Do you own a CSI Field Kit

If you own a CSI field kit, write your name on this page and we can celebrate together!

Field Kit

I Own a CSI Field Kit

3.csi fan 4 ever (really awesome kit)
6. SARAobsessed101
7.I have it, it's really cool - grillowsfan
8.melonilove - it is really nice
9. GregsLabrat - I luv the UV light ;)
10. Ashley-eve
11. twixrtreats- I use it a lot for fun!!;-)
12. TheFoxFan I HAVE ONE :P But it's not in a coold silver case like that it's the toy lol but the stuff inside is the same lol
13. csinut - Its so cool
14. gsr4ever13- I have one it was a gft from my friend.Who i'm currently training to become a CSI expert like me. lol
16. csicatgirl - I got it from my uncle together with a csi dna lab he is my favorite uncle since then.
17. Nickystokesfan319
18. wannabeCSI
19. Caine007 It is amazing! Got mine about a year ago!
20. Irishgirl41 - Not the Exact one but its still awesome!!
21.Minroe23 ( sometimes I pretend I'm part of the
22. I just got one recently - csisanders32

Well, you can get a field kit in America or off Ebay.

The kit contains

1 field case,
1 mini microscope,
1 stamp pad,
1 replacement ink (4ml) 0.14oz,
1 fingerprinting powders 1.8g (0.004lb),
5 fingerprint lifters,
1 pair of plastic gloves,
1 pair of tweezers,
1 magnifying glass,
1 roll of crime scene tape,
1 pair of goggles,
30 feet (915cm) of string,
1 l shaped ruler,
2 large evidence bags,
5 small evidence bags,
5 evidence tags,
5 microscope slides,
4 evidence markers,
1 alternate light source,
3 evidence logs,
3 test tubes,
1 stencil,
1 plaster frame,
2 bags of plaster (0.75lb) 340g,
5 piece crime scene journals,
1 full colour activity book,
10 pieces of evidence,
1 book of charts,
5 fingerprint cards,
3 situation cards.
1 UV Light

If any of you have anything to add to this page, please do!

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