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Do you write fanfiction? Having a loss of what to write about or just want something different to do? Well, we are hosting challenges on the site for you aspiring writers out there to take part in! You guys get to take part in the challenges and you get to choose who wins by voting on a poll!

FanFiction Challenges - CSI
Challenge #6
This week we're wanting a fanfic about your favourite ship (GSR, Grillows, the Love etc), as long as you use these words;

  1. Entries must be no longer than 2,000 words. Any entries longer than 2,000 words will be cut off at the 2,000th be warned.
  2. Keep it clean, remember that younger members use this site too. Any obscene entries will be deleted.
  3. No excessive character bashing, it's unfair and no-one likes it. Any bashing entries will be deleted.
  4. The format is open, (script format, continuous prose, poetry etc)
  5. Please observe good grammar and spelling, entries containing many mistakes will be edited.

Entries due:

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1gilbertsangel "The Watch Cat"
Catherine was at the computer in Gil's office. She felt privileged to use his equipment as his number two in command. She was just trying to get a report filed on a case. She pressed the send button and sighed. It was a slow night and she looked at her watch. She had been putting in overtime for a week. She looked at Gil's desk and frowned and wondered if he ever tossed anything. She would clean up the desk and file for him if needed. The shelves behind her looked a tad filthy but she went to get a dust rag and a trash bag. She walked out to the main hallway and looked around. The atmosphere was quiet and she thought she was the only one left here for the night. She walked outside to get some air and looked around. All she saw was a back parking area and heard the sounds of the night. Then she heard rustling and the sound of something. She walked a few feet and saw a cat looking at her. She had a slight smile and kneeled to pick up the cat in her arms. She had to get the cat something to eat and might raid that refrigerator of any left over food. She walked back inside and felt chills against her back. She didn't figure on anyone else being her except her. What did she have to do to execute a call to Jim Brass if there was a prowler on the premises.
Still she made her way to the lunch room as they called it and opened the refrigerator to look for something for her guest. The cat had been set on the chair and was now licking his paws. Catherine looked at the cat."So.. it's just you and me." She continued to rummage in the refrigerator and sighed."I wish there was some tuna left but there is none." She sat on the chair and put her head on her arm. The cat moved down to the floor and edged to her to purr. Catherine reached out to pet him."Figures." she whispered. What she didn't know that someone was in the building and making his way down the hall. She shook her head and saw the cat move in front of her. She headed back to Gil's office and checked the computer again to see any outstanding files. And then she heard a yell coming from the hallway. She ran out and saw Gil on the floor with the cat. "Catherine.. get this.. " he looked up at her."Attack cat off me."
Catherine laughed and she looked at the cat."Well hey.. you want to hire him?"
Gil wasn't laughing and he reached up a hand to her. "Come on "
She pulled at his hand and he stood up and moved to her. She reached out to hug him and he hugged her tight."I came back to finish."
"Mm.. well what were thinking?"
Gil looked at the cat."I think I've seen him before.."
"Well yeah. maybe.. I snuck him some food out there."
"Did you?"
"Yeah and he was all over me."
Cath had a grin."Hey why don't you do that for me and I'd be all over you."
Gil kissed her quick."You don't mean that do you?"
"Maybe." she leaned into him."I got your reports done and sent to the printer."
"Thank you."Gil took breaths."I owe you."
"Maybe I'll reconsider on a midnight supper or something."
"How about now?" Gil whispered."I can find some candles and matches.. get some wine.."
"Tuna for our friend." she whispered.
Gil reached down to pick up the cat."Yeah sure. he's okay here. Don't want Hank to be jealous."
"Hank is not jealous of anyone."Cath whispered.
"Maybe we can use him as a mascot in here.. as a watch cat."
Gil laughed."In a CSI lab?"
"Well hey. they train dogs for sniffing out drugs."
"Sure yeah since I'm the boss of the night shift."
"I agree.. and if he doesn't like you.. he can growl."
Cath looked at the cat."All you have to do is. .pay attention to him."
Gil moved to the chair."Yeah so you do." he leaned back. She moved to him and stood there."So you want to do work or what?"
"Now? Well hey.. I'm in this.. mood to want to.." he reached his hand to her. She moved to sit on his lap and leaned into his chest."I see."
"Now isn't this nice.. it's dark and quiet. and just you and me.. "
Cath nodded and inched her arms around his neck. She had a list of things to do, but they went out of her mind at this second. She felt the kiss and then something brush against her. She moved her face and saw the cat on Gil's desk. She looked at Gil and he laughed. "Aw. .hey.. he likes us."
"Tuna huh?" Gil looked at the cat."I'll see what I can do."
Cath got up."Yeah okay.. so you going out?"
'To an all night market and I'll be back."
Cath picked up the cat."If you want."
"Oh don't be mad at me."Gil put his hand on her chin. She shook her head. Gil headed down the hall and then she heard nothing. She sat on the chair."Maybe 'I can finish up for him... he won't be too long, do you think?" she whispered to herself and the cat. She felt the cat lay on her lap purring. She looked down."I guess I got my answer.. so Gil has been feeding you has he?" she moved her hands on the computer keys.
She kept yawning and had to exit the computer.. as she leaned back.. she was just aware of the cat.. and thoughts of Gil when he would wake her up. She had a smile on her face as she closed her eyes. She felt safe and warm and not alone with the cat now laying his head on her knees. . 1055
Me Best Night Of My Life

