Greg Sanders

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Greg Sanders
played by: Eric Szmanda

Greg Sanders
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Character Stats
Birthday:May 5,1975
Nicknames:Greg, Greggo, Greggy, G
Birthplace:San Gabriel, California
Birthname:Gregory Hojem Sanders
Hair Color:Ever-changing, usually brown or sandy blonde
Eye Color:Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight:158 lbs.
Education:B.S. in Chemistry, StanfordMarital Status:Single
Reason for Becoming a CSI:Wanted to leave the lab.
CSI Level:3
Personality Type:Cheerful, optimistic, flirty,funny
Signature Look:Often wears casual jeans and a tee-shirt, compromising by wearing a suit jacket over them.
Endearing Trait(s):Humorous, Kind hearted
Annoying Trait(s):
Former Crush:Sara Sidle, Catherine Willows
Character Connections
Family Members:Mom, Dad, Papa and Nana Olaf. Only child
Romances:Friends:Night shift team and lab rats
Enemies:Clashed with Undersheriff McKeen over Aaron James; rival with Hodges,Demetrius James Brother...........................

Ever since he picked up his first amateur chemistry kit when he was seven, Greg Sanders has wanted to be a scientist. Even though he was told that science was supposed to be a hobby for the pasty-faced and romantically challenged, that did not dissuade him from joining the Science Club in high school, or from majoring in Chemistry in college. He had always balanced lab work with having fun, studying with flirting, and computer work with dating. Addicted to the pursuit of knowledge, Greg has been on a quest to learn all he can about the scientific breakthroughs of the past centuries. And discovering and naming a brand-new theory or element after himself wouldn’t hurt, either.

After years of lobbying for a shot at working in the field with the CSI team, under the watchful eye of Grissom and his co-workers he was able to complete his transition from working in the lab to being a full fledged CSI. The sometimes-overzealous Sanders realizes he has much more to learn in his professional transition to the world outside the lab.

Greg has mentioned that his mother is overprotective; in the episode Fannysmackin', he admitted to Grissom that his mother never let him play any sports, and would take him to the ER if he even got a nosebleed. His father was mentioned once, in Gum Drops, when Greg told Sara that his father took him sailing. Greg is apparently close to his maternal grandparents, Papa and Nana Olaf, who left Norway when Nana was pregnant. In 'Spellbound' Greg stated that Nana Olaf was psychic, and his family believes that he has inherited this trait.

It has been mentioned that Greg has lived in both New York and California, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa at Stanford University, and speaks at least a little bit of Norwegian. ("Som man reder sa ligger man" is a saying he has quoted. It translates to "One must lie in the bed one has made," which Papa Olaf has told him often)

  • Was blown up in a lab explosion in "Play with Fire".
  • Facing a civil lawsuit from the family of the gang member he ran over after being brutally assaulted in "Fannysmackin'".
  • For two years he didn't tell his overprotective parents that he worked in the field.
  • Greg looking awesome"Chasing the Bus" - Greg has his first field experience at the scene of a multi-fatality bus crash
  • "Play With Fire"- Lab explodes and Greg gets serious burns on his neck and back.
  • "Who Shot Sherlock?" - Greg passes his final proficiency to become a CSI.
  • "Fannysmackin" - Greg gets beat up by a gang of teenagers.
  • "Post Mortem" - Greg's split-second decision to run over Demetrius James,
    one of the teens beating the tourist is found to be "excusable." Demetrius James'
    family disagrees with the verdict and serves Greg with a civil suit.
  • "Empty Eyes"- Grissom informs Greg that the city of Las Vegas has settled the civil suit with Demetrius James' family--they received millions.
  • "Big Shots"- Demetrius James' brother is implicated in a murder investigation, but Greg asks the prosecutor to be lenient with him. Greg appears to feel sympathy for James' mother, who shouts at Greg that he "owes her" for the death of her first son and her second son is all she has left. Greg walks down the hall, going after her and yells "What do I owe you?"
  • "19 Down" - Grissom announced that Greg is now a level 3 CSI.
  • Greg has not revealed to his parents that he is a CSI because they are overprotective of him.
  • Greg didn't lose his virginity until he was 22.
  • He enjoys expensive coffee (Blue Hawaiian) "40 bucks a pound."
  • His Ringtone is "Feel Like Makin' Love" .
  • Listens to Marilyn Manson. (It helps him concentrate) Was found listening to "The Fight Song" in Cat in the Cradle
  • Is the only child of a woman who wanted four kids.
  • Was the captain of the chess team in high school.
  • Greg was on his high school bowling team.
  • Has a thing for liquid latex
  • His birthday party with the team involved "ear shredding rock, a beautiful model, boatloads of sushi and latex"
  • Once misspelled "fountain" as "funtain"
  • Likes expensive cars.
  • Wants to test drive a Ferrari Testarossa.
  • Was an Eagle Scout.
  • Is of Norwegian descent.
  • Owns a coin collection.
  • Refers to his maternal grandparents as "Papa and Nana Olaf" .
  • Believes he may have inherited psychic abilities from Nana Olaf who is psychic herself. And he thought he had to choose science or being psychic, he chose science.
  • Insists that he is a "real man".
  • Insists the he likes "having a penis".
  • Owns Dreamcast.
  • Likes Merlot & rack of lamb.
  • Once lived in New York.
  • He hides porn magazines all over the CSI lab
  • Knows how to make an Origami crane.
  • Was a precocious child.
  • Has seen the movie Pulp Fiction .
  • Has perfect eyesight.
  • Has read The Tell-Tale Heart by: Edgar Allan Poe. (He only likes the classics when they're about dismembered bodies.)
  • Is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.
  • Wore Doc Martens in high school--he thinks the skinheads' "kinda ruined it for everyone."
  • Accidentally saw "Sherlock Holmes".
  • His Norwegian grandfather, Papa Olaf, was kicked out of Norway for getting Greg's grandmother pregnant before thy got married. In Norwegian, Papa Olaf tells Greg, "One must lie in the bed one has made."
  • When Greg was 12, his Papa Olaf bought a Red 280ZX and it was love at first sight for him. When his "Papa O" went down for his little afternoon nap, Greg swiped the keys and took the car for a spin. He drove it around the block, twice, and when he was rowing the car back into the drive way, he almost ran over his foot. Papa Olaf never found out.
  • Doesn't have any allergies.
  • Sometimes goes diving and surfs
  • Considers himself open-minded when it comes to relationships.
  • Considers porn to be memoirs to collect and pass down, never thrown away.
  • CBS has announced that Greg has a high IQ
  • Greg has drastically changed over the years. He used to have a more fun and carefree spirit. He still does, of course--but now can be serious when it comes to his work!
  • He thought he would lose his chance to be a CSI after using the bathroom at a crime scene, but because he found a 'suitable' replacement Grissom gave him another chance. Just after hearing he was getting a second chance his replacement quits, saying that everyone wants him in the lab!
  • Knows Sara's perfume, after his cruel beating by the gang, Sara arrives at the scene and goes to see Greg; while he is barely concious on the floor, he can't see a thing but knows it is her, by her scent!


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