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Catherine and Nick - CSI
Nick and CatherineCatNick
Leaving Las VegasCatherine and Nick - CSI
Catherine and Nick - CSICatherine and Nick - CSI
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Catherine and Nick - CSI
Episode List:

Season 1
  • We claim the Pilot for no other reason then the fact that the unaired pilot is ours as well!
  • Cool Change (we claim this, why you may ask, look how close they are in the beginning!!)
  • Friends & Lovers (you just know their doing it in that episode,)
  • Blood Drops (Cause Kels found a cap of them sitting beside each other)
  • Sex, Lies & Larvae (Cath throws Nick a apple, and later Nick teases her and Warrick about their case)
  • I-15 Murders (We have a scene where Nick bumps her in the hall "'Scuse you!")
  • Fahrenheit 932 (They work together, and she asks him if he's hungry)
  • Boom (the hug, people the hug. very cute and Cath taking on Nicky's case - Ultimate Hillbilly Love!)
  • To Halve & To Hold (We get a scene @ the computer)
  • Table Stakes (they eat together, w/Brass/Sara. but they are sitting together!)
  • Face Lift (Your hair looks great Cath)
  • Sounds of Silence (Cath says "We want this one" -- pointing at her and Nicky. and Lasers scene, Walking down the hallway CatNip Episode)
  • Evaluation Day(walking down the hall, Nick tells her a riddle, and his face when she gets it straight away...and Footprints Scene)
  • Strip Strangler (We have a scene where they sit beside each other on the bench)

Season 2
  • Burked (They eat lunch beside each other, and we meet George's doggie)
  • Chaos Theory (Touch of the arm at the computer, and Cath checks out his "assets" and of course, he's hand is really close to her cheek and neck in it, and its like he lays his head down on her hand at one point, and then there's a scene w/Grissom where he's smiling at her and she's like shut up! And the scene where they're looking at the CCTV all night, and he get's "settled in" - and when Cath goes into the dumpster she touches him on the way in 'cause he's in her way)
  • Overload (He told her his secret, and nobody else! "You're racing me Nick, we're driving the same car" - This secret will be brought back! This is ULTIMATE Hillbilly Love!"
  • Bully For You(We have a scene where she touches his shoulder and says, "Like you Nick?" and his face is priceless.)
  • Scuba Doobie Doo (They work together)
  • Slaves of Las Vegas (Hillbilly and latex, what can I say? And all them photos to prove it)
  • And Then There Were None (2 scenes with Grissom, then one of them with bobby (he gave her tongue porn) and one with Grissom, Warrick and Sara)
  • Organ Grinder (Never you mind, Nick // Puts her arm around him)
  • You've Got Male (Hillbilly and A Lake)
  • The Finger (Nicky's glad Cath's back when she shows up at the apartment where he's at, and plus he checks her out when she answers the phone)
  • Chasing the Bus (Got a scene where Nicky's looking at the car)
  • Stalker (Poor Nicky, but she touches his shoulder - and she teases him about Crimestopper before anybody else does)
  • The Hunger Artist (Cath sits on Nicky's lap!..)

Season 3
  • Revenge Is Best Served Cold (racing completely rules - and "jackass/dumbass" - this ep is ultimate hillbilly love!)
  • The Accused is Entitled (she fixes his tie // They sit beside each other at court // And they leave together, giving each other a smile - bit of hillbilly angst also)
  • Let the Seller Beware (hehe the scene at the comp rules - "Blam!")
  • Abra Cadaver (doing what they do best, Ass checks! and they work together )
  • Recipe For Murder (Cath and Nick process the kitchen together)
  • Got Murder? (Has a scene at the computer // Cath moves away from Sara, to get in the middle of them to stand beside Nicky)
  • Lady Heather's Box (besides LH, N/C have some scenes together - When Cath gets back to the case after Eddie's death she's in a scene with Nick and Warrick bringing her up to speed, and he keeps looking at her to see if she's ok)
  • Precious Metal (come on she flips her hair when she turns to him. haha, but they work together, along with Sara)
  • Forever (Scene on the plane // and Nicky calls her a Fashionista, giving her a nickname)
  • Inside the Box (They have a scene outside the bank)

Season 4
  • Assume Nothing (their smiles, its just cute - she picks up on what he did - and let's him crack the case, cutest moment when she hands him the swab, and total eye sex!)
  • After the Show (I claim the moment when their digging up her body and Cath leans on Nicky - plus hillbilly angst)
  • Invisible Evidence (We believe their eating together in this one with the group)
  • Coming of Rage (Nick looks for Cath to help him with his case, he gives her the cutest smile - and cooks for him)
  • Paper or Plastic (computer and eye sex, how could we not?)
  • XX (Scene with the bus.. and I think we got a few more)
  • Bad Words (how'd we miss that, is so cute..Cath/Nicky jumpsuits, need I say more? also when she walks into the break room she brushes her hand over his shoulder)
  • Bloodlines (mostly because I wrote a fic off of that..Also, in the blooper he makes her laugh!)