"Sara Sidle, seriously havn't you worked enough overtime this week?" a tired Gil Grissom spoke as he entered the staff room.

"Mm.. I just want to finish this case. Carrot?" Sara replied sleepily as she offered him one of her baby carrots.

"Mm.. no thanks. I'm full, you need a ride home?" he answered he politely while raising an eybrow. "You look tired.."

"I am, sure." she giggled, "I'll be off in about 20 minutes, just need to clear a few things with Ecklie."

"Ooh, have fun. Alright, I'll go clean up, I feel filthy. See you in 20." he smiled as he got up from his chair, kissed her on the forehead and walked out.

It had been a month since Gil and Sara's first time, and ever since, they were inseperable. Sara worked over time just so she could be around Gil, and he tried to make up lame excuses from one of them to go home with the other. Tonight, Sara could see that Gil clearly wanted to get lucky, but she didn't care, so did she!
20 minutes later Sara met Gil out in the parking lot and shot him a huge gapped toothed smile.

"Hey babe," she giggled as she wrapped her arms around Gil's neck and pulled herself closer to his body. "Mm you smell nice."

"Thanks," Gil replied as he leaned in to kiss her strawberry flavored lips. "Let's get out of here, I have a surprise for you.."

Sara watched anxiously as Gil stepped away from her and opened her car door. She raised an eybrow seductively and got in. Gil closed her door and followed her actions. Once in the car, they left the lab and drove back to Sara's place. It was dark and you could only see what the faint street lights were illuminating, so they got out with caution and met eachother at the front of the blue car.

"Mm that's better.." She kissed him gently, "None of those pesky lab geeks to catch us now.." She felt safe when Gil laughed at her small joke.

"Cummon, it's inside.." Gil smiled as he grabbed her hand and lead her to the door, opening it with his personal key.

As he opened the door Sara saw candles, champaigne, chocolates, strawberries and roses all set up in the most perfect way she could imagine.

"Gil.." she said breathlessly, "this is beautiful,"

"I hoped you'd like it." he smiled as he kissed her gently on the lips, "happy anniversary sweetheart."

"What?" Sara asked confused

"Our anniversary, one month." Gil smiled seductively as he closed the door behind him and pinned he against the wall gently yet forcefully. He kissed her passionately for minutes until there was a strong need for air. "Since the best night of my life,"

Breathless, Sara replied, "That was then, this is now. I bet I can give you an even better night than that.."

"Really?" Gil smiled, " I might just have to take you up on that.."

He kissed her again, this time it was with eagarness and joy and love. They made out for a few minutes against the wall, then made their way to the bedroom, not leaving eachothers mouths for a seccond. By the time they got to their destination, the entire house looked like a giant cat and raided the place trying to excute its pray.

After 45 minutes of love making, Sara and Gil lay side by sidein her bed looking into eachothers eyes passionately.

"Was that better?" Sara whispered

"Sara, every night with you is the best night of my life," Gil responded stroking her cheek softly, "I love you Sara."

"R-Really..?" Sara whispered sotly as a small tear ran down the side of her face

"Yes, honey," he replied, "I have loved you since the day I met you in San Fran Sisco. So, technically speaking, THAT was the best night of my life."

"Your such a nerd," Sara laughed softly leaning her head on Gil's warm chest "But you're my nerd."
CSI*Level3* It was the end of a long shift and everyone was ready to go home. Everyone that is, except for Sara.
“Come on Grissom, I only need you to sign off on two hours.”
”No, Sara you’re already maxed out on overtime for this month.”
”But I want to wrap this case.”
”No Sara and that’s not negotiable.”
”Fine. You win.”

