Gil Grissom

Gilbert Grissom
played by William Petersen
Character Biography

Character Stats
Birthday: August 17, 1956
Star sign- Leo Congratulations, you have finished the first Scavenger Hunt!
Hair color: Graying-brown (salt-and-pepper curls)
Eye color: Blue
Marital Status: Married to Sara Sidle
Reason for becoming a CSI: Because the dead can't speak for themselves
Forensic Specialty: Forensic Entomology
CSI Level: 3 / Retired December 2008
Personality type: Interior
Signature look: The beard (sometimes), glasses, jacket.
Vice(s): Over working, poor communication skills.
Virtue(s): Very fartherly, caring.
Endearing trait(s): Good leadership skills, very intelligent.
Annoying trait(s): Too quiet

Character Connections
Family members:
  • Sara Sidle - Wife
Romance(s): Lady Heather, Terri Miller, Sofia Curtis
Friends: Lady Heather, Terri Miller, his team
Enemies: Conrad Eckile (Not directly)Paul Millander


Back Story:
An only child, Gilbert Grissom was born to a middle-class family on August 17, 1956 in Santa Monica, California. His father, who died when Gil was only 9, taught botany at a local college and passed along his enthusiasm for the natural sciences to his inquisitive son. Consequently, young Gil's idea of playing doctor was to conduct autopsies on small deceased animals found in the local area. Grissom's strong-willed, creative mother was responsible for nurturing her son's love of books. Gil's mother was rendered deaf by the genetic disorder otosclerosis when she was eight years old. He became fluent in American Sign Language in order to communicate with her. As an adult, Grissom also began to succumb to this degenerative disease. However, thanks to a surgical procedure and medical treatments, his potentially devastating condition was forestalled.
Leader of the Pack:
At 22, Grissom was the youngest coroner in the history of L.A. County, and 8 years later was headhunted to run the Field Services in Las Vegas. He has spent 15 years helping Las Vegas move from #14 to #2 in Crime Lab rankings. In 2000, Grissom took over as supervisor of the Graveyard Shift, a close-knit team of five stellar Crime Scene Investigators. Often considered socially inept, Grissom has been criticized by administration such as Conrad Ecklie for being "politically tone deaf.
Holding a PhD in Biology from UCLA, Grissom is one of only 15 experts in entomology in the US. He is a well-traveled man who, ironically, rarely takes a proper vacation. Grissom's time away from Las Vegas and crime scenes is spent on research trips, attending work-related conventions, and lecturing on entomology.
With Friends Like These
During a high-profile case, it emerged that Grissom had been the protege of Phillip Gerard, a former CSI and mentor from when Grissom worked in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Gerard had swapped forensic fieldwork for the more lucrative position of expert consultant in the courtroom. When Gerard used personal information to tarnish the CSI team's credibility, Gil had to stay focused on the evidence to thwart his mentor-turned-nemesis.
Held in Esteem
Grissom is hyper-intellectual, and his seemingly emotionally detached qualities make him one of the more interesting plot drivers of the show. His few romantic involvements give the show the quality that keeps you coming back for more.

He avoids paperwork and job politics as much as possible. His expertise in forensic entomology factors heavily into his criminology work -- and in his office decor. While others may have a reason for being a CSI, for Grissom the job is not about choice. CSI is no job to him but an expression of who he is as a person, the perfect synthesis of personality and profession.
Hard of Hearing
Gil can do perfect sign language because his mother trained him. His mother lost her hearing and knew that Gil will lose his too through genetics. Gil sometimes reads lips because he temporarily lost his hearing. Gil used his skill when talking to a fellow hard of hearing female after discovering one of her students, a young teenager, was attacked and then run down by two teenagers. They later found out he was hard of hearing. Grissom found the teenagers by analyzing hairs left at the scene which contained head lice.

Defining Cases/Episodes

1.05 Friends and Lovers
We find out the things he can't handle:
"There's three things I got a real problem with: Guys that hit their wives, sexual assault on children and the scum that deal death to kids."
1.19 Gentle Gentle
Grissom appears deeply disturbed when a missing baby turns up dead, and insists on picking the baby up himself.
1.23 The Strip Strangler
Grissom is pulled off a case by the FBI, but secretly works from home. Catherine saves Grissom who is almost killed by the Strip Strangler (a serial killer).
2.13 Identity Crisis
Grissom does not believe the serial killer, Paul Millander, is after him next, even though he shares the same birth month as the other victims.
3.02 The Accused is Entitled
Grissom goes head-to-head with a former mentor.

