Goodbye! - CSITime has come for several of the CSI characters to leave the CSI Lab.

Here, we can remember them & say our goodbyes!

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Goodbye! - CSI
Goodbye! - CSI
Goodbye! - CSI
Sara Sidle Warrick Brown Gil Grissom

Thanks for all the Great Memories & Fun Laughs,
You will be missed!

Sara Sidle
Goodbye Message
xyz1128csi sara sidle is the best but is comming back
Nicks_Wifey_07 Sara Iz Freakiin Awesome, But She's Definetly Returning!!
foxy-csi Sara is just the best. Good to see her coming back. If she leaves again, well it's just plain sad.
grillowsfan Even that I disliked her at first, Sara had made a special place in my heart...I'll miss her so much and I hope she come back for good!
Sidle-Idol Sara, I wiss you Joy, Love and Happiness!
Csi<3 Sara is the one of the best csi in the show she is dedicated to her job and to grissom.I love her.
gsr4ever13 I think we will all miss Sara very much.She was one of my favorite CSI's behind Grissom.
jorjagrissom1 your my favourite csi. love the GSR thing. Miss you loads come back :) xx
Grissoms_Girl One of my favourite characters, you've been a great cast member. Keep visiting with Grissom :) xx
csiromantic Sara you are dearly missed , I hope you do come back but keep Gris by your side. Hope to see you on the TV soon. xx
hornean Sara. You were a great criminalist. I know you have ghosts to bury. Stay beside Gil soon.
Ladka-j Sara is the best charecter in CSI. I wish you all the best!
Kuusho At first I hated you, but you just sorta grew on me. Sara, come back for good!
GrissomSara4ever Sara, you are apart of me and I need you back on the show! So does everyone else! I love you man
Kahvitz Sara,
You have always been my favorite. Your BA and you and Griss' Relationship was the Best on TV (Including Luke And Lorelei & Ross and Rachel). You And Griss didnt have matching names but you still are the best. You will really be missed.


sara you were my favorit i was mad when i found out you were leaving csi


Totally awsome character & Jorja Fox rules. CSI won't be the same!!!!!

The show wont be the same without you.. you were my fav female character and played some brilliant parts in the show. You could never be replaced.
Sara you where from the start of the show my favorite character. I wish you all the best and I will miss you.
Not goodbye but, see you later! I can't wait to see you in season 9 & future episodes of CSI. You have brought the character of Sara so brilliantly to our screens over the last 8 years, and we love you for it. Well done!


Sara wasn't one of my favs but she was a big part of the show and when she left, it just wasn't the same without her. I can't wait 'til she comes back. I've missed her. Can't wait for the first epi of the new season.
Sara was nr two of my favs, and I will shure miss her. She was a big part of the team. But she will be back next season. And I can not wait!!!


Jorja, I am so sad to see you go. The show just wont be the same without you girl! But, I am so glad that you are returning and that Sara is getting back together with Gil. That made my heart skip a beat! You will always be my favourite CSI, and no other actor or acresss could replace you. Love you forever!
Jorja, you are a fabulous actress, you made Sara Sidle be the fav of all of us. Thanks for giving us fun and awesome 7 years and half :)...u are irreplacble and u will be missed dearly. I hope u achieve all you want in your life...luv ya...


I will miss everything that you bring to the show, from your intensity and passion to your humor and compassion. The show won't be the same without you.

Don't go. Stay....not for just season 10, but 4ever!!! Because you're the best person on the show. I heart u.

Warrick Brown
Goodbye Message
aja_c98 I can't believe they killed off Warrick!! I was so ANGRY!! I'm sure there's reasons, but it's still horrible! It was a massive surprise, and Warrick will be missed immensely!
I Have Strong Hopes/Beliefs That Warrick Is Alive So This Isn't A Good-Bye Filled With Belief That Warrick Is Gone.
(Ps- Do I Make Sense??)
foxy-csi I truly hope that Warrick makes it! But I don't think he will. I just can't believe they killed him off. It's just so sad. I love Warrick. Such a great character and he will be missed!
grillowsfan I was really devastated when I saw that sheriff shooting Warrick!I hope he doesn't die and go sabbatical with dignity as he deserves!
jorjagrissom1 gonna miss you. catherine and nick wont be the happy without you but best wishes :) xx
Grissoms_Girl Going to miss your camaraderie, you'll be missed xx
Sidle-Idol Hugs and Kisses. I will miss you!
csiromantic We will miss you Warrick. It won't be the same, Nick will be lost without you. xx
hornean I was devastated to see you get shot. I broke down. Rest in peace.
Sidle-Idol Rest in peace. I will miss you.
Ladka-j Warrick, I´ll miss you!
Kuusho Unfortunately, I knew you were going to die the second Cath kissed you. I sobbed! I miss you! RIP
GrissomSara4ever Warrick, you were a GREAT CSI and I respect you
RIP man! Love you
Kahvitz Wut can i say ,,, you were a great csi, you gave my best friend someone to fantasize about and you were always hilarious with nick. Im going miss you
Grillows=love There wer some good episodes under your belt and you were an awsome character!!!!
warrick, I will really miss you on the show


