Gary Dourdan

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Gary Dourdan
as Warrick Brown


Birthday: December 11, 1966

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Where he grew up:
Willingboro, New Jersey

Where he lives now:
Los Angeles

Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Family:A daughter, Nyla, and son, Lyric.

Married from 1992-1994 to Roshumba Williams.



Gary Dourdan's bio:


Non-acting careers: Model, Musician

Gary Dourdan's movies:
Impostor, Alien Resurrection, Playing God, Perfect Stranger, Black August

TV shows:
Swift Justice, Cold Feet, Shazza Zulu- A Different World
CSI- Duh!


Gary Dourdan's big break:

Best known for:
CSI- Crime Scene Investagation :) <3

2003 NAACP Image Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role as Warrick Brown.
Nominated in Best Actor category 2004-2006.

Upcoming projects:

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Memorable quotes (on/off the set)
"I've never liked categories; I've never liked boxes; I've always tried to be unconventional as much as I possibly could." - Gary
"I love my daughter more than air. You really start to understand what unconditional love means. You want to give your whole soul to that person's development." - Gary
"...Man, you need to see how many beautiful women there are in the world. It's not about age or the country they come from. It's about how confident they are. That's all..." -Gary
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When he's not acting
  • Gary spends time making his own music, under his pseudonym, Kolade. He has independently released his albums ‘Versus’ and ‘6/17/04’ and they are available on iTunes.

Fascinating Facts
  • His uncle plays saxophone for Sister Sledge.
  • Gary is of French, Irish, Scottish, African, Indian and Jewish descent.

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