David Berman

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David Berman, CSIDavid Berman (David Phillips)
Birthday: November 1
Where he grew up: Encino CA
Where he lives now:

Brother of Josh Berman, co-producer of CSI. Has older brother named Adam.

Memorable quotes (on/off the set):
Sara: David, I know where he's from.
David: Planet Seiko.
(Viva Las Vegas)

Catherine: What's up, David? You find something?
David: I was just thinking that I wouldn't be caught dead in those shorts.

Nick: You need to get a girlfriend.
David: I'm engaged, but thank you.

"Did you know that an eyeball will melt at 167 degrees Fahrenheit? We never used that in the show but it's one of my favorite facts that I can't really forget. I don't know how anybody actually knew that, but someone was convinced. Not 168, or 166, but 167."

Nick: Hey, you know what Grissom would say here?
David: Something ironic, I'm sure.

David: No sign of sexual trauma!
(You Kill Me)

When he's not acting:

Fascinating facts:
  • Is the head researcher for CSI
Acting bio (tv, movies, awards, etc):

Television: Heroes, Vanished

Movies: Outside Sales (2006)

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