Warrick you were so awesome and i will really miss you. you were the best warrick. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


When Cath kissed him i was liked "just a little closer and kiss him on the lips!!" But , im gonna miss him :(
Godbye and good luck with your future endevours, you will be missed on the show.


So mcuh for the hope of him and Caht getting together. It's so obvious they like each other. I really hope they don't kill him off. Hopefully he survives so the team can be reunited and not down one person.
we'll all miss the fun you and nick have with the team, wish u all the best Gary
oh, Warrick, you were the rock of the team, gonna miss you SO much :( Even more because - no Warrick, no Yo!Bling.. :( That hurts..


I'm sad to see you go, more so I suppose because I was looking forward to some Yo! Bling in the future. RIP

I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not the same without you... I actually cried when they killed you!

Goodbye Message
Nicks_Wifey_07 If You Really Are Leaving, Then GoodBye Grissom You Will Be Missed You Were One Of My Favorites, and You Were So Entertaining...
foxy-csi I can't believe he's leaving. But I guess we all saw it coming. Grissom is going to be so much missed! CSI won't be the same without Grissom.
grillowsfan I can't believe he's doing this to all the fans that worship him! He has been my role model since the CSI first aired!I was 7 then and he was like my mentor and I can say I grew up with him! I really hate him right now but I hope someday I'll find a way to forgive him.
phaedon He's gonna leave midseason.I hopen he could wait since 10th season finale where he could have a cliffhanger.I hope ratings won't fall to much
Sidle-Idol Goodbye and Goodluck Gil Grissom.
You will be missed!
Csi<3 Gil Grissom is the show. He is one of the most interesti9ng characters in the show. I love himmm!! I don't know how the show will be better, it can always happen but the show will never be the same without Grissom. I would of never new he was leavin i thought he would of been the last one too leave. I will Miss you Grissom!
gsr4ever13 How odd this feels saying goodbye to the best CSI of all time. I know that every CSI fan was dreading the day we would finally all bid our goodbyes. even though I don'tt really want too.All that I can say then is that hopefull only good things will come from his departure.
jorjagrissom1 the show wont be the same without you. i'm really gonna miss you so stay :) xx
Grissoms_Girl Thanks for a brilliant 8 years on CSI you've been fantastic. The show won't be the same without your one-liners. Keep visiting :) xx
csiromantic Don't go Gris the show won't be the same without you. Im going to miss you but good luck to you whatever you do. xx
1gilbertsangel No way he can't leave.. its not true. Aw Gil... too bad. There has to be a reason you're not coming back.
Hornean You've been here for a very long time. Hope you will reunite with Sara and get married.
Linda_D Gil Grissom! How dare you leave the show YOU created! There is NO CSI Las Vegas withoutt Gil!! We nearly went mad when you went off to do your Irish play...what do you think you will put us through by leaving forever? Don't you realize when you take "Gris" away, it will be like a death in everyone's family? How can you be so callus, so hurtful? We're all aware that you are an actor of phenomenal proportions, so you don't have to prove anything. Stay with CSI & take "sabbaticals" once in a while. DON'T GO!
Ladka-j It´s not be right.. Without Gil Grissom is not CSI as in past. The show without Gil haven´t future. I´ll miss you!
Kuusho Saying goodbye hurts );
But if it's what you want I accept it.
Goodbye and Good luck.
Maxx37 OMG!!! I totaly started crying when i found out grissom was leaving i'm still sad and in denial. I guuess i'll get over it by watching episodes when he was sitll with us. Good-bye and good luck grissom we'll never froget you
Sara_GSR_Grissom I'm so sad to see you go. I don't how you could leave. does the mention that you're the main guy on the cover of all the seasons mean anything? YOU'RE THE STAR and the love of my life! Why get rid of Grissom when you're still going to be anExecutiveProducer?!? the show will be different now; never the same. i'm going to miss you so much. please visit New York!<33
GrissomSara4ever My heart is broken to see you go and I will MISS you so much, I'm crying as I write this! I love you so much,so does Sara !!!!!!!