As Sara headed to the locker room and Grissom split for his office, she couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across her face. She thought the whole “And that’s not negotiable.” Part was a nice touch. Especially since they happen to be passing Catherine. When it came to love, that woman could weave the most convincing story out of something as simple as a glance. Sara and Grissom had to be careful around her. Closing her locker Sara climbed in her car and headed for Grissom’s house. It was supposed to be her day off but that didn’t mean she didn’t have plans.
Catherine and Warrick were in the break room with Nick talking about the previously grueling shift.
“Hey Rick, do you want to grab a drink with Greg and I?"
”No thanks Nick. I got a date with the packers tonight.”
”Cath, how 'bout it? You up for a drink?”
”Come on.”
”No thanks Nicky, I’m filthy and tired. I’m just gonna go home.”
”Suit yourself”
And with that Nick walked out. Turning to Warrick, Catherine matched his smirk, “You know one of these times he’s gonna realize that it isn’t football season.” As he got up Catherine followed suit “Well let’s just hope he doesn’t.”

When Grissom walk into his townhouse, Sara was on the couch reading a forensic journal. She didn’t even look up when she asked, “How was your day?” Plopping down next to her Grissom sighed and said, “Well Ecklie wouldn’t shut up about that raid he conducted but other than that great.” Putting down the journal Sara asked “How could it be great when we had a triple homicide, two B&E’s, and a missing person’s case?” That boyish grin covered his face as he simply stated “Because I got to work with you.”

At the bar Nick and Greg were downing shot six. Nick struck up another inebriated conversation with, “I should have invited Sara.” Through slurred words Greg managed to say, “She’s busy tonight.” The look on Nick’s face was searching for an explanation but Greg didn’t wait for him to ask. “I saw her and Griss arguing in the hall towards the end of shift. She was asking for overtime again.” Still confused Nick asked, “So how does that give you the idea she’s busy?”

“Well he said no and she gave up. They were clearly putting up a front to throw us off. Plus I saw her smirk after she turned towards the locker room.” Not quite sure if the alcohol was affecting Greg’s young mind Nick said, “So how does that give you the idea she’s busy?” Suddenly realizing that Nick was clueless, Greg took pity on the poor CSI. “You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”
None what so ever”
Catherine and Warrick had opted for a quick dinner at Frank’s before they headed home.
“What are you having?”
“I’m thinking about the steak and eggs.”
“That sounds good.”

After the waitress took their order Warrick took a moment to study the woman sitting across from him. Deep in thought, her eyes danced with laughter. Deciding to interrupt her thoughts rather than wait, Warrick spoke, “Want to let me in on whatever it is your laughing at?” wondering how he knew she had been laughing, though not out loud, she said “On one condition. You don’t tell, share, or hint about anything I say.” His curiosity peaked as he nodded in agreement.

“Well, I was on my way to the break room when I heard Sara and Grissom arguing in the hall. She was asking for more overtime, again. Anyway, just as I passed them Grissom said and that’s not negotiable. He only uses phrases like that when he’s really pissed or he’s putting on a show. I just can’t believe he tried to convince me.”
“Whoa. Hold up. Convince you about what?”
“About him and Sara.”

Catherine started to laugh as the words hit Warrick head on. His face was priceless. Complete with wide eyes and jaw dropped. He had no idea what had been transpiring between the grave shift supervisor and young CSI. But Catherine was happy to clue him in. Finally Warrick regained his ability to speak, “I feel like I’m the mouse a Cat just pounced on.” Noticing the reference Catherine sarcastically retorted, “Ha, ha. Very funny.”

At the start of the next shift, Grissom handed out assignments as always. However tonight he looked up to a different sight. Everyone in the break room was wearing a different facial expression. Nick was staring at Grissom with a confused yet somewhat disbelieving look. He was almost positive that despite the alcohol he had heard Greg correctly but hadn’t quite taken the time to let the idea sink in. Greg was wearing a half smirk half scared look. He was proud that a CSI level 1, like him, had noticed something a CSI level 3 like Nick hadn’t. But he was also scared that when Sara found out he told Nick, she would kill him, and Grissom would bury the body. Catherine was trying to hold back the laughter she was containing. While Grissom handed out assignments, she had looked around the room and noticed the looks on everyone’s face. There was no doubt that everyone had found out. All Catherine had to do was wait for someone to put the subject in the spotlight. Warrick was wearing a subtler version of his shell shocked expression. He still couldn’t believe it. Grissom asked “What’s going on?” At that exact moment Ecklie popped his head in and said, “Well judging by their expressions and the staring in yours and Sara’s general direction, I’d say they all know that now a days you go home to Sara instead of bugs.” Deciding to make this easier, Sara piped up and said, “Actually he kept the bugs. They just got demoted from snuggling partner to office decorations.” That was all Catherine could handle as she burst out laughing, followed by Greg, Nick, and Warrick. Sara gave Grissom her, “you’ll thank me later” look but he was already busy contemplating the best way to execute the assistant lab director.

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