3.15 Lady Heather's Box
Does Grissom spend the night with Lady Heather?
3.23 Inside the Box
Grissom finally deals with his hearing loss.
4.02 All for our Country
Taunted by a police officer for staying out of harm's way, we see Grissom venting his anger on the firing range and discover he is a pretty sharp shooter!
4.07 Jackpot
Grissom works a case in the small town of Jackpot without his fellow CSIs and almost gets shot.
4.12 Butterflied
Grissom becomes obsessed while investigating the murder of a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sara.
5.06 What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
Grissom is haunted by the return of the Blue Paint Serial Killer, who got away once before.
5.09 Mea Culpa
Grissom discovers a previously undetected print during a murder trial, and finds his whole team under scrutiny. Ecklie breaks up Grissom's team.
5.24 Grave Danger
Grissom tells Ecklie he wants his team back, after the teams combined effort to find and save Nick.
6.06 Secrets & Flies
Grissom refutes the testimony of an entomologist who has questionable ethics.
6.24 Way to Go
We see Grissom sharing an intimate moment with Sara.
7.01 Built to Kill, Part 1
Grissom discovers a miniature crime scene.
7.06 Burn Out
An investigation into a neighborhood ********* gets to Grissom, and we see him taking refuge in Brass' office as he suffers from a migraine.
7.11 Leaving Las Vegas
Grissom prepares to leave on a four-week sabbatical
7.15 Law of Gravity
Grissom returns to Las Vegas
7.24 Living Doll
Grissom reveals his relationship with Sara to the rest of the CSIs.
8.04 Case of the Cross Dressing Carp
Grissom proposes to Sara, and she accepts (followed by the most awkward/cute almost-kiss in the world!)
8.07 Goodbye and Good luck
Sara and Gil share a sweet but sad kiss in front of Hodges. Then Sara leaves Las Vegas and writes Grissom a letter saying goodbye.

01. Gil Grissom - CSI01. Gil Grissom - CSI01. Gil Grissom - CSI01. Gil Grissom - CSI01. Gil Grissom - CSI

Personal Story lines/Issues:

01. Gil Grissom - CSI


  • Enjoys riding roller coasters.
  • His birthday is on the anniversary of the murder of Paul Millander's father.
  • 01. Gil Grissom - CSI Is often sarcastic.
  • Gave Sara Sidle a book about bugs for christmas.
  • Once went to an entomology convention in Cincinnati just because he wanted to ride "Son of Beast".
  • Nicknamed 'The Bugman'.
  • Keeps a radiated fetal pig in his office.
  • Says that in high school he was a "ghost".
  • Grew up as an only child.
  • Knows sign language.
  • Has a certificate of honorary ownership of Trigger, "The Smartest Horse in the Movies".
  • Hobbies include cockroach races and crossword puzzles.
  • He enjoys listening to Classical Music.
  • Has been a baseball fan his whole life and thinks it's a beautiful game.
  • Says he has been interested in beauty since he met Sara Sidle (who is his current romantic partner).
  • He financed his first body farm in college playing poker. He says that it's not a game of interaction, it's a game of observation. Grissom got bored of studying people, so he studies evidence.
  • Likes Pink Floyd
  • Created a miniature of his own office.
  • Is Currently Engaged To Sara Sidle
  • 01. Gil Grissom - CSI
  • married to Sara Sidle

