Cyber hug for Grissom

Feeling sorry for Grissom?
Show him your support through this hard time.

Thanks to the idea by: Carusoluv52,Nicks_Wifey_07.
Gil Grissom

Come on give him A nice big Cyber hug!

Show your support below!

Member Comment
CSIROXZTHESOX Hope you figure out everything soon!
єму Don't be sad! a lot of people out there loves you!
grillowsfan Hey...don't be sad! There are plenty of girl that like you!!! Check out your kissing booth, you are POPULAR baby!!!
gsrbritfan I hope our cyber hugs make to feel all warm and cuddly & a lot better (Although i'd really like to have more than a cyber hug! tongue in cheek)
moontag dear gil i am giving you a very big cyber hug, to make you feel better.
melissadagr8 bear hug
moggie3 will miss watching you! sending you a big hug from Hertfordshire (u.k) x
cathrinefan BIG HUG 4 U COMING from Florida U.S.A
i will miss watching u
csisanders32 I miss you Griss.
Big hug for teaching me everything I now know about forensics.
Coming from Australia.
~CSIkitten~ i miss you and all your cuteness! big hugs from minnesota! lots of love

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