Captain Jim Brass

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Jim Brass
Played by: Paul Guilfoyle

Jim Brass
Character Biography
Character Stats:-
Birthday: January 3, 1951
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue
Marital Status: Divorced
Profession: Homicide Captain
Personality Type:
Vice(s): Wisky
Virtue(s): Has a sense of humor.
Endearing Trait(s):
Annoying Trait(s):

Character Connections:
Family Members: Daughter Ellie
Romances: Annie Kramer, long time ago
Friends: Catherine Willows, Gil Grissom, Night-shift CSI team.
Enemies: Mike O'Toole

Jim Brass


Jim Brass

In high school, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and did two tours of duty in the Vietnam War. He studied at Seton Hall University, and got a degree in history. After the war, he joined the Newark Police. Brass spent 20 years working his way up to homicide detective in New Jersey. Before he became a homicide detective, he was assigned to Vice. While working in Vice, he worked hard to clean up his department, earning the enmity of many of his former colleagues (and the nickname 'Squeaky,' as in 'squeaky clean'). Brass, under stress, sometimes drank and would cover it up by popping cough drops to hide the smell of alcohol on his breath (episode 415, "Early Rollout"). While his wife Nancy was having an affair with Vice cop Mike O'Toole, Brass was busy with his own affair with another member of the vice squad, Annie Kramer, who later moved to Los Angeles and was promoted to captain. Brass claims later that it was Nancy's affair that ruined their marriage, rather than the other way around, and that she eventually just wanted a way out (episode 520, "Hollywood Brass"). Brass transferred out of New Jersey in the 1990s and came to Las Vegas (In "For Worrick" episode (1/09) he says to Grissom: "You know when I first came to Vegas twenty years ago..."). He eventually ran the CSI department, more as an administrator than as an investigator. Showing as an example of how much he trusts the team Brass has stated that he would want Gil Grissom's CSI team to investigate his murder; he gave Grissom power of attorney rights should anything happen to him, which proved useful when Grissom chose to go ahead with his risky but life-saving surgery when he was shot.

Captain Jim Brass - CSI

Brass used to have Grissom's job as the supervisor of the CSI team. After young CSI Holly Gribbs was murdered on her first day in the field, he lost his position to Grissom. Brass was then given the position as a homicide detective, usually serving as the legal muscle for the CSI team and the one who does most of the arresting and interrogating of suspects. He is usually the one to draw his gun and does not like it when his CSIs try to take dangerous matters like arresting suspects into their own hands. He also gets on Grissom's case for not drawing his firearm, even in appropriate situations.
  • Jim Brass

    Brass lives with a lot of guilt -- over the dissolution of his marriage, his history of alcohol abuse, Holly Gribbs' tragic death, and his accidental shooting of a fellow officer. He is haunted by his daughter Ellie's history of drug use and prostitution, and struggles to reconnect with her and protect her from the dangerous life she leads.
  • Brass tells Warrick in an episode ("Ellie") that Ellie is not his biological daughter. Having sacrificed so much of his personal life and peace of mind for his career, it is clear that Brass' only true family connections are with the CSI team members.
  • Brass served in the Marine Corps.
  • Brass has May 11, 2006, the date he was shot, tattooed under the bullet scar.
  • Brass drives a black Dodge Charger
  • Captain Jim Brass - CSI

    The "Hollywood Brass" omnibus puts Captain Brass' relationship with his estranged daughter into focus; we also meet LAPD Captain Annie Kramer, the woman with whom he had an affair back in New Jersey.
  • "A Bullet Runs Through It Parts 1 & 2". Part 1 - Brass gets involved in a police chase that ends up in a huge gun battle. An officer gets killed and they have to figure out who shot him. Brass is interrogated by IAB ( Internal Affairs Bureau or as I call them The "Rat" Squad). Part 2 - Brass finds out that he shot and killed Officer Daniel Bell and now has to cope with the horrific news. Best 2 partners in CSI history!
  • "Bang Bang". Brass gets shot while trying to talk a deranged gunman (Willie Cutler), who is holding a young woman captive, out of a hotel room.
  • "Way to Go." Brass is on life support and fighting for his life. Grissom has power of attorney over Jim and decides to have the doctors operate. Brass pulls through.

Big Dark Secret : His daughter Ellie is not his biological daughter

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