01. Gil Grissom - CSI
  • "I don't get people"
  • "I'm wrong all the time. It's how I get to right."
  • "People don't vanish, it's a molecular impossibility."
  • "It looks like these guys went to a fight and a hockey game broke out"
  • "It took five people to kill him. It would only have taken one person to ask him if he was okay."
  • Grissom: I'm looking for one.
Sara: A screw?
Grissom: Yes.
  • "Sometimes the hardest thing is to do nothing."
  • Coroner in 'Jackpot': I bet you need a place to sleep.
Grissom: I need a place to work.
  • "I learned at a very early age that the bugs always win."
  • "Could you close the door, please? No, from the other side."
  • "Did you ever hear a dog say 'woof-woof,' Greg? I mean, what is the origin of that? And what do we sound like to them, I wonder?"
  • "The best intentions are fraught with disappointment."
  • "Everybody can learn from science, it all depends on how you use the knowledge."
  • "If people knew what was out there hunting them, they'd never leave the house."
  • "I'm pretty good at mouth to mouth" (to Sara Sidle).
  • "It's sad isn't it Doc...guys like us. A couple of middle-aged men who've allowed their work to consume their lives. The only time we ever touch other people is when we are wearing our latex gloves. We wake up one day and realize that for fifty years we haven't really lived at all. But then all of a sudden we get a second chance. Somebody young and beautiful shows up...somebody we could care about. She offers us a new life with her...but we have a big decision to make right? Because we have to risk everything we've worked for in order to have her. I couldn't do it, but you did, you risked it all and she showed you a wonderful life didn't she? But then she took it away and you were lost, so you took her life. You killed them both and now you have nothing. (Dr. Lurie-I'm still here) Are you? (sigh)-Gilbert Grissom, episode 412-Butterflied
  • "Dead men don't ride roller coasters"
  • "Whoa, is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?"
  • Sara: Since when are you interested in beauty? Grissom: Since I met you.
  • "Julius Caesar, murdered in 44 B.C., legend has it that the molecules from his last breath spread all over the world. Probably like your fingerprints, right, they're everywhere."
  • "I can't be everywhere (to Warrick), and they banned human cloning."
  • "To assume makes an ASS out of U and ME."
  • "Concentrate on what cannot lie: the evidence."
  • Greg: "It's not about the money." (Silence) Grissom: "That's good to know, Greg."
  • Grissom: "This better be good, DAVE..." Hodges: " bleach." Grissom: "What?"
  • "I think he's on to us, Doc." (to Doc Robbins)
  • Grissom: "Can you smell that?" Doc Robbins: "Yeah." Grissom: "You're not supposed to be able to smell that through your suit." Doc: "Good to know."
  • "That's the sad thing, Conrad. You think of this as a career."
  • "Paul Millander. He set me up. SON OF A *****! I HAD HIM AND I LET HIM GO!" [grissom] [anonymous]
  • "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse."
  • Grissom: "I haven't felt that in a while." Jim: "What?" Grissom: "The element of surprise."
  • "I'll do all the talking. You just stand there and look 'apologetic'." (To Nick, Sara, and Greg)
  • Undersheriff: "So, who's going first?" Grissom (looks around): "I don't think it matters." (looks back at the undersheriff) "I'm pretty sure all our stories are the same."
  • "The bellows..." (to Hodges)
  • "Places like this always keep their pools warm. Encourages the girls to swim topless. It's good for business." (Sara looks at Grissom) "So they tell me."
  • "Sex without love is pointless. It makes you sad."(Grissom to Sara) "Well I'm pretty sure, I don't make you sad" (Sara in response to Griss) "No. You make me happy" (Griss to Sara)
  • "I love mankind, it's the people I can't stand." (To Warrick)
  • (DNA guy to Grissom) "Why did the fly fly??" (Grissom *bored*) "Because the spider spied-er....Catherines daughter told me that when she was 3......" (DNA guy) "..oh..."
  • Sara: "Hey guess what?" Grissom: "Mankind has reached a new evolutionary plateau and, starting tomorrow, no one will rape, murder, or maim again?" Sara: "" Grissom: "Too bad."
  • 'yes yes Norman pushed ,norman jumped ,Norman fell' = ;'Wouldnt u if you were married to mrs Roper?' [grissom to sara ]
  • Grissom: "Greg, why do you do this every time?" Greg: "Because you make me nervous '' [gissom to greg]
  • girl at rave :: ''i love you'' grissom ':thank you, yur a stranger to me'' [girl at rave to grissom] [friends and lovers]
  • warrick: ''dont take it personally ,miss hes kinda married to his job'' [warrick brown to girl at rave about grissom ] [friends and lovers]
  • How tall was this man? Was he shorter or taller than Mr. Brass, here?"
    "A hair taller."
    "By a hair, do you mean the hair of a rabbit... or the hair of a grizzly bear?"
    -- Bum and Gil Grissom (Anonymous)
  • "Ring any bells? Rub-a-dub-dub. Dead man in a tub."
    -- Jim Brass to Gil Grissom (Anonymous)
  • You want to sleep with me?"
    "Did you just say what I think you said?"
    "That way when I wake up in a cold sweat under the blanket hearing Kaye's screams, you can tell me it's nothing. It's just empathy."
    -- Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom (Sex, Lies and Larvae)

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