each other. Morgan is stressed and explains so can't find what the white substance is and says, 'Russell told me to use my head and my hands. I'm using my head, my hands not so useful' he reply's without hardly thinking, 'Maybe I have another idea for your hands'. Morgan reacts with a look on her face to which Greg quickly redeemed himself with a quick explanation and shows her an ancient microscope. At the end of the episode she is returning it but Greg asks her if she's sure about doing it as it may come in handy again.

While Jules was on her phone in Altered Stakes, Morgan walked in and surprises her as Jules was actually talking to her boyfriend. Jules, who was embarrassed, explained and asks if she was going out with Greg, Morgan denies but is obviously thinking something else. Later on, Greg asks Morgan if she wanted to go out for a beer to which she accepts.

Season 13
Early on in Season 13, a case becomes personal to Greg after a women he had a fling with when writing his Las Vegas book is murdered. Greg is really upset and distraught about it but continues fighting strong. When Greg is listening to some music through headphones she comes in and begins to talk to him, he asks her about relationships but she replies that she isn't the best person to talk about relationships with. Morgan then tries to cheer him up and tells him he is a hot guy, funny, smart and all about his passion for Vegas history. Afterwards she puts his hand on hers and tells him to move and says 'The Best is Yet to Come' which has now become kind of a saying for Morganders fans used in some media like YouTube and Tumblr

When Donna Hoppe comes back to Las Vegas in Risky Business Class, on request from Morgan, she reunites with 'Hojem-Sanders'. Morgan asks her if she could find the family crest for the Ecklie family. While explaining to her about it, Greg asks Morgan jokingly if she was still trying to prove he's not her father, she playfully hits him on the arm and apologies for having to dash off to their case.At the end of the episode, Donna has found her family crest and after Greg and Morgan speak in unison about the crest being perfect for Christmas she tells them that they're quite cute together but warns them that Hojem-Sanders and Ecklie are both Norwegian names and could branch of from the same family tree. Donna ends with probably not but after quickly glancing at each other they're quite spooked from the whole idea of it.

After Morgan shoots the women in Last Women Standing, who was meticulously staging crimes by playing cards, Greg shouted her name and comes running over to her. He gently takes the gun from her shaking hands,obliviously shaken up by the whole situation of shooting a young women.

In the second-to-last episode of Season 13, Ghost of the Past, Greg finally reveals to Morgan that he used to be a psychic after doubt himself and his ability. He was meant to have inherited his gift from his Nana Olaf, she doesn't really believe him and kind of calls him crazy for believing in that. When the psychic ghost hunter was killed it hits him hard after she told him things about his Nana and forced him to take the necklace from her. Morgan tries to talk him out of going back to the slaughterhouse alone but he left anyway, after nearly being killed by the serial killer behind him he is approached by Morgan who says she sorry for calling him crazy. He says that his gift wasn't what he expected but she encourages him by saying that he got out of their alive so someone must have been watching over him.When Greg hangs the necklace up in his locker they walk out only for the locker to swing back open, leaving Greg and Morgan to have puzzled looks.

When Morgan volunteers herself to go undercover, Greg and Nick are backing up her up but when she goes missing, Greg gets annoyed and frustrate that he couldn't have helped her beforehand so she wouldn't have been kidnapped.

Season 14
In the first episode of Season 14, The Devil and D.B Russell, Greg rushes off through the storage lockers before telling anyone where he was going, Nick then finds him in one of the lockers with a blonde women in a boat impaled with a spike through her chest and stomach. They are relived to find it isn't Morgan and they investigate. When Morgan is shot by Ellie at the house where they were kept, everyone goes rushing over to the scene and only Ecklie and Greg stay with Morgan who is barely alive.

The next episode, Take the Money and Run, is where Morgan returns to work and is partnered with Greg, when they're investigating a kidnapping of a baby, Morgan become upset. They share a few moment together hugging and Greg told her she was only human, before continuing with processing the scene.

In Last Supper, Greg arrives outside to see Morgan backing a dump truck full of garbage. They then begin searching the green bags of rubbish, Morgan goes squeamish at the sight of maggots on a fish and Greg explains he's got used to them, then he finds a severed human hand full of maggots too.

Morgan and Sara both ask Greg to get them some food in Under a Cloud before he is told about his accusation.

A man from swing shift mocks Morgan because she's grave shift in Helpless. Greg comes and told her not to care about it. They then begin working on a case involving CSI Banks. Morgan is asked by Greg is she can get in contact with CSI Banks but she couldn't. Greg then says if they should swing by and check her place. They arrive and do a quick search of the laptop before Greg hears a noise, he goes ahead of Morgan and readied his hand near his gun. Then a guy jumps Greg and is about to attack him before Greg defends himself and then Morganrecognizesthe guy as CSI Banks son.

When mysterious death areoccurringin room 114 at a motel in Check in and Check out, Morgan and Greg go through the files from the previous deaths. 1) 11 weeks ago, guys legs cut off. Greg and Finn. 2) 4 weeks ago, guys survived, women clubbed to death. Nick and Morgan. 3) Night before, a couple stabbed to death. Greg and Morgan visit asurvivor.

Greg and Morgan investigate Jules when she goes missing in Girls Gone Wild.

In Lost Reindeer, when Morgan opens her secret Santa she see'snail polish for her 'Mistletoe's'and Greg comes in to say that it such a chick thing and Jules must be her secret Santa. At the end of theepisodein the office party Morgan finds out that Greg was her secret Santa and they share a sweet hug.

  • Greg and Morgan both have Norwegian surnames: Hojem-Sanders and Ecklie
  • Greg and Morgan are both what they call History Nerds:Greg-Las Vegas and Morgan-Los Angeles
  • Despite their friendly and sometimes flirty banter, they care for each other immensely
  • Ecklie and Gregimmediatelywent to Morgan after her shooting (The Devil and D.B Russell)
  • Greg sat next to Ecklie in the funeral as Morgan lay in hospital (The Devil and D.B Russell)
  • Greg comforts Morgan when she breaks down in her first case back after her kidnapping (Take the Money and Run)
  • Greg and Morgan wear similar clothes and have a similar style
  • Greg is Morgan's secret Santa and he give hernail polishfor her 'Mistletoe's'

Behind the Scenes
Both fans, actor and actress are happy about their popular ship/relationship on CSI and are excited to see more.
Eric Szmanda and Elisabeth Harnois have done a few video around the set of filming CSI.

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