David Hodges

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David Hodges
played by Wallace Langham

Character Biography

Character Stats
Reason for becoming a CSI:
Forensic Specialty:Trace tech
CSI Level:
Personality type: cocky/kiss up, sarcastic
Signature look: smirky half smile, arms crosse, gray hairs coloured with magic hair
Vice(s): keeps sticking his foot in his mouth around Wendy, colours gray hair with magic marker
Virtue(s):hard working
Endearing trait(s): Ability smell cyanide
Annoying trait(s): his ability to "kiss up" to Grissom and the CSIs

Character Connections
Family members:
Mother, whom he still lives with :)

Cat: Kobayashi Maru "Mr.K, Little Kobe"
Romance(s): secretly in love with co worker DNA tech Wendy Simms
Enemies: Almost everyone he kisses up to


A trace specialist with a knack for brown-nosing, Hodges likes to believe it’s always his analysis that cracks CSI’s cases. He’s also very likely to tell that to anyone who will listen. He was “transferred” from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department for his disrespectful attitude, but he makes sure to mind his manners around Grissom--often a little too much. Sometimes arrogant, sometimes overly fawning, and almost always too sensitive, Hodges' biggest problem is that he just wants to be appreciated for the genius he believes himself to be. He's considered a minor nuisance by his co-workers, who tolerate him because of his skills at trace analysis.

  • Hodges is the owner of several personal demons, including a miniature Satan, Beelzebub, and Darth Maul.
  • Somewhere in his high school brain, Hodges is threatened by the hip and very popular Greg (CBS's McDreamy), therefore he never misses a shot to insult the former DNA tech.

  • In "I Like To Watch" Sara catches Hodges preparing for his closeup.
  • In "Lab Rats" Hodges finds the crucial element that links all four miniatures.
  • In "Empty Eyes", when Hodges decides to answer the victims cellular phone, when her mother calls.
  • In ''You Kill me'' a board game Hodges is developing is introduced.
  • In "A space Oddie" Hodges finds out that Wendy enjoys Astro Quest to. she later asks him out but he later says no.
  • In "Field Mice" Hodge's and Wendy take a CSI explorer group on a trip. In that same day Henry asks Wendy out. She pranks him, but Henry thinks its Hodge's who is pranking him. When Catherine asks who did it Hodge's takes the blame. later Wendy pulls Hodge's in for a unexpected kiss

  • Rumor has it he was transferred from the LA crime lab because his old supervisors had personal conflicts with him.
  • An explosion in the DNA lab put Hodges in the hot seat when it was discovered that he was handling the chemicals in that area before the blast.
  • Urinated on one of his professor's car door handles because that professor gave him a B on a paper and he felt he deserved an A.

  • Hodges belongs to 2% of people worldwide with a specific gene that makes him able to detect the smell of cyanide, a normally odorless poison.
  • He has a cat named Kobayashi Maru, which is a reference to a ship in Star Trek.
  • The college Grissom went away to for his entymology lectures was Hodges' alma mater. Username was "Spanky" in his course.
  • Loves classic television shows and board games that are based on them. He won the "Three's Company" board game in an online auction in "Lab Rats". A board game he enjoys (and played with Greg in one episode) is "The Dukes of Hazzard."
  • Actually can do some good investigative work at times and found a recurring theme in the models the miniature killer left.
  • This actor says, "I'm not an *******, but I play one on TV."
  • Made a board game for which he recorded his co-workers working out crime scenarios.
  • Absolutely detests the sight and smell of hot dogs.
  • Appears to be starting his own on-line training seminar about forensics


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