Catherine and Gil

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Catherine & Gil, the PureJoyPureJoy - aka Grillows

The name
It came from the etymology of the names Catherine and Gil. Catherine in Greek means pure and Gil in Greek means joy. Catherine and Gil are long-time friends, the strong bond between them has been on CSI since its pilot episode. Through the years, they have always been there for one another such as when Catherine was threatened by her ex-husband Eddie and when Gil decided to have his ear surgery. The chemistry and the sparks between them have been obvious and undeniable, and they are one of the essential factors that made CSI. PureJoy fans think great friendships make great relationships and hope this relationship will blossom someday.

The mad scientist and his dancer
Gil and Catherine have shown a perfect relationship since the very first episode of CSI, a relationship of love, friendship, understanding and undeniable physical attraction. The whole package -- physical, emotional and mental... that is the connection shared between Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows. Two seemingly opposites who complement each other beautifully as they show us what a true adult relationship can be.

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The Couple

The Pure - Catherine WillowsThe Pure

Name: Catherine Willows
Position: Supervisor
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 104 lbs.
Birthplace: Bozeman, MT

Date of Birth: March 26, 1963
Education: BS in Medical Technology UNLV
Special Skills:
Blood Spatter Analysis

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The Joy - Gil GrissomThe Joy

Name: Gil Grissom

5 ft 10 in

168 lbs.

Santa Monica, CA
Date of Birth:
August 17, 1956
Education: BS Biology, UCLA
Special Skills:

Eddie always knew the truth, and he wasn't the only one...

What the actors and the others have to say:

  • "Catherine's relationship with Grissom: somebody described this to me, they have this incredible chemistry without them doing it." (Marg Helgenberger, Five US video Interview, December, 2006)
  • "Catherine is surely for Grissom more than anything else a sister, a mother, a fiancé... They have a relationship that is quite unique, either on TV or in the workplace. Catherine is a mature woman, intelligent, with a good heart, who does not play a secondary role, and the relationship that she carries on with Grissom is for both of them extremely healthy..." (Billy Petersen, mediasetonline interview)
  • "I love them, this married couple, they're both so hot and so smart..." (Ann Donahue, in her Season 2 Alter Boys DVD commentary)
  • They don't need to look at each other to understand each other. (Danny Cannon, Burked DVD commentary)

What the CSI characters have to say:

  • "I always knew you two had a thing." "How is your boyfriend?" (Eddie Willows, Season 1)
  • "I thought you and Grissom were tight." (Greg Sanders, Season 1)
  • "Your girl's probably a blonde." (Teri Miller, Season 1)
  • "Trouble with the wife?" "You don't keep any secrets, Mr. Grissom? Not even from your wife?" (Alan Brooks, Season 4)
  • "Hey... you have a phone call. Line two. I think it's your wife." (Dale Sterling, Season 4)
  • "When was the last time you fell asleep in Grissom's tub?" (Doc Robbins, Season 7)

What the people have to say:

Favorite Moments

Holding Hands

Gil: May I take your hand?

-Season 1, Pledging Mr. Johnson


Gil: What are you doing here?
Catherine: I just wanted to see you. And I didn't want you to go in without wishing you good luck.
Gil: Thank you... for being here.

-Season 3, Inside The Box


Gil: I've enjoyed working with you.
Catherine: Which part? The part where I got in your face or the part where I, uh, lost evidence, or uh, maybe you just miss me.
Gil: I did miss you. I missed your passion and your tenacity. I even missed your tush.
Catherine: Really. Thank you.

-Season 5, King Baby


No words needed =)

-Season 7, Law of Gravity

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