Kahvitz Grissom, You were my favorite guy on the show. You were smart funny and creative. You give horatio a bad name because you set the standard so high. You will be missed. SEriously
gsr_4_life Grissom is my all time favorite CSI character. He's funny, smart, kinda and very sexy!
The show won't be the same without him.
The only way i'll be able to accept him leaving is if him and sara ride off into the sunset together. :) xox.
Grillows=love You and Catherine were suposed to get together didn't you read the fine pint?!?!?! N e way CSI won't EVER be the same!!!!!!!
*gsrgirl4eva* You were my second favourite character next to sara and i absolutley loved the whole GSR thing please dont ruin your character by goin of wiv LH :/
csicatgirl grissom, I'm really gonna miss you CSI will never be the same again.
sarauk56 Grissom, you and Sara are my favourite characters, You are an iconic part of TV. History and will be remembered way into the next millenium !!! Good luck,health and happiness where ever the future takesyou...please give us the wedding before you go.
GSRISCOOL Saying goodby is hard to do but goodbys are sometimes not forever (Sara came back after she said goodby) I know I will see you again one day.
gsrbritfan Not goodbye, but see you again soon! I look forward to seeing you in season 9 and beyond, occasionally i hope. You mastered the art of bringing the character 'Grissom' to life so expertly. Well done! Good luck with your theater project and any other acting career or personal projects you follow in the future.
Leila_Sanders I can't believe that he's leaving. The show won't be the smae without him. He's the heart of the show. Without him, the show will lose fans. I don't see the show lasting long without him in it, especially if the others end up following him. It's so hard to say goodbye. Billy brought Grissom to life and no one could portray him better. He will be missed deeply. Hopefully we'll still get to see him in the show still occasionally. Love you Billy! Alright, I promised myself I wouldn't cry.
brunopia My heart is broken. You are the best thing in CSI. Actually, you was CSI to me. You will be missed, and we can not wait until you return :O) oh...and give us a GSR Wedding before you leave.
Oh, i so hope that you guys is coming back. All three of you. Everybody has a place to fill up. And when somebody is gone... Wel'll it's gona be a great whole. And GSR; I don't think i'm gonna manage without you two. The love that you shared was really the greatest of all times! I have never been so emotional to see a couple together, and really show one another love and careness. We'll now you know that you're gonna be missed by fans allover the world. I'm from Sweden, by the way! :)


Billy, I am so dissapointed that you are leaving. I will miss you greatly. CSI just wont be the same without your nerdy (yet cute) quotes and remarks. You have a place in my CSI obsessed heart, and no other actor or acress could ever replace you or Jorja. I am so excited to see your character reunite with Sara. I think I know what is going to happen, and if I am correct, then I am okay with you leaving, because I know it is what you want and need. Just know that you are the ONLY night shift supervisor!! :) Because of you, I am going to be a forensic scientist. Love you forever!


to grissom..good just to be my favoured csi.bu then you changed...and now what i heared about the 9 season i am glad youre saying william petersen oh i know you will not read this anyhow.....but i have been a fan of youres even before csi...
i can't believe i am not going to see you doing your thing in CSI gonna miss everything of you, ur naiveness, your sarcarsm and your ae my second fav CSI after Sara, i cant believe you are going...will miss you like hell..i no u will give a memorable season 9...can't wait..


I think everyone will agree when I say that the show will definitly not be the same with out you. What I will miss about you won't fit on this page.


CSI without Grissom is like a fish out of water! It just dosen't happen!!! Goodbye Grissom and I hope you still come back in the show nown again!!! (WITH SARA!!!)
It isn't the same without you...

CSI will never be the same. No one canreplace you. Even the world's smartest couldn't be as respected and loved by both characters and fans.
I miss you Grissom come by soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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