Distinctly Aussie

Distinctly Aussie
We understand that non-Australians cant always understand what we're talking about (see?) So this is a section for all of you who aren't Australian who have questions. Perhaps you've herd a strange Aussie story or heard an Aussie say a word you don't understand, well, for example a the bottom of our Aussie page it says "Hooroo" what does this mean you ask? is it an animal? Well to find out, all you have to do is scroll down and find the answer in our Aussie slang dictionary, if the word your after isn't there, add it and someone Aussie will put the meaning for you (put your username with it if you want to be notified)
Hopefully you will learn a bit more about our wonderful country and its people/culture through this page. Have fun. Hooroo!

Aussie Slang Dictionary
Phrase Meaning Phrase Meaning
Hooroo Goodbye

Arvo Afternoon

Thongs Flip flops

Snag/Bangers and Mash Sausage/Sausages and mashed potatoes

Sanga Sandwich

Barbie Barbecue

Digger Australian soldier

Grouse Great/Teriffic

Lollies Sweets/candy

Quack Doctor

Ripper Great/Fantastic

Tucker Food

True Blue A Genuine Australian Person or Thing

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