Season 5
  • Down the Drain (Even though this is a Yo!bling ep, they have a scene at the computer)
  • Crow's Feet (how could you resist make a muscle, nicky! And they work the scene - lots of moments!)
  • What's Eating Gilbert Grissom (She puts her hand on his shoulder, He doesn't flinch, he likes her to touch him)
  • Formalities (Cath touches Nick's ass..) - I did not see that!
  • Ch-Ch-Changes (Scene at warehouse)
  • Mea Culpa (and our Blooper people.. we mostly get our blooper though)
  • No Humans Involved (Scene w/Warrick, but Nicky can't take his eyes off of her)
  • Who Shot Sherlock (Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle)
  • Snakes (the head rub, and "Cover your ass? My pleasure!)
  • Nesting Dolls (beginning, close together)
  • Unbearable (look at the way he looks at her!)
  • King Baby (Scene with Warrick & Grissom, woogy)
  • Big Middle (Cath asks him what she don't like him as her boss?)
  • Compulsion (They arrive at the scene together, how nice is that?)
  • Spark of Life (Nicky checks Cath's ass when their walking down the hall)
  • 4x4 (she looks at his ass...)
  • Iced (its nice.. catnip walking down the stairs together)
  • We claim our part in Grave Danger. Yes. Part two. She takes off her glove to hold his hand when their in the ambulance. It's been proven. Warrick keeps his on, but Cath takes hers off to hold him. Also, she goes to Sam, whom she never asks for anything, and asks for a million dollars. For Nicky. And also, just look at he face dealing with this event - she's torn up inside!

Season 6

  • Bodies in Motion (Scene at the beginning and end)
  • Bite Me (We get a scene)
  • Shooting Stars (Nick's scared to go into the bunker and Cath notices // Phone Sex)
  • Gum Drops (Phone Sex)
  • Bullet Runs Through It Pt2 ("Since You're Already Dirty")
  • Daddy's Little Girl (They have a few scenes in this one, They work together.)
  • Werewolves(Scene when they arrive and when they process around the house)
  • Killer(Scene when Nicky figures out the case, with Grissom)
  • Pirates of the Third Reich - We get a scene in the hospital near the end.
  • The Unusual Suspect - A scene at the beginning when Nick's telling them about his case, then there's a scene later with just the two of them.
  • Rashomama (Nick checks Cath's ass, then the back rub and playful hit)
  • Time of Your Death (He got lucky with a blonde, oh that he did)

Season 7
  • Built To Kill Part One (DANCING!!, and looks, and touches... lab - "like to dance?" And the absolute orgasm she has after that moment!)
  • Built To Kill Part Two (We might've only gotten 2 scenes, but they were worth it!)
  • Fannysmackin' (They had eye sex, and fun with a phone. and we're going with the hints of Nicky's Linds father is there)
  • Happenstance (they had some cute scenes together)
  • Leaving Las Vegas (Hillbillys, outta Vegas, Need I say more?)
  • Sweet Jane (Some scenes together)
  • Redrum (Angsty CatNip, but VERY hot..)
  • Laws of Gravity (Nicky holdin' a baby, shower scene)
  • Monster In the Box (It was short scene, but very cute)
  • Big Shots (They sat across each other, and had eye sex)
  • Ending Happy (Phone Sex towards the beginning, They stood beside each other at the end, and He made her laugh)
  • Living Doll (They had a pretty long scene at one of the victims houses, and she puts her head close over his shoulder, and touches his arm, and brushing against him.. and then they have a scene with the team)
Season 8

Reasons you should ship Hillbilly Love:
  • Their amazing together, they work well together and their looks says it all.
  • When he looks at her, and even her looking at him, you see love and trust there.
  • Even their angst is hot.
  • Theyare the originals!
  • They have chemistry :D
  • During one of his cases, he could've asked anyone to help him, but he went to find HER.
  • They have eye sex all the time.
  • She's felt his muscles
  • They can tell each other